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2015  Estimating "True" Variability of Traffic Speed Deflectometer Deflection Slope Measurements

2014  Examining the Influence of Speed Limits for Multilane Highways with Curbs and Gutters

2014  Impact of Dynamic Message Signs on Speeds Observed on a Rural Interstate

2014  Impact of Pavement Roughness on Vehicle Free-Flow Speed

2014  Maximum Curving Speed

2014  Optimization of Speed Hump Geometric Design: Case Study on Residential Streets in Malaysia

2014  Optimization of Speed Hump Profiles Based on Vehicle Dynamic Performance Modeling

2014  Passenger Car and Truck Operating Speed Models on Multilane Highways with Combinations of Horizontal Curves and Steep Grades

2014  Relationship between Predicted Speed Reduction on Horizontal Curves and Safety on Two-Lane Rural Roads in Spain

2014  Time-Based Toll Design for a Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing Scheme for a Transportation Network with Speed Limits and Movement Prohibitions

2014  Traffic Speed Estimation through Data Fusion from Heterogeneous Sources for First Response Deployment

2013  Analysis of Sight Distance, Crash Rate, and Operating Speed Relationships for Low-Volume Single-Lane Roundabouts in the United States

2013  Application of Fuzzy Entropy-DEA Model on the Impact Assessment for Combined On-Ramp and Variable Speed Limit Systems

2013  Chaos Control of Freeway Mainline Using Variable Speed Limits with Fuzzy-Neural Networks Based on Subtractive Clustering

2013  The Characteristic of Vehicle Speed Under Angry Driving in China

2013  Comparison of Vertical Alignments for Rail Transit

2013  Concept of Stream Equivalency Factor for Heterogeneous Traffic on Urban Arterial Roads

2013  Correlations of Speed Standard Deviation and Traffic Conflict for Two-lane Highways

2013  Design of Intelligent Vehicle Speed Adaption Based on Variable Road Geometry

2013  Determination Method of Freeway Speed Limitation for Accident Prevention

2013  Driver Response to an Actuated Advance Warning System

2013  Effects of Innovative Portable Plastic Rumble Strips at Flagger-Controlled Temporary Maintenance Work Zones

2013  Estimating Bus Travel Speed under Information Collection Environment

2013  Experimental and Numerical Studies of Nonstationary Random Vibrations for a High-Pier Bridge under Vehicular Loads

2013  Experimentation-Based Sampling Scheme for GPS-Smartphone Probe Vehicles

2013  Exploring the Association between Traffic Safety and Geometric Design Consistency Based on Vehicle Speed Metrics

2013  Fleet Size Estimation for Snowplowing Operation Considering Road Geometry, Weather, and Traffic Speed

2013  Free-Flow Travel Speed Analysis and Monitoring at the National Level Using Global Positioning System Measurements

2013  The Impact of Predictive Cruise Control on Traffic Flow and Energy Consumption

2013  Incorporating Weather Information into Real-Time Speed Estimates: Comparison of Alternative Models

2013  Influence of Access Density of Minor Roads on Arterial Speed Variance by TSIS

2013  Influencing Factor of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Tire in Wet Weather Based on Fluent

2013  Measuring Horizontal Curve Vehicle Trajectories and Speed Profiles: Pneumatic Road Tube and Video Methods

2013  Modeling the Effects of Rainfall Intensity on Traffic Speed, Flow, and Density Relationships for Urban Roads

2013  Motor Vehicle Running-Speed Monitoring and Controlling System for Freeway Network

2013  News2Note

2013  Operating Speed of Different Classes of Vehicles at Horizontal Curves on Two-Lane Rural Highways

2013  Road Grade Measurement Using In-Vehicle, Stand-Alone GPS with Barometric Altimeter

2013  Road Transition Zones between the Rural and Urban Environment: Evaluation of Speed and Traffic Performance Using a Microsimulation Approach

2013  A Simulation Study for Minimizing Operating Speed Variation of Multilane Highways by Controlling Access

2013  Speed Control Simulation System of Bulk Terminal Conveyor Belts

2013  Speed Stochastic Processes and Freeway Reliability Estimation: Evidence from the A22 Freeway, Italy

2013  Study on Driving Risk Value in Merging Area of Freeway Work Zone

2013  Study on Speed and Speed Limits of Expressway Work Zones

2013  Tangent-to-Curve Transition on Two-Lane Rural Roads Based on Continuous Speed Profiles

2013  Traffic Congestion Index Evaluation Based on Travel Speed on Urban Expressway

2013  Variable Speed Limit Control Design for Relieving Congestion Caused by Active Bottlenecks

2013  Vibration Performance of High-Speed EMU’ss Power Wheelset

2012  Analysis of Weather Impact on Travel Speed and Travel Time Reliability

2012  Calculating Method on the Travel Speed for Urban Expressway

2012  Calculation Model of Speed Limit Value for Work Zone Sections on Freeways

2012  Comfortable Speed and Car-Following Distance on Urban Flat and Straight Road

2012  CRH Train Traction Calculation Model and Algorithm Based on Automatic Constant Speed

2012  Deceleration Lengths for Exit Terminals

2012  Distribution Characteristics of Vehicle-Specific Power on Urban Restricted-Access Roadways

2012  Evaluating the Impacts of Variable Speed Limits on Freeway Traffic Operations and Safety: A Case Study in Hangzhou, China

2012  Full Bayesian Method for the Development of Speed Models: Applications of GPS Probe Data

2012  Influence of Snow and Ice Road on the Characteristics of Drivers’ Visual Perception of Driving Speed and Distances

2012  An Investigation of the Relationship between Speed Characteristics and Collision Rate for Urban Freeway

2012  Link-Journey Speed Estimation for Urban Arterial Performance Measurement Using Advance Loop Detector Data under Congested Conditions

2012  Literature Review of Speed Guidance Methods Research

2012  Modeling Research on Drivers’ Desired Speed Based on Simulating Experiment

2012  Modeling Speed Profile on Freeway Exit Ramps Using Support Vector Regression

2012  Modified Road Speed Models Considering Traffic Flow with and without Bus Lanes and Analysis of the Condition of Setting Bus Lanes

2012  Operational Effects of Drivers’ Misperception of Horizontal Curvature

2012  Prediction of the Operating Speed Profile Approaching and Departing Intersections

2012  Probabilistic Model Based on the Effective Range and Vehicle Speed to Determine Bluetooth MAC Address Matches from Roadside Traffic Monitoring

2012  Quantifying Loop Detector Sensitivity and Correcting Detection Problems on Freeways

2012  Ramp Meters Evaluation: Using ITS Archived Data

2012  Regime-Based Short-Term Multivariate Traffic Condition Forecasting Algorithm

2012  Research of Energy Consumption Based on Full Velocity Difference Model

2012  Research of Road Traffic State Classification Threshold Value of Expressway and Arterial Roads in Cities Based on Travel Speed

2012  Some Issues on Development of Speed Management Program on Arterial Highways

2012  Speed Calming Using Vertical Deflections in Road Alignment

2012  Speed Control for Automated Highway Vehicles under Road Gradient Conditions

2012  Strategic Considerations for Low-Speed Transportation Systems in Urban Street Network in Megacities in China

2012  Study of Geometric Design of Rubber Speed Control-Hump

2012  Study on Average Travel Speed in Road Network Calculated by Floating Car Data in Different Samples

2012  Study on the Driver Safety Cognition of the Highway Speed Evaluation System

2012  Throughput Capacity Estimation for Convoy Movement in Linked Roads

2012  Traffic State Identification Considering Differences between Road Segments and Intersections

2012  Vehicle Operating Speed Prediction Model on Freeway Exit Ramp

2012  Vehicle Speed Determination Based on Front Windshield Glass Rupture Area

2011  Analysis of Jinan BRT Speed Characteristics Based on Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

2011  Analysis of Traveling Speed and Fuel Consumption Based on Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder for BRT in Jinan

2011  Application of Traffic Flow Wave Theory to Research the Impact of Large-Scale Trucks on Traffic Flow of Expressway

2011  Carrying Capacity of High Speed Railway under the Mode of High and Medium Speed Mixture Trains in One Line

2011  Determination of the Maximum Running Speed of Trains in Urban Rail Transit

2011  Developing the Simulation Module of Traffic Operations in Vicinity of Speed Bumps on Highways in VISSIM

2011  Development of Online Monitoring System for Marine Medium-Speed Diesel Engine

2011  Driver Compliance Analysis of Variable Speed Limit Based Freeway Traffic Control

2011  Evaluating the Control Strategies for Freeway Variable Speed Limit Systems in PARAMICS: Selection of the Optimal Posted Speed Limit

2011  Evaluating the Control Strategies of Variable Speed Limits in PARAMICS: Determining the Optimal Intervention Startup Threshold

2011  Evaluating the Speed Reduction Effectiveness of Speed Bump on Local Streets

2011  Evaluation of Criteria for Setting Speed Limits on Gravel Roads

2011  Evaluation of the Rolling Wheel Deflectometer as a Structural Pavement Assessment Tool in Louisiana

2011  Evaluation of the Speed Reduction Effects of Automated Speed Enforcements on Freeways

2011  An Exploratory Study of Speed Limit Compliance in Missouri Work Zones

2011  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Freeway Section Level of Service under the Condition of Limited Speed

2011  Highway Curve Speed Precaution System Based on VII