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2015  Simulation-Based Training for Project Management Education: Mind the Gap, As One Size Does Not Fit All

2014  Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery

2014  Analysis of the Relationships between Value Management Techniques, Conflict Management, and Workshop Satisfaction of Construction Participants

2013  Career Counselors’ Perceptions of Construction as an Occupational Choice

2013  Design and Development of SAVES: A Construction Safety Training Augmented Virtuality Environment for Hazard Recognition and Severity Identification

2013  Evaluation of MLP-ANN Training Algorithms for Modeling Soil Pore-Water Pressure Responses to Rainfall

2013  Hands-On Exercise for Enhancing Students’ Construction Management Skills

2013  ROAD: Interactive Geometric Design Tool for Transportation Education and Training

2013  Skills That Matter: The Reality and Importance of Learning on the Job

2012  Behavior, Attitude, and Perception toward Safety Culture from Mandatory Safety Training Course

2012  Building an Emergent Learning Environment for Construction Health and Safety by Merging Serious Games and 4D Planning

2012  Developing 3D Safety Training Materials on Fall Related Hazards for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Low Literacy (LL) Construction Workers

2012  Developing a Serious Game for Construction Planning and Scheduling Education

2012  Facing Turbulence: Driving Force for Construction Organizations to Regain Unlearning and Learning Traction

2012  The First Indo-US Forensic Engineering Workshop and Beyond

2012  Insights into Civil Engineering Practical Training: Student Feedback and Self-Assessment

2012  Multiuser Virtual Safety Training System for Tower Crane Dismantlement

2012  Real-Time Posture Analysis of Construction Workers for Ergonomics Training

2012  Revitalizing Achievement by Using Instrumentation in Science Education (RAISE), a GK-12 Fellows Project

2012  Safety Training System Construction of Multinational Shipping Companies in Chinese Culture

2012  A Serious Game for Learning Sustainable Design and LEED Concepts

2012  Simulation of the Policy Landscape of Transportation Infrastructure Financing Using Agent-Based Modeling

2012  Structural Engineering Training and Experience Requirements at an Origin and Cause Scene Scenario with Subsequent Crane Collapse

2012  Task Analysis for Improving Training of Construction Equipment Operators

2012  Using a Virtual Gaming Environment in Strength of Materials Laboratory

2011  Analysis of Use Reliability on Electrical Power System of Civil Aviation Training Planes

2011  Dimensions of Innovation and Quality Training to the Transportation Talent

2011  Disaster Management Planning for Health Organizations in a Developing Country

2011  Education and Training in Civil Engineering: Beyond the Classroom

2011  Intelligent Adaptive Cyber-Physical Ecosystem for Aerospace Engineering Education, Training, and Accelerated Workforce Development

2011  Localizing and Designing Computer-Based Safety Training Solutions for Hispanic Construction Workers

2011  Longitudinal Evaluation of a GIS Laboratory in a Transportation Engineering Course

2011  Preparing Civil Engineers for International Collaboration in Construction Management

2011  Safety Climate Improvement: Case Study in a Chinese Construction Company

2011  Training for Moral Attainment of Traffic and Transportation High Quality Engineering Talents

2010  Case for Expanding the Claim Dispute Resolution Training of TxDOT Personnel

2010  Learning Applications in the Architectural Engineering Educational Setting

2010  Pavement Interactive: Pavement Knowledge Transfer with Web 2.0

2010  Practical Summer Training in Civil and Construction Engineering for Cultivation of Professional Ability

2010  Principles for Utilization of Construction Equipment Operator Training Simulators

2010  Revamping of the Caltrans Traffic Operations Academy

2010  River Engineering for Highway Encroachments FHWA HDS-6

2009  Analysis of Observed Skill Affinity Patterns and Motivation for Multiskilling among Craft Workers in the U.S. Industrial Construction Sector

2009  Emergency Preparedness Training and Education in Lombardy Region, Italy: Survey of Supply and Demand

2009  Exploring Training Needs and Development of Construction Language Courses for American Supervisors and Hispanic Craft Workers

2009  The Global Anticorruption Education and Training Project

2009  Horizontal Directional Drill Rig Operating Training System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

2009  Human Factors Analysis Classification System Relating to Human Error Awareness Taxonomy in Construction Safety

2008  Automated People Mover Standards, Part 4, Security; Emergency Preparedness; System Verification and Documentation; Operation, Maintenance, and Training; Operational Monitoring

2008  Craft Training Issues in American Industrial and Commercial Construction

2008  Current State of Highway Safety Education: Safety Course Offerings in Engineering and Public Health

2008  Members Bring Infrastructure Concerns to Capitol Hill

2008  Using Group Decision Support System to Support Value Management Workshops

2007  H∞ Filtering in Neural Network Training and Pruning with Application to System Identification

2007  Participation in Leadership Training in Government Relations

2007  Using a User-Centered Approach to Redesign the User Interface of a Computer-Based Surveyor Training Tool

2006  Developing Knowledge Landscapes through Project-Based Learning

2006  Development of New Faculty: Summary of the NSF-CMS WEE Workshop

2006  The Effect of Training, Pre-Straining, and Loading History on the Properties of NiTi Shape Memory Alloys for Protective Systems in Civil Structures

2006  Linear Programming Approach to Optimize Strategic Investment in the Construction Workforce

2006  Measurement Design Is an Opportunity to Learn

2006  Self-Managed Learning Model for Civil Engineering Continuing Training

2006  Turbocharged Organizational Change through High-Octane Management Training

2006  What Does the Construction Industry Value in its Workers?

2005  Application of Virtual Reality Technology for the Improvement of Safety in the Steel Erection Process

2005  Ensuring Future Skills: Education and Training in Underground Waste Disposal

2005  Environmental Engineering: Training for the Next Round

2005  Exploring Mental Models of Construction Managers

2005  Heavy Equipment Operator training via Virtual Modeling Technologies

2005  Learning Organizations in Construction

2005  Project Management Education and Training Process for Career Development

2005  The Road Ahead

2005  Training Faculty to Teach Civil Engineering

2005  Use of Multimedia and the World Wide Web in Civil Engineering Learning

2005  Use of Trench Boxes for Worker Protection

2005  Workers’ Skills and Receptiveness to Operate under the Tier II Construction Management Strategy

2004  Development of a Diving Training Program for Engineer-Divers Conducting Underwater Inspections

2004  Engineering the Bottom Line

2004  evaluate-Med: Prototype Web-based Mediator Assessment System for Role-Plays

2004  Upgrading the Technology of Simulation-Based Training for Traffic Management in California

2003  Full Circle in Construction Education?

2003  Implementation of the Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program

2003  Measuring Apprentice Effectiveness in an Industrial Construction Setting

2003  A New Qualification Concept for Sewer and Pipeline Construction Based on an Innovative, Network-Based Solution for Virtual Teaching, Learning and Working

2003  Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program

2003  Project Management Training and Community Service

2003  TC2K Program Evaluator Training: ASCE’s Committee on Technology Curricula and Accreditation’s Remote-Site Training Experience

2002  Developing Cross-Cultural Communication Skills

2002  Document Structure and Its Effect on Engineers’ Reading Strategies

2002  Educating the 21st Century Construction Professionals

2002  Teaching Lessons Learned: Improving Student Confidence through Metacognative Learning

2002  Training Grounds

2002  Training of Inspectors and Engineers in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD): The California Experience

2001  Bibliography for Teaching Hydraulic Design

2001  Community Emergency Response Training (CERTs): A Recent History and Review

2001  ’Diversity Without Adversity’ Session Set

2001  Effectiveness of the MCAA’s Project Management Course

2001  Excelling through Diversity — Transcending Cultural and Ethnic Boundaries to Produce World-Class Construction Quality

2001  Innovations and Best Practices: Leadership Development and Retention

2001  New Engineer Training at Bureau of Reclamation