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2014  Work Zone Planning in Pavement Rehabilitation: Integrating Cost, Duration, and User Effects

2013  Driver Response to an Actuated Advance Warning System

2013  Traffic Delay of Vehicles Based on Traffic Flow Wave Theory Caused by Curb-Lane Bus Stop

2012  Distribution of Delay in Signalized Intersections: Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes

2012  Incorporating Delay Effects into Airport Runway Pavement Management Systems

2012  Social Cost Analysis of Urban Underground Expressway in Construction

2011  Analysis of Single-Lane Roundabout Slip Lanes Using SIDRA

2011  Formulation, Structure, and Analysis of a Model to Optimize Staffing Levels at Border Checkpoints

2010  Calibration of Microsimulation Models for Nonlane-Based Heterogeneous Traffic at Signalized Intersections

2010  Dynamic Life-Cycle Modeling of Pavement Overlay Systems: Capturing the Impacts of Users, Construction, and Roadway Deterioration

2010  Modeling and Simulation of Traffic Movements at Semiactuated Signalized Intersections

2010  Simulation-Based Secondary Incident Filtering Method

2009  Advances in Genetic Algoritihm Optimizatino of Traffic Signals

2009  An Application Attempt of Transit Signal Priority in Urban Arterial

2009  A Capacity Model of Signal-Controlled Road Network Considering Delay of Intersections

2009  A Comparative Study on Road Traffic Characteristics with or without Bus Lane

2009  Developing a Decision Support Tool for Nighttime Construction in Highway Projects

2009  Modeling of Signal Cycle for Transit Priority

2009  Running Buffer Time Distribution Calculation Based on Delay Analysis in Mass Transit System

2008  Assessment of the Suitability of Microsimulation as a Tool for the Evaluation of Macroscopically Optimized Traffic Signal Timings

2008  Capacities and Delays of Non-Motorized Traffic Streams at Signal-Less Intersections

2008  Circulatory Markings at Double-Lane Traffic Roundabout: Comparison of Two Marking Schemes

2008  Design Method of U-Turn between Adjacent Intersections for Bus Priority

2008  Dynamic Vehicular Delay Analysis between A Roundabout And A Pre-Timed Traffic Signal

2008  Integrated Life-Cycle Assessment and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Model for Concrete Bridge Deck Applications

2008  Measuring Control Delay Components Using Second-by-Second GPS Speed Data

2008  Signalized Intersection Analysis and Design: Implications of Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes on Delay

2008  Study on the Applicability of Different Lane Use Rule

2008  A Study on the Delay Model of Left Turn Bus on Left-Forbidden Signalized Intersection

2007  Operational Effects of U-Turns as Alternatives to Direct Left-Turns

2007  Traffic Signal Timing for Urban Evacuation

2006  Developing Combined Genetic Algorithm — Hill-Climbing Optimization Method for Area Traffic Control

2006  Implementation of Automated Travel-Time Information and Public Reaction on Urban Highway Rehabilitation

2006  Neural Network-Wavelet Microsimulation Model for Delay and Queue Length Estimation at Freeway Work Zones

2005  Accelerated Pavement Rehabilitation on Urban Highways: Innovative Approach in California

2005  Comparison of Control Delays from CORSIM and the Highway Capacity Manual for Oversaturated Signalized Intersections

2005  Planning Urban Highway Reconstruction with Traffic Demand Affected by Construction Schedule

2005  Validation of HCM Pedestrian Delay Model for Interrupted Facilities

2004  Impact of Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum Implementation on Airport System Infrastructures

2004  New Optimal Cycle Length Formulation for Pretimed Signals at Isolated Intersections

2004  Scheduling of Lane Closures using Genetic Algorithms with Traffic Assignments and Distributed Simulations

2003  Examining Sensitivity of Impact of Taxi Traffic on Capacity and Delays at Urban Road Sections

2003  Freeway Work Zone Traffic Delay and Cost Optimization Model

2003  Simulation Modeling and Variability Assessment of Delays at Traffic Signals

2002  Accuracy of Stopped Delay Measured by Stopped-Vehicle Counts Method

2002  Analysis and Modeling of Measured Delays at Isolated Signalized Intersections

2002  Effect on Utilization of Auxiliary through Lanes of Downstream Right-Turn Volume

2002  Lane-Based Optimization Method for Minimizing Delay of Isolated Signal-Controlled Junctions

2002  Probabilistic Description of Traffic Breakdown

2002  Tool for Measuring Travel Time and Delay on Arterial Corridors

2001  Application of Poisson Distribution

2001  Application of Queuing Analysis

2001  Back Matter

2001  Computer Software Applications in Transportation and Traffic Engineering

2001  Empirical Freeway Queuing Duration Model

2001  Front Matter

2001  Index

2001  Intelligent Transportation System

2001  Level of Service Analysis

2001  Measurement of Intersection Delay

2001  Modeling Traffic Delays at Northern New York Border Crossings

2001  Optimal Setback Planning and Delay Analysis for HOV Lanes

2001  Optimal Work Zone Lengths for Four-Lane Highways

2001  Parking Study

2001  Pedestrian and Bicycle Study

2001  Saturation Flow Rates

2001  Sight Distance and Gap Study at Intersections

2001  Spot Speed Study

2001  Traffic Control Devices Inventory

2001  Traffic Impact Studies

2001  Transit Demand Modeling

2001  Transit Demand Modeling

2001  Transportation and Air Quality Management

2001  Transportation and Politics

2001  Transportation Demand Management

2001  Transportation Engineering Basics

2001  Transportation Funding

2001  Transportation Journals and Library, and WWW Sites and Job Sources

2001  Transportation System Performance Monitoring

2001  Travel Demand Forecasting

2001  Travel Times and Delay Study

2001  Turning Movements Count and Peak Hour Factor

2000  Analysis of the Automobile Behavior Intervening into Bus Lane and Its Impacts on Bus Running: Case Study in Fukuoka City of Japan

2000  Analyzis of Speed Profiles, Congestion and Delays of Transit Vehicles of Dhaka Metropolitan Area

2000  Construction Congestion Cost (CO³) Basic Model

2000  Construction Congestion Cost (CO³) Traffic Impact and Construction Cost

2000  Driver Behavior and Traffic Stream Interactions at Unsignalized Intersections

1999  Hybrid Delay Models for Unsaturated Two-Way Stop Controlled Intersections

1999  Indiana Lane Merge System for Work Zones on Rural Freeways

1999  Optimal Work Zone Lengths for Two-Lane Highways

1999  Performance of Automatic ANN-Based Incident Detection on Freeways

1999  Traffic Delay Cost Savings Associated with Trenchless Technology

1998  Analysis of Travel Time by Vertical Queue

1998  Delay at Signal-Controlled Intersection with Bus Stop Upstream

1998  Delay-Based Passenger Car Equivalents for Heavy Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

1998  Effects of Urban Bunched Traffic Flow on Pedestrian Delay

1998  Lane Volume and Saturation Flow Rate for Multilane Intersection Approach

1998  Modeling and Simulation of Traffic Flow on Indian Roads

1998  Neural Network Models for Predicting Stop and Stopped Delay for Individual Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

1998  Speed and Delay on Signalized Arterials