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2015  Real-Time Traffic Density Estimation without Reliable Side Road Data

2014  An Automatic Recognition Approach for Traffic Congestion States Based on Traffic Video

2014  Combined Decision Making of Congestion Pricing and Capacity Expansion: Genetic Algorithm Approach

2014  Enhancing Ramp Metering Algorithms with the Use of Probability of Breakdown Models

2014  Experiment in Megaregional Road Pricing Using Advanced Commuter Behavior Analysis

2014  Optimal Ramp Metering Control for Weaving Segments Considering Dynamic Weaving Capacity Estimation

2014  Time-Based Toll Design for a Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing Scheme for a Transportation Network with Speed Limits and Movement Prohibitions

2013  Decision Model for Justifying the Benefits of Detour Operation under Non-Recurrent Congestion

2013  Development and Evaluation of Methods for Constructing Breakdown Probability Models

2013  Development of Freeway Active Traffic Control System

2013  Dynamic Congestion Pricing Model Based on Stackelberg Games

2013  Effect of Traffic Volume on Headways at a Single-Lane Roundabout Based on VISSIM Simulation

2013  Effectiveness Analysis for Automatic Collection and Dynamic Transmission of Traffic Congestion Information Based on Vanet

2013  Equity Issues of Congestion Pricing: Definition, Evaluation, and Promotion

2013  Estimation of Travel Time Based on Vehicle Platoons on Saturated Urban Arterial Roads

2013  FreewayConomics: Design and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bus-Only Shoulder Express Service

2013  Fusion Framework of Urban Traffic Control and Route Guidance Based on Cyber-physical System Theory

2013  Innovative Concepts in First-Last Mile Connections to Public Transportation

2013  Integrating Travelers and Transit into Solutions for Congestion Relief

2013  Left-Turn Prohibition and Partial Grade Separation for Signalized Intersections: Planning-Level Assessment

2013  Managing Roadway Congestion with Property Rights-Based Measures: Brief Review and New Developments

2013  On the Crossing Contribute to Traffic Congestion Problem Analysis and Countermeasure Research

2013  Performance Enhancement and Congestion Reduction at Busy Signalized at-Grade Intersection with Bus Rapid Transit Corridor and Mixed Traffic in India

2013  Prediction Model of Mixed Traffic Flow on the Swallowtail Catastrophe Theory

2013  Research on Connectivity Reliability of Main Corridors Based on Theory of Complex Network

2013  Track Allocation Optimization in Railway Station: Mean-Variance Model and Case Study

2013  Traffic Congestion Detection and Notification in the Urban Expressway System Using VANETs

2013  Traffic Congestion Index Evaluation Based on Travel Speed on Urban Expressway

2013  Variable Speed Limit Control Design for Relieving Congestion Caused by Active Bottlenecks

2012  Analysis of On-Ramp Metering Strategies on Urban Freeway Based on Capacity Constraints

2012  Chongqing Urban Traffic Congestion Solution Method and Strategy

2012  Combinatorial Optimization of Exclusive Bus Lanes and Bus Frequencies in Multi-Modal Transportation Network

2012  Development of Crash Prediction Model for Rear-End Collisions at Recurrent Bottlenecks on Freeways

2012  Engineering Geology and Site Characterization for State Route 710 Tunnel Technical Study

2012  Freeway Recurrent Bottleneck Identification Algorithms Considering Detector Data Quality Issues

2012  Impact of the Signal Timing Optimization on Traffic Environment of Urban Road Based on TSIS

2012  Internet-of-Vehicles Based on Technologies of Internet-of-Things

2012  Link-Journey Speed Estimation for Urban Arterial Performance Measurement Using Advance Loop Detector Data under Congested Conditions

2012  New Controlling Methods for Alleviating Recurrent Congestion on Freeway Merge Area

2012  Passenger Assignment Model Based on Common Route in Congested Transit Networks

2012  Ride Matching Using K-means Method: Case Study of Gazela Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia

2012  A Second-Best Congestion Pricing Model Based on Elastic Demand Mean-Excess User Equilibrium

2012  The Social Cost of Traffic Congestion and Countermeasures in Beijing

2012  Study on the Intelligent Transport System and Social Economic Development

2012  Sun Glare Impacts on Freeway Congestion: Geometric Model and Empirical Analysis

2012  Time Series Analysis and Models of Freeway Performance

2012  Travel Behavior of Commuters Based on Logit Model

2011  Analysis of Freeway Travel Time Variability Using Bluetooth Detection

2011  Application of Traffic Flow Wave Theory to Research the Impact of Large-Scale Trucks on Traffic Flow of Expressway

2011  Bi-Level Programming Model for Congestion Pricing under the Interaction between Private Cars and Public Transport Vehicles

2011  Combinatorial Optimization Model and Algorithm of Congestion Pricing for Toll Levels and Toll Locations in Multi-Class Network

2011  Congestion Pricing and Its Effects on Urban Development

2011  Conversion Mechanism of Reversible Lane System under Urban Tidal Flow Condition

2011  A Design and Implementation of GPS-MTD Based on Intelligent Agent in the Vehicle Navigation and Guidance System

2011  Development and Validation of Arrival-Based Uniform Delay Models for Oversaturated Signalized Intersections

2011  Emergency Public Transit Theory under the Condition of Bad Weather

2011  Enhancing the Value of an Incidents Database with an Interactive Visualization Tool

2011  Evaluating University Campus Traffic by Attribute Mathematical Recognition

2011  From Congestion to Reliability: Expanding the Horizon

2011  Fuzzy Evaluation of Crews’ Comprehensive Quality Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

2011  Identifying Spatial Gaps in Transit Accessibility to Maximize Market Potential

2011  Impacts of Freeway Traffic Congestion on En-Route Traveler’s Diversion

2011  An Improved Two-Lane Traffic Lattice Model and Numerical Simulation

2011  The Influence of Road Users’ Personal Attributes on the Cognition of VMS

2011  International City Traffic Congestion Based on Analysis and Countermeasures Research

2011  A New Model of Driving Decision: Considering the Deceleration Limitation

2011  Option of Toll Road with C-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on Interval Fuzzy Numbers

2011  Reasons and Possible Remedies for Baghdad City Traffic Congestion

2011  Research on Revenue Redistribution of Road Congestion Pricing

2011  State Machine Based Clustering Algorithms in VANET

2011  Study on Evaluation Indicator Selection Method for Urban Road Traffic Management Level

2011  Study on the Congestion Identification System of Urban Land Redevelopment

2011  Study on the Model of Urban Road Congestion Charging

2011  A Traffic Congestion Detection Method for Surveillance Videos Based on Macro Optical Flow Velocity

2011  Traffic Congestion Research of Road and Railway Intersections

2011  Traffic Delay Caused by Curb Parking Set in the Influenced Area of Signalized Intersection

2011  Traffic Reliability Model of Linked Intersections Based on Demand/Capacity

2011  Transportation Characteristics and Analysis of Management Measures of Expressways during Holidays

2011  TSIS-Based Evaluation of Correlation between Time in Queue and Delay at Freeway Bottlenecks

2011  Urban Development and Traffic Congestion

2011  Urban Road Network Traffic Congestion Prediction Model Based on Probe Vehicle Technology

2011  A VII-Based System-Wide Ramp Metering Approach

2010  Aircraft’s Assignment on Multi-Runway Airport Based on PSO

2010  An Alternative Arterial Congestion Measurement for ATIS Purposes

2010  Assessment of Link Reliability as a Function of Congestion Components

2010  Assessment of the Congestion Impacts of Fatal Accidents Using SCOOT Data

2010  Assessment of the Pedestrianization Policy in Vigan City: UNESCO World Heritage Site

2010  Comparisons for Ideal and Instantaneous Dynamic User-Optimal Assignment Models

2010  Congestion Pricing Model Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory

2010  Congestion-Related Analysis and Identification of Urban Road Based on VISSIM

2010  Effect of Surrounding Traffic Characteristics on Lane Changing Behavior

2010  Evaluation on Vehicle Restriction Measure in Beijing

2010  Finding the Connectivity Bottlenecks in Shanghai Road Network Based on Betweenness

2010  GNSS Evolutionary Architecture for Civil Aviation Utilization

2010  The Impact of the Traveler Information Systems on the Accident Bottleneck during Peak Period

2010  NewsBriefs: Chronic Overcrowding Leads to Never-Ending Traffic Jam in China (The Wall Street Journal and AsiaOne)

2010  A Novel Method for Traffic Bottlenecks Identification in Urban Traffic Network

2010  Performance Evaluation Model for Traffic Networks

2010  Real Option Analysis on Investment Decision-Making of Rail Transit Projects Aiming to Ease Congestion

2010  Road Traffic Congestion and Crash Severity: Econometric Analysis Using Ordered Response Models