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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Traffic surveys"

2013  Bluetooth Signal Collector Research and Its Application in Pedestrian Traffic Survey

2013  Evaluating the Feasibility of Data Collection via GPS-Enabled Mobile Phones for Passive Household Travel Surveys

2012  Optimization of Short-Term On-Street Park-Pay License Plate Surveying

2012  Performance Evaluations of the Spiral-Marking Roundabouts in Hong Kong

2012  Questionnaire Survey of Highway Safety Audit Management Policy

2012  Regional O-D Survey Method by Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology

2012  Research on Impact of Parking Behavior Based on Floating Parking Charges

2012  Time Series Analysis and Models of Freeway Performance

2012  Travel Behavior of Commuters Based on Logit Model

2011  Insights on the Determinants of Walk Trips Using Large Scale Travel Survey Data

2011  Personal Travel Survey Methods Analysis and Selection in China

2010  Traffic Counting Errors Due to Occlusion in Video Image Vehicle Detection Systems

2009  Daily Activity Patterns of University Students

2009  Data Mining Platform Based on AIS Data

2009  Determining the Parking Fee Using the Contingent Valuation Methodology

2009  GIS-Based Road Maintenance Management

2009  A GLS Based Method of Road Network Dynamic OD Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts

2008  Treating Uncertain Demand Information in Origin — Destination Matrix Estimation with Traffic Counts

2007  Safety Treatments at Isolated High-Speed Signalized Iintersections: Synthesis

2006  Borrowing Residential Trip Generation Rates

2006  Discrete Choice Model for Defining a Parking-Fee Policy on Island of Ortigia, Siracusa

2006  Discrete Choice Modeling with Partially Missing Information from a Revealed Preference Survey

2006  Implementation of Automated Travel-Time Information and Public Reaction on Urban Highway Rehabilitation

2005  Traffic Counting Location and Error Bound in Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Problems

2004  Modeling Trip Generation with Data from Single and Two Independent Cross-Sectional Travel Surveys

2004  Multiple-Vehicle Origin—Destination Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts using Genetic Algorithm

2004  Use of Greenway Trails in Indiana

2003  Analysis of Fiber Optic Traffic Sensors in Flexible Pavements

2002  Behavioral Simulation: Towards High-Density Network Traffic Studies

2002  Effects of Sample Size and Collection Methods on Stated Preference Models

2002  Estimation of the Demand Responses to Ramp Metering

1998  Evaluation of Count Location Selection Methods for Estimation of O-D Matrices

1998  System to Identify Turning Movements at Signalized Intersections

1997  A New Approach to Network Wide Turning Movement Surveys

1996  Statewide Traffic Volume Studies and Precision of AADT Estimates

1994  Studying Route Choice Behavior Using Computer-Aided Telephone Interviews and GIS

1993  Better Ways to Update Trip Matrices

1991  Vessel Trajectory Database for Coastal Zone Planning

1990  Pending Oil Spill Law: An Environmentalist’s View

1990  Probabilistic Traffic Load Models and Extreme Loads on a Bridge

1989  The Truck Commodity Survey in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area

1988  Merging Lane Length for Expressway Improvement Plan in Japan

1985  An Analytical Method of Traffic Flow Using Aerial Photographs

1985  Application of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Micro-Computer Based Quick Response System (QRS) Software to the Analysis of a 200 and 400 Acre Comprehensive Plan Change From Residential to High Tech Land-Use

1985  Evaluation of Before and After Traffic Conditions

1985  Field Data Collection for Traffic Studies

1985  Red Turn Arrow: An Information Theoretic Evaluation

1985  Site Impact of New Developments

1980  Captivity and Choice in Travel-Behavior Models

1980  Hong Kong Comprehensive Transport Study (Abstract)

1980  Making TheBus Better

1979  Mode Choice Models with Perceived Reliability Measures

1977  Chicago Urban Transportation Planning

1977  Estimating Transportation Mode Utilities

1976  Urban Goods Movement: A Study Design

1975  Aggregate and Disaggregate Travel Demand Models

1975  Traffic Volume Counting Recorders

1974  Patterns of Mobility of Working Poor

1974  Synthetic Through Trip Patterns

1973  Freeway Traffic Control and Surveillance Model

1973  Highways and Modal Choice Decisions

1973  Review of Car-Following Theory

1973  Traffic Data for Concrete Pavement Design

1973  Transport Analysis of Regional Development Plans

1972  Analytical Estimation of Transit Access Impedances

1972  Annual Surveillance of Urban Traffic Growth

1972  Behavioral Models in Transportation Planning

1972  Economic Criterion for Highway Capacity Determination

1972  Impedance Minimization Travel Choice Process

1972  Integrated Measurement Framework for Transportation Planning

1972  Location Model for Parking Facilities

1972  Time Stability of Zonal Trip Production Models

1972  Transportation Research for Community Objectives

1972  Variations of Urban Travel Characteristics with Age

1971  Traffic Volume Characteristics on Urban Freeways

1970  Public Attitude toward Transportation Issues

1969  Accessibility and Environmental Quality

1969  Base Year Trip Tables for Statewide Traffic Models

1965  Comprehensive Urban Transportation Study Methods

1958  Continuous Origin and Destination Traffic Surveys