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2015  Interval Optimization for Signal Timings with Time-Dependent Uncertain Arrivals

2015  Segmentation and Recognition of Highway Assets Using Image-Based 3D Point Clouds and Semantic Texton Forests

2014  Delay Time Model at Unsignalized Intersections

2014  Development of a Signal Optimization Model for Diverging Diamond Interchange

2014  Evaluation of Anchor Bolts with Excessive Standoff in Cantilever Sign and Signal Structures

2014  Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation System for Multi-Intersection Traffic Signal Control

2014  A Metamodeling Technique for Exploring the Correlation between Mobility and Environmental Factors at Signalized Intersections

2014  Microscopic Estimation of Arterial Vehicle Positions in a Low-Penetration-Rate Connected Vehicle Environment

2014  Modeling Signalized-Intersection Safety with Corner Clearance

2014  New Methodology for Intersection Signal Timing Optimization to Simultaneously Minimize Vehicle and Pedestrian Delays

2014  Operational Evaluation of Vehicle Detection Systems at Rural Signalized Intersections

2014  Potentialities of Data-Driven Nonparametric Regression in Urban Signalized Traffic Flow Forecasting

2014  Safety-Based Volume Warrants for Right-Turn Lanes at Unsignalized Intersections and Driveways on Two-Lane Roadways

2014  Systematic Approach to Hazardous-Intersection Identification and Countermeasure Development

2013  Applicability of Actuated Signal Control at Intersections

2013  Arterial Transit Signal Priority in Chinese Metropolis

2013  Benefits of Proactive Monitoring of Traffic Signal Timing Performance Measures - Case Study of a Rapidly Developing Network

2013  Comparative Analysis of Two Simulations on Mixed Traffic Flow of Conventional Passenger Cars and Micro-Cars

2013  A Constraint Optimization Algorithm for Automated Estimation of Turning Movement Counts at Signalized Intersections

2013  Coordination Control of Entrance Ramp Metering and Upstream Intersection Signal Based on CPN

2013  Design of a High Speed Sine Signal Generator

2013  Driver Factors Analysis of Rear-End Accidents at Signalized Intersections

2013  Driver Response to an Actuated Advance Warning System

2013  Dynamic Lane-Use Assignment Model at Signalized Intersections under Tidal Flow

2013  Effects of Left-Turn Waiting Areas on Capacity and Level of Service of Signalized Intersections

2013  Effects of Two-Wheelers on Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections in Developing Countries

2013  Empirical Study of Gap-Acceptance Behavior of Right-Turn-on-Red Drivers on Dual Right-Turn Lanes

2013  Estimating Bus Travel Speed under Information Collection Environment

2013  Estimation of Delay Induced by Downstream Operations at Signalized Intersections over Extended Control Time

2013  Evaluation of Manual Traffic-Signal Control under Oversaturated Conditions Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

2013  A Formulation Method of Control Protocol for Intersection Signal Based on Wireless Communication Technologies

2013  A Golden Ratio-Based Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Traffic Signal Timing Optimization for Urban Signalized Intersections

2013  A Hybrid Control Delay Model Combining Control Delay and Queuing Profile at Uncongested Signalized Intersections

2013  Hybrid Stochastic Cellular Automata-Driver-Vehicle-Object Simulation Model for Heterogeneous Traffic at Urban Signalized Intersections

2013  Influence of Traffic Signal Countdown on Traffic Safety in China

2013  Lane Change Behavior at Weaving Section of Signalized Intersection Upstream

2013  Left-Turn Prohibition and Partial Grade Separation for Signalized Intersections: Planning-Level Assessment

2013  Maximizing the Traffic Throughput of Turn Bays at a Signalized Intersection Approach

2013  Modeling Drivers’ Deceleration Behavior at Unsignalized Intersections

2013  Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Signal Control of Single Intersection

2013  A New Evaluation Method Combining Efficiency and Safety: Multimodal Comprehensive Level of Service of Signalized Intersections

2013  Optimal Allocation of Lane Space and Green Splits of Isolated Signalized Intersections with Short Left-Turn Lanes

2013  Optimal Cycle Model Based on Active Transit Signal Priority Strategies in Artery Coordination Systems

2013  Optimized Model of Pedestrian Crossing Width Based on GI/G/1 Queuing System

2013  Paramics-Based Microscopic Simulation Evaluation for Urban Traffic Signal Two-Stage Controller

2013  Pedestrian Behavior at Signalized Pedestrian Crossings

2013  Performance Enhancement and Congestion Reduction at Busy Signalized at-Grade Intersection with Bus Rapid Transit Corridor and Mixed Traffic in India

2013  Priority Signal Control Methods of Auxiliary Road of Urban Expressway Off-Ramp

2013  Problem-Identification Evaluating Model of Coordinated Signal Control on Arterial Streets

2013  Railway Locomotive Signal Detection Method Research

2013  Reliability Analysis of Minimum Pedestrian Green Interval for Traffic Signals

2013  Research on the Real-Time Queue Length Estimation of Signalized Intersections Based on RFID Detector Data

2013  Risk-Informed Investment for Tropical Cyclone Preparedness of Highway Signs, Signals, and Lights

2013  Safety Effect of U-Turn Conversions in Tehran: Empirical Bayes Observational Before-and-After Study and Crash Prediction Models

2013  Study on Collision Warning of Non-Motorized Traffic Unit Crossing Based on Cooperative Vehicles Infrastructure

2013  Study on Traffic Safety Evaluation Based on Traffic Conflict Technique and Gray Clustering at Signalized Intersection

2013  Traffic Signal Control Method for Single Intersection Based on Cooperated Vehicle Infrastructure System

2013  Train Speed Measurement and Prediction using Video and Radar Detector Data

2013  Transit Signal Priority Control for Multi-Conflicted Routes under Headway-Based Service

2013  Trip Travel Time Distribution Prediction for Urban Signalized Arterials

2013  Video-Based Efficient Measurement of Average Control Delay at Signalized Intersections

2012  An Adaptive Two-Stage Fuzzy Controller for Traffic Signals: Architecture, Algorithms, and Simulation

2012  Analysis of Signalized Intersection U-Turn Design Based on the Micro-Simulation Study

2012  Assessment of a Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal Implementation Using Gap Acceptance Measures

2012  Automatic Detection of Traffic Conflicts at Unsignalized Intersections Using Image Sequences

2012  Capacity Analysis of Road Segment near Bus Stop Affected by Signalized Intersection

2012  Cellular Automaton Modeling of the Interaction between Vehicles and Pedestrians at Signalized Crosswalk

2012  Characteristics of Traffic Conflicts between Electric Bicycles and Motor Vehicles at Unsignalized Intersections

2012  Comprehensive Model of Traffic Impedance on Urban Arterial Road with Signalized Intersection

2012  Design and Implementation of Traffic Signal Controller with GPS Timing Function

2012  Determining Progression Adjustment Factor and Upstream Filtering Adjustment Factor at Signalized Intersections

2012  Development of a VISSIM Simulation Model for U-Turns at Unsignalized Intersections

2012  Development of Analytical Capacity Models for Conventional Railways with Advanced Signaling Systems

2012  Differentiating between Left-Turn Gap and Lag Acceptance at Unsignalized Intersections as a Function of the Site Characteristics

2012  Distribution of Delay in Signalized Intersections: Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes

2012  Effect of Bicycles on the Saturation Flow Rate of Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

2012  The Effect of Moving Objects on Drivers’ Gaze Point at Unsignalized Intersections with Mixed Traffic

2012  Effects of Count-Down Signal Lights on Pedestrian Behaviors at Signalized Intersections

2012  Empirical Study of Driver Responses during the Yellow Signal Phase at Six Maryland Intersections

2012  An Equilibrium-Right-of-Way Based Capacity at Signalized Intersection

2012  Evaluating the Operational Impacts of Left-Turn Waiting Areas at Dual Left-Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections

2012  Identification of the Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Opposing Left-Turn Conflicts at Signalized Intersections

2012  Impact of Bus-Only Lane Location on the Development and Performance of the Logic Rule-Based Bus Rapid Transit Signal Priority

2012  Impact of Signal Timing Information on Safety and Efficiency of Signalized Intersections

2012  Impact of the Signal Timing Optimization on Traffic Environment of Urban Road Based on TSIS

2012  Microsimulation Approach for Predicting Crashes at Unsignalized Intersections Using Traffic Conflicts

2012  Modeling Combined Safety and Operational Effect of Detection Solution to Signal Dilemma Zone Problems

2012  Modeling Interactions between Pedestrians and Right-Turn Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

2012  Modeling Pedestrian Degree of Satisfaction Based on Structure Equation Model

2012  New Controlling Methods for Alleviating Recurrent Congestion on Freeway Merge Area

2012  NewsBrief: Wind- and Sun-Powered Traffic Light Tested in Nebraska (REVMODO and Government Technology)

2012  NewsBriefs: Traffic Lights Get ’Smart’ (

2012  Novel Stochastic Procedure for Designing Yellow Intervals at Signalized Intersections

2012  Prediction Model of Bus Arrival Time at Signalized Intersection Using GPS Data

2012  Research and Design of Real-Time Eye Location and Algorithm

2012  Research on Intersection Signal Timing Model Considering Emissions Effects

2012  Research on Pedestrian Crossing Characteristics of Mid-Block Crosswalks Controlled by Push-Button Signal

2012  Responsive Signal Control Design for Urban Traffic Network

2012  Signal Optimization at Urban Highway Rail Grade Crossings Using an Online Adaptive Priority Strategy

2012  Simulation-Based Comprehensive Evaluation of Left-Turn-Waiting Zone at Signalized Intersection with Separated Left Turn Phases