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2015  CICTP 2015, Efficient, Safe, and Green Multimodal Transportation

2015  Comparison of Two Simulation Approaches to Safety Assessment: Cellular Automata and SSAM

2015  Development and Validation of a Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Traffic Simulation Environment Assessing Surrogate Safety

2015  Grade Separation Project Improves Rail, Road Safety

2015  Probability of Overturning for Vehicles Moving on a Bridge Deck in a Wind Environment Considering Stochastic Process Characteristics of Excitations

2014  Application of Geographically Weighted Regression Technique in Spatial Analysis of Fatal and Injury Crashes

2014  Assessing the Safety Effects of Removing Highway Mainline Barrier Toll Plazas

2014  Heuristic Approach for Optimizing Emergency Medical Services in Road Safety within Large Urban Networks

2014  Identifying Precrash Factors for Cars and Trucks on Interstate Highways: Mixed Logit Model Approach

2014  Light and Dark Adaption Times Based on Pupil Area Variation at Entrance and Exit Areas of Highway Tunnels

2014  Maximum Curving Speed

2014  A Method to Determine Relative Vehicle Positioning for Safety Warning

2014  Modeling Signalized-Intersection Safety with Corner Clearance

2014  An Optimization Method of Signal Control for a Four-Leg Roundabout Based on the Single Release Method

2014  Optimization of Ultrasonic Rail-Defect Inspection for Improving Railway Transportation Safety and Efficiency

2014  Relationship between Predicted Speed Reduction on Horizontal Curves and Safety on Two-Lane Rural Roads in Spain

2014  Safety Analysis of Horizontal Curves Using Real Traffic Data

2014  Safety Impacts of Right-Turn Lanes at Unsignalized Intersections and Driveways on Two-Lane Roadways: Crash Analysis

2014  Safety-Based Volume Warrants for Right-Turn Lanes at Unsignalized Intersections and Driveways on Two-Lane Roadways

2014  Systematic Approach to Hazardous-Intersection Identification and Countermeasure Development

2014  T&DI Congress 2014, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

2013  Analysis of Conflicts between Right-Turn Vehicles and Pedestrians under Different Right-Turn Control Schemes: A Comparative Study

2013  Analysis of Human Errors Affect Factors Based on Job Stress for Air Traffic Controllers

2013  Analysis of Sight Distance, Crash Rate, and Operating Speed Relationships for Low-Volume Single-Lane Roundabouts in the United States

2013  Analysis on Fixation Distribution Characteristics of Drivers in Long Freeway Tunnels

2013  Analysis on Performance of Driver Distance Recognition To Crossing Pedestrian at Night

2013  Analysis on the Crashworthiness of Taiwan PVC Barrier

2013  Analysis the Safety Characters of the Ship Container Logistics Networks of China

2013  The Application of Internet of Things Technology to Water Transport Safety

2013  Cause and Countermeasure of Structure Disease of Bridge

2013  Characteristics of Fatal Road Accidents in China

2013  Classifying Road Users in Urban Scenes Using Movement Patterns

2013  Collision Safety Analysis of the Eroded Semi-Rigid Barrier Based on LS-DYNA

2013  Comprehensive Effect of Land Transportation Environmental Conditions on Traffic Safety

2013  Condition Assessment of Marine Electric Propulsion System Using Support Vector Machine

2013  Conflict between Environmental Performance and Human Safety

2013  Construction and Application of Highway Safety Evaluation System Based on Traffic Ergonomics

2013  A Coordinate Transformation Method for Video and Radar Based Driver Assistance System

2013  Correlations of Speed Standard Deviation and Traffic Conflict for Two-lane Highways

2013  Cross-Section Designs for the Safety Performance of Buffer-Separated High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

2013  The Danger Goods Safety Transportation Problems by Waterway in China

2013  Decision Support System for Strategic Road Safety Planning

2013  Design Method for the Dynamic Scale Model of Pedestrian Footbridge

2013  Design of A Multi-Sensor Integrated Intelligent Micro-Vehicle for Platoon Simulation

2013  Detection of Quiet Vehicles by Blind Pedestrians

2013  Determination Method of Freeway Speed Limitation for Accident Prevention

2013  Driver Fatigue Detection System Based on Eye Movements

2013  Driving Behavior Test on Roundabout with Road Surface Changes

2013  Establishment of Navigation Environment Safety Index of Changjiang River Based on Bayesian Network with GeNIe

2013  Evaluation Method of Arterial Highway Traffic Safety Based on AHP Corresponding

2013  The Evaluation of Safety Consciousness of Bus Drivers on the Highway

2013  Exploring the Association between Traffic Safety and Geometric Design Consistency Based on Vehicle Speed Metrics

2013  Framework for Highway Safety Mitigation: The Utah Experience

2013  Freeway Work Zone Rear-End Conflict Study Based on Two Traffic Conflict Indicators

2013  From the Point of View of the Philosophy, Discuss the Scientific Connotation of the Yangtze River’s Safety Culture

2013  Highway Traffic Accident Identification and Emergency Response Technology Based on The Internet of Things

2013  HIL Research of Vehicle Stability Control Algorithm Based on veDYNA

2013  Implications of Distracted Driving on Start-Up Lost Time for Dual Left-Turn Lanes

2013  An Improved Car-Following Model by Considering Angry Driving with Fuzzy Inference

2013  Influence Analysis of Trailer Length on Turning Channel Width of B-Train

2013  Influence of Access Density of Minor Roads on Arterial Speed Variance by TSIS

2013  Influence of Drowsiness on Driving Performance on Off-Ramps: A Driving Simulator Study

2013  Influence of Sign Retro-Reflection with Vehicle Headlights under Mesopic Vision Conditions

2013  Influence of Traffic Signal Countdown on Traffic Safety in China

2013  Inland Waterway Transportation Safety Management Performance Assessment based on Belief Rule-base Technology

2013  In-Service Performance Evaluation of a Cable Median Barrier System on Interstate Highways

2013  Intelligent Traffic Safety Control Technology of Highway Adjoining Tunnel and Tunnel Group

2013  Interchange Complexity Model and Related Safety Implications

2013  Judgment Model of Driving Tendency Based on Driving Behavior

2013  Method of Traffic Safety Evaluation of Newly Designed Highway Based on Driving Simulation

2013  Motor Vehicle Running-Speed Monitoring and Controlling System for Freeway Network

2013  Motorcyclist Braking Performance in Stopping Distance Situations

2013  Navigation Environment Factors for the Investigation and Evaluation of Water Traffic Safety in the Yangtze River

2013  New Automatic Incident Detection Algorithm Based on Traffic Data Collected for Journey Time Estimation

2013  A New Evaluation Method Combining Efficiency and Safety: Multimodal Comprehensive Level of Service of Signalized Intersections

2013  A Nonparametric Approach to Road Safety Analysis - Does It Make a Difference?

2013  On the Crossing Contribute to Traffic Congestion Problem Analysis and Countermeasure Research

2013  Ontology for Scenario Orchestration (OSO): A Standardised Scenario Description in Driving Simulation

2013  Performance Comparison of Different Highway Snow-Melting Agents

2013  Rail Tunnel Safety Analysis Using Crowd Evacuation Simulation Models: On a Review and Comparative Study of the Scientific Literature

2013  Railreader-"MT" Multi-RFID-System Supports High Availability and Safety In Railway Networks

2013  Reliability Analysis of Vehicle Stability on Combined Horizontal and Vertical Alignments: Driving Safety Perspective

2013  Research of Safety Monitoring System for the Operating Vehicles Inter-Connection and Inter-Surveillance Based on Internet of Things

2013  Research on Automatic Monitoring System of Track Real-Time Condition of Urban Rail Transit

2013  Research on Model-Based Testing of Lane Departure Warning System

2013  Research on Road Adhesion Conditions Recognition in Automotive ABS Control Process

2013  Research on SOC Estimation for Power Lithium Battery Based on Kalman Filter

2013  Research on the Impact Test Conditions of Safety Barriers on Mountain Rural Roads

2013  Research on the In-Vehicle ITS Technology on Improving Road Safety in China

2013  Research on Vehicle Turning Dynamic Simulation and Stability Analysis

2013  Research on Xiangjiang Water Traffic Safety Forewarning Evaluation

2013  Review of Urban Road Traffic Safety Evaluation Methods

2013  Risk Analysis Research on Coal Marine Transportation

2013  Risk Warning System for Complex Operating Environment Sections of Expressway

2013  Road Safety Problems of E-Bicycles and Countermeasures in China

2013  Road Traffic Safety Prediction Based on Improved SVM

2013  Road-Side Units Based Data Forwarding Framework in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

2013  Running Safety Evaluation for Oil Transport Enterprises Based on Theory of F-ANP

2013  Runway Groove Identification and Evaluation Using 1 mm 3D Image Data

2013  Safe Operation & Management Research of Urban Rail Transit Based on Real-Time Passenger Flow Detection