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Found 65 Records with the keyword term of "Transfer functions"

2014  Configuring Maximum Entropy Deconvolution for the Identification of Residence Time Distributions in Solute Transport Applications

2014  New Unified Approach for Aeroelastic Analyses Using Approximate Transfer Functions of Aerodynamic Forces

2012  Evaluation of Impulse Response Functions for Convolution Integrals of Aerodynamic Forces by Optimization with a Penalty Function

2011  Compatibility Assessment of Drip Irrigation Laterals

2010  Comparing Sigmoid Transfer Functions for Neural Network Multistep Ahead Streamflow Forecasting

2010  p-Wave Reflection Imaging of Submerged Soil Models Using Ultrasound

2010  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to MDOF Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2009  Cross-Well Radar. II: Comparison and Experimental Validation of Modeling Channel Transfer Function

2009  Dynamic Characterization Test of the New Law Court in Naples

2008  Development of Direct Integration Algorithms for Structural Dynamics Using Discrete Control Theory

2008  Stability Analysis of Direct Integration Algorithms Applied to Nonlinear Structural Dynamics

2008  Valve Design for Extracting Response Functions from Hydraulic Systems Using Pseudorandom Binary Signals

2005  Development of an Analytical Method for Simultaneous Heat and Moisture Transfer in Building Materials Utilizing Transfer Function Method

2005  Frequency Domain Identification of Multi-Input, Multi-Output Systems Considering Physical Relationships between Measured Variables

2001  Estimation of Laboratory Wave Reflection by a Transfer Function Method

2000  Semi-Explicit Random Response and Sensitivity of Simple SSI System

1999  Transfer Functions to Remove the Effect of Corners on Rayleigh Waves

1999  Transfer-Function-Based Criteria for Decoupling of Secondary Systems

1997  Acceleration Transfer Function of Secondary Systems

1997  Causal Hysteretic Element. II: Application

1997  Determination of Transfer Rate Constants and Partition Coefficients for Air Phase Biofilters

1997  Epoxy-Coated and Uncoated Strand Transfer Lengths for PC Panels

1997  Evaluation of Experimentally-Based Control Systems

1997  Measurement of Transfer Lengths on Pretensioned Concrete Elements

1997  Prediction of Effective Saturation Concentration at Spillway Plunge Pools

1997  Stiffness, Flexibility, Impedance, Mobility and Hidden Delta Function. I: Theory

1997  Stochastic Evaluation of Rainfall-Runoff Prediction Performance

1996  HF Interference in Space from Terrestrial Sources

1996  Use of Quadratic Transfer Functions to Predict Response of Tension Leg Platforms

1995  Evapotranspiration Transfer-Function-Noise Modeling

1995  Evidence on Transferability of Trip-Generation Models

1995  Performance of Multiple Mass Dampers Under Random Loading

1995  Transfer Matrix Technique and Pipe Structural Analysis

1994  53 WAK Tests on Spread Footings

1994  Second Order Irregular–Wave Generation in Flumes - Computation of Transfer Functions by an Asymptotic Summation Method

1994  The Swept Sine Wave Testing Technique in Hydrodynamic Applications

1993  Transfer Function Modeling of Evapotranspiration

1992  Frequency Domain Analysis of Undamped Systems

1992  Introduction to Ownership and Transition. I: Ownership Transfer Considerations

1992  Introduction to Ownership and Transition. II: Succession and Firm Valuation

1992  Orbital Construction of a NTR Mars Transfer Vehicle

1992  Seismic Response of Landfill Slopes

1992  Study of Open-Channel Dynamics as Controlled Process

1991  Active Control and Seismic Isolation

1991  Seismic Analysis and Design of RC Lifelines

1991  Some Conclusions from a Biospheric Model Validation Study (BIOMOVS)

1990  Real Time Flood Forecasting in New Zealand

1990  Seismic Ground Motions for Lifeline Analysis

1990  Transfer Function Modeling of Dynamic Wind Loads on Buildings

1989  Analysis of Natural Waves by Local Approximations

1989  The Modern Marine Railway in a Competitive World

1989  Rainfall-Runoff Transfer Function by ARMA Modeling

1988  Impulse and Random Testing of Soils

1988  On Modelling the Nonlinear Relationship Between Random Fields by Means of Higher-Order Spectra

1988  Temperature Dependence of Liquid Film Coefficient for Gas Transfer

1987  Estimation of Water Particle Velocities of Shallow Water Waves by a Modified Transfer Function Method

1986  Effect of Submerged Breakwaters on Random Waves

1980  A Predictive Model of Hurricane Wind-Waves

1980  Tall Building Response to Earthquake Excitations

1980  Transferability of Demand Estimation Procedures

1979  Response of Tunnels to Incident SH-Waves

1979  Transfer Coefficients in Stratified Channel Flow

1975  Effect of Structures on Irregular Waves Compared to Regular Waves

1974  Predicting Pavement Performance

1972  Transfer Matrix Approach to Layered Systems