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2015  Optimization of Land Use in a New Urban District

2014  Combining the Statistical Model and Heuristic Model to Predict Flow Rate

2014  Estimation of Entry Capacity for Single-Lane Modern Roundabouts: Case Study in Queensland, Australia

2014  Modeling Signalized-Intersection Safety with Corner Clearance

2014  Optimal Ramp Metering Control for Weaving Segments Considering Dynamic Weaving Capacity Estimation

2014  Potentialities of Data-Driven Nonparametric Regression in Urban Signalized Traffic Flow Forecasting

2013  Analysis Model of On-Street Parking Zones Influencing Non-Motor Vehicle Flow

2013  Arterial Transit Signal Priority in Chinese Metropolis

2013  Bus Travel Time Prediction Based on State Recognition

2013  Comparative Analysis of Two Simulations on Mixed Traffic Flow of Conventional Passenger Cars and Micro-Cars

2013  Comparison on PPCA, KPPCA and MPPCA Based Missing Data Imputing for Traffic Flow

2013  Coordinated Optimization of Wagon Calculating and Taking-Out and Placing-In Wagons Applying Bi-Level Programming Model

2013  Demand Analysis of Visiting Space in Large Exhibitions Based on Efficiency and Comfort

2013  Drivers’ Lane Utilization for United Kingdom Motorways

2013  Effects of Two-Wheelers on Saturation Flow at Signalized Intersections in Developing Countries

2013  Experiment-Based Accuracy Evaluation of Traffic Flow Detectors Data

2013  Forecasting the Short-Term Traffic Flow Based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Regression

2013  Free-Flow Travel Speed Analysis and Monitoring at the National Level Using Global Positioning System Measurements

2013  Honk Effect on Two-Lane Traffic Flow Considering Driver Behaviors

2013  The Impact of Predictive Cruise Control on Traffic Flow and Energy Consumption

2013  An Improved k-NN Nonparametric Regression-Based Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Model for Urban Expressways

2013  Intelligent Traffic Information Acquisition and Processing Technology

2013  Level of Service of Curbside Parking Facilities Based on Parking Accessibility

2013  Meso-Kinematic Simulation Modeling of Traffic Flow Based on Weighted Residual Method

2013  Microscopic Simulation of Freeway Traffic Flow Based on Cellular Automata

2013  Model of Prediction and Statistics on Time Pattern of Traffic Flow

2013  Modeling Free-Flow Speed Considering Water Depth under Ponding Conditions: A Dynamic Method from the Viewpoint of Hydroplaning

2013  Modeling the Effects of Rainfall Intensity on Traffic Speed, Flow, and Density Relationships for Urban Roads

2013  Modeling Train Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata

2013  Multi-Source Road Traffic Flow Information Fusion and Analysis Technology

2013  Optimal Sensor Density for Freeway Travel Time Estimation with Multi-Class Traffic Flow

2013  Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Computer Network Simulation and Analysis of Flow Capacity

2013  Prediction Model of Mixed Traffic Flow on the Swallowtail Catastrophe Theory

2013  Research about the Effect that the Parking Surrounding the School Has on the Traffic Flow Based on the Swarm Theory

2013  Research on the Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Method Based on Chaos Theory

2013  Research on Traffic Flow Simulation Model with Multi-Agent Based in Vehicular Sensor Network

2013  Road Capacity Calculation Model and Analysis of Metro Construction Sections Considering Traffic Flow Organization

2013  Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on the Improved Non-Parametric Regression

2013  Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Flocking Theory and RBF Neural Network

2013  Standard Pedestrian Equivalent Factors: New Approach to Analyzing Pedestrian Flow

2013  A Study on the Yangtze River Trunk Line Waterway’s Capacity Based on Traffic Flow Theory

2013  Traffic Delay of Vehicles Based on Traffic Flow Wave Theory Caused by Curb-Lane Bus Stop

2013  Variable Speed Limit Control Design for Relieving Congestion Caused by Active Bottlenecks

2012  Alternative Methodology for Determining Gap Acceptance for Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections

2012  Analysis of Single-Line Passenger Flow Based on IC Data and GPS Data

2012  Analysis of Traffic Flow Characteristics of Weaving Area between Expressway and Ground Road

2012  Analysis of Weather Impact on Travel Speed and Travel Time Reliability

2012  Capacity Research on Cloverleaf Interchange by Using Simulation Loading Method

2012  A Cellular Automata Model of Traffic Flow with Consideration of Distribution of Time to Collision

2012  Cellular Automaton Modeling of the Interaction between Vehicles and Pedestrians at Signalized Crosswalk

2012  Characteristics Analysis of Traffic Flow Behaviors on Beijing Urban Expressways

2012  Clarifying Traffic Flow Phases for Vehicle Classifications Using Dual-Loop Data

2012  A Companion of Four Models: STCA, H-STCA, A-STCA, and TSTCA

2012  A Comparison of Coherent Flow Produced by VISSIM and TransModeler

2012  Comparison of Driver Behavior by Time of Day and Wet Pavement Conditions

2012  Comparison of Traffic Information’s Effectiveness Based on Cell Transmission Model

2012  Deriving Traffic Flow Patterns from Historical Data

2012  Differentiating between Left-Turn Gap and Lag Acceptance at Unsignalized Intersections as a Function of the Site Characteristics

2012  Effect of Bicycles on the Saturation Flow Rate of Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

2012  Estimating Capacity and Motorcycle Equivalent Units on Urban Roads in Hanoi, Vietnam

2012  Estimating Emission Impact of Traffic Flow Operation with Dual-Loop Data

2012  Evaluation of Imbalanced Development between Vehicles and Urban Road Using Classical Traffic Flow Model

2012  Examples of Validating an Adaptive Kalman Filter Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction

2012  Exploring the Value of Traffic Flow Data in Bus Travel Time Prediction

2012  Freeway Recurrent Bottleneck Identification Algorithms Considering Detector Data Quality Issues

2012  Geo-Spatial Analysis and Development of Alternative Energy Refueling Infrastructure

2012  Identifying Lane-Change Maneuvers with Probe Vehicle Data and an Observed Asymmetry in Driver Accommodation

2012  A Knowledge-Based Fast Recognition Method of Urban Traffic Flow States

2012  Modeling Origin-Destination Effects on Roundabout Operations and Inflow Control

2012  Modified Road Speed Models Considering Traffic Flow with and without Bus Lanes and Analysis of the Condition of Setting Bus Lanes

2012  A Multi-Path Astar Algorithm for Recognizing Reasonable Route Set

2012  Network-Scale Traffic Modeling and Forecasting with Graphical Lasso and Neural Networks

2012  A Novel Urban Traffic Control Approach Considering Travelers’ Intentions

2012  Optimization Model for Wagon Flow Organization on Railway Regional Network

2012  Optimization of Dynamic Dispatching Decision of Active Wagons-Flow in Railway Hub Based on ITS-R

2012  Research of Integrated Test System for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System

2012  Research of Road Traffic State Classification Threshold Value of Expressway and Arterial Roads in Cities Based on Travel Speed

2012  Research on Stress Spectrum of Steel Decks in Suspension Bridge Considering Measured Traffic Flow

2012  Sector Dynamic Capacity Assessment Based on Improved Dynamic Density

2012  Study of Car-following Model Based on Minimum Safety Distance

2012  Study of ETC Lane Traffic Capacity Based on Passenger Car Equivalent

2012  Study of Setting Conditions of Bus Bay Stop of Single Driveway

2012  Study on Energy Dissipation of Mixed Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata

2012  A Study on Multi-Resolution Modeling of Mesoscopic-Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model

2012  Study on Organization and Control Methods of Traffic Flow Based on Plane Intersection

2012  Traffic Capacity of Alps Car Tunnels

2012  Traffic Flow in a Rectangle Street-Parking-Allowed Manhattan-Like Urban System

2012  Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis, Improved Genetic Algorithm, and BP Neural Network

2012  Traffic Flow Theory-Based Stochastic Optimization Model for Work Zones on Two-Lane Highways

2012  Traffic State Identification Considering Differences between Road Segments and Intersections

2012  Understanding the Dynamics of Heavy Vehicle Interactions in Car-Following

2012  Video-Based Traffic Parameter Extraction with an Improved Vehicle Tracking Algorithm

2011  Adaptive Flow Control for Traffic Data Collection based on Low Bandwidth iDEN Wireless Network

2011  An Adaptive Kalman Filter for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting

2011  The Advanced Nonparametric Model for Short-Term Traffic Volume Forecasting

2011  Algorithm of Traffic Flow Monitoring Based on Adaptive Kalman Filtering

2011  Analysis and Modeling of Safety Based on Expressway Traffic Flow State

2011  Analysis of Influential Factors for Drivers’ Capability of Handling Special Situations

2011  Analysis of Traffic Stream Characteristics of Urban Expressway

2011  Application of Traffic Flow Wave Theory to Research the Impact of Large-Scale Trucks on Traffic Flow of Expressway