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Found 71 Records with the keyword term of "Trace elements"

2012  Investigation of the Potential Use of Heavy Oil Fly Ash as Stabilized Fill Material for Construction

2012  pH-Dependent Leaching of Trace Elements from Recycled Concrete Aggregate

2012  Simulation of Countercurrent Operation of Two-Stage Hybrid PAC-Submerged Membrane System for Trace Organics Removal

2012  Trace Elements Leaching from Organic Soils Stabilized with High Carbon Fly Ash

2008  Applying Gray Relational Analysis with Gray Numbers to Qualitative Identification of the Origin of Hydraulic Cement Clinker by Trace Elements

2007  Dispersion Modeling of Leachates from Thermal Power Plants

2001  Remobilization of Toxic Trace Elements in a Southern California Watershed

2001  Remobilization of Toxic Trace Elements in a Southern California Watershed

2000  Impact of Household Plumbing Materials on Trace Metal Levels in Drinking Water in Regina, Canada

2000  Innovative Drainage Management Practices in California

2000  Reuse of Saline-Sodic Drainage Water for Irrigation

1998  Remediating Selenium Impacts on Endangered Fish in the Upper Colorado River

1997  Bootstrap Position Analysis for Forecasting Low Flow Frequency

1997  Conjunctive and Exclusive Use of Shallow Groundwater for Irrigation

1997  Trace Element Investigations Before Irrigation Development

1996  Predicting the Concentration of Trace Metals in Natural Waters: Application of Co-Precipitation and Co-Dissolution Models

1995  Adsorption Technology for Mercury Control in Flue Gases

1995  Sorption of Radionuclides at Tracer Level on Mineral Colloids

1995  Subsurface Distribution of Salts and Trace Elements

1993  Bioaccumulation in Mussels Caged in Alamitos Bay, CA

1993  Concentrations, Distribution, and Sources of Selenium from Irrigated Lands in Western United States

1993  Development of Regression Models with Below-Detection Data

1993  Food-Chain Transfer of Trace Elements to Wildlife

1993  Geochemical Factors Affecting Trace Element Mobility

1993  Hydrogeologic Factors Affecting Mobility of Trace Inorganic Constituents

1993  Pond Water, Sediment and Crystal Chemistry

1993  Prognosis on Managing Trace Elements

1993  Reduction of Deep Percolation and Drain Water

1993  Status of Contamination in the Coastal United States as Revealed from NS&T Analyses of Surface Sediments

1993  Temporal Trends of Chemical Contamination at NS&T Sites

1993  Treatment, Reuse, and Disposal of Drain Waters

1992  Use of the TETrans Model in Predicting ET Effects on Groundwater Quality

1991  A Baseline Study of Trace Metals in Marine Organisms from Ghana, West Africa

1991  Distribution of Rubidium, Strontium, and Zirconium in Tuff From Two Deep Coreholes at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

1991  Effects of Drainage on Water, Sediment and Biota

1991  Hydrologic and Geochemical Approaches for Determining Ground-Water Flow Components

1991  Major and Trace Elements Regulation in Natural Granitic Waters. Application to Deep Radioactive Waste Disposals

1991  The Torres Strait Baseline Study: Environmental Protection of a Tropical Marine Environment in Northern Australia

1990  Characterization of Biofilm Interactions with Toxic Trace Metals: Consequences for Metal Removal and the Biophase

1990  Chelating Polymers With Nitrogen Donor Atoms: Their Unusual Properties and New Application Potentials

1990  Geochemical Factors Affecting Trace Element Mobility

1990  Hydrogeologic Factors Affecting Trace Element Mobility

1990  Nonpoint Source Pollution from Agricultural Drainage: Impacts and Innovations in California

1990  Prognosis on Managing Trace Elements

1990  Reduction of Deep Percolation and Drain Water

1990  Removal of Trace Heavy Metals by Adsorption onto Fly Ash

1990  Spatial Variation of Trace Elements in Groundwater

1990  Water Quality of Jubba River in Somalia

1989  Estimating Soil Gas Flow Rates and Identifying Entry Routes in a Dwelling Using Multiple Perfluorocarbon Tracers

1989  SOAR (Stabilized Oil Ash Reef) Performance: An Ocean Alternative to Landfills

1989  Treatment and Disposal Options

1988  Derivations of Integral Equations of Elasticity

1988  Irrigation-Induced Contamination Problems

1988  Preliminary Results of the Department of the Interior’s Irrigation Drainage Studies

1988  Trace Elements and Pesticides in Salton Sea Area, California

1986  Flume Tests on Hydrocarbon Reaeration Tracer Gases

1984  Copper Transport Along Sierra Nevada Stream

1984  Trace Elements in Ground Water in Southern Arizona

1982  Potential Effects of Energy Development on Trace Element Transport in Major Rivers

1981  Partitioning of Trace Organics in Sediments

1980  Organics in Water — An Engineering Challenge

1979  Control Technology for Coal Cleaning Wastes

1979  Metal Removal from Coal Ashes and Wastes

1979  Trace Organics Removal by Advanced Waste Treatment

1978  Hydraulic Analysis of Model Treatment Units

1977  Instruments for Studying Ocean Pollution

1976  Evaluation Strategies of Metal Pollution in Oceans

1976  Fate of Metals in Wastewater Discharge to Ocean

1976  Trace Metals in Open Water Disposal of Dredged Material

1975  A Model for Trace Metals from Marine Outfalls

1962  Marking Beach Materials for Tracing Experiments