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Found 83 Records with the keyword term of "Transient response"

2014  Approximate Solution for a Transient Hydraulic Head Distribution Induced by a Constant-Head Test at a Partially Penetrating Well in a Two-Zone Confined Aquifer

2014  Simple and Effective Approach for Polar Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient Tensor

2014  Straightforward Transient-Based Approach for the Creep Function Determination in Viscoelastic Pipes

2014  Transient Response Beam Buried Partly in a Nonlinear Foundation

2013  Determining the Internal Wall Condition of a Water Pipeline in the Field Using an Inverse Transient

2011  Parametric Analysis of Transient Beam Behavior with Impact

2011  Potential of Transient Tests to Diagnose Real Supply Pipe Systems: What Can Be Done with a Single Extemporary Test

2011  Transient Response of Supported Beams to Moving Forces with Sinusoidal Time Variation

2010  Dynamic Response Solution in Transient State of Viscoelastic Road under Moving Load and Its Application

2010  Economic Analysis of Large-Scale Upstream River Basin Development on the Blue Nile in Ethiopia Considering Transient Conditions, Climate Variability, and Climate Change

2010  Triaxial Deformation Behavior of Bituminous Mixes

2008  Dynamic Characteristics of SDOF Structure with Maxwell Element

2008  Nonlinear Transient Response of Laminated Composite Shells

2007  Performance of Wavelet Transform and Empirical Mode Decomposition in Extracting Signals Embedded in Noise

2006  Efficacy of Hilbert and Wavelet Transforms for Time-Frequency Analysis

2006  The Transient Ground Surface Displacements due to a Point Sink/Heat Source in an Elastic Half-Space

2005  Transient Analyses for the Hydraulic Design of a Once Flow Through Cooling Water System at a Power Plant

2004  Explosion and Fire Analysis of Steel Frames Using Fiber Element Approach

2004  Impulse Response of Elastic Half-Space in the Wave Number-Time Domain

2002  Dynamic Vehicle Element Method for Transient Response of Coupled Vehicle-Structure Systems

2000  Transient Dynamics of Stochastically Parametered Beams

1998  In-Plane Transient Responses of Arch with Variable Curvature Using Dynamic Stiffness Method

1998  Transient Infinite Elements for 2D Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

1995  Calibration Using Inverse Transient Analysis

1995  Influence of Viscous Coupling in Propagation of Elastic Waves in Saturated Soil

1994  Unsaturated Flow Experiment with Phase Change—The Heat Pipe Effect

1993  Analysis of Delayed Failure in Sloping Excavations

1993  Transient Lamb’s Solution for Surface Strip Impulses

1993  Transient Scattering from Submerged Cylindrical Shell with Appendages

1992  Nonstationary Response of Structures with Closely Spaced Frequencies

1992  Stress Wave Interaction in Finite Beam on Elastic Foundation

1992  Transient Analysis of Flexible Space Structures

1991  Nonstationary Maximum Response Statistics for Linear Structures

1991  Time-Domain Analyses of Dam-Reservoir System. I: Exact Solution

1991  Time-Domain Analyses of Dam-Reservoir System. II: Substructure Method

1991  TransAct: An Interactive Transient Analysis Program for Pipelines

1989  Role of Damping in Anomalous Response to Short Pulse Loading

1989  Transient Analysis of the Finchaa Hydroelectric Project

1989  Transient Dynamic Response Analysis of Embedded Rigid Foundations

1988  Maximum Value Statistics for Transient Response of Linear Structures

1988  Nonlinear Oscillations in Rectangular Tanks

1988  Recursive Modeling of Dynamic Response of MDOF Systems

1988  Truss Analysis by Boundary Characteristics

1987  Transient Response of Wind-Induced Internal Pressures in Buildings

1987  Transient Responses Incorporating Products Formation

1986  Antiplane Transient Response of Embedded Cylinder

1986  Boundary Zone Superposition Method for Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Infinite Domain Problems

1986  Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction by the Boundary Element Method: A Comparison Study

1986  Maximum-Slew-Rate Nonlinear Control for Improved Transient Response in Hydrogenerators

1986  Nonlinear Analysis of Thick Circular Plates

1986  Nonlinear Quasi-Static and Transient Response Analysis of Shallow Shells: Formulations and Interior/Boundary Element Algorithms

1986  Some Applications of Fourier Series in Structural Optimization

1986  Transient Response Analysis of a Dual Cycle System

1985  Orthotropic Annular Shells on Elastic Foundations

1985  Response of Variable Cross-Sectional Members to Waves

1984  Finite Element Linear and Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis of Frame Structures

1984  Nonlinear FSI Due to Underwater Explosions

1984  Stochastic Earthquake Response of Tapered Column

1984  Transient Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Cylindrical Tank with a Flexible Baseplate

1984  Transient Response of Beam Under Initial Stress

1983  Computational Methods for Analysis of Transient Response

1983  Markov Approximation to Transient Vibration

1983  Nonlinear Transient Response of Deep — Ocean Pipeline

1983  Stationary and Transient Response Envelopes

1983  Steady-State and Transient Responses of Linear Structures

1983  Steady-State and Transient Responses of Linear Structures

1982  Stationary and Transient Response Statistics

1980  Dynamic Response With Foundation Interaction

1980  Structural Damping In The Time Domain

1980  Transient Analysis for Shallow Cooling Ponds

1980  Transient Response of Long Structural Members

1979  Magnetic Forces in Plates Using Finite Elements

1979  Wind-Induced Pressure Fluctuations Inside Building

1977  Variations in Nitrogen and Organics in Wastewaters

1976  Dynamic Response of Membranes with Finite Elements

1975  Approximate Method for Nonlinear Random Vibration

1975  Water Hammer in Coaxial Pipe Systems

1973  Direct Integration Methods in Structural Dynamics

1972  Acoustic Approximations in Fluid-Shell Interactions

1971  Theoretical Analysis of Activated Sludge Dynamics

1970  Inadequacies of Piston Theory in Fluid-Shell Interactions

1967  Transient Response of Cylinders to Shear Waves

1963  Transient Response of Nonlinear Systems