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2015  Coupled Data-Driven Evolutionary Algorithm for Toxic Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae) Forecasting in Lake Kinneret

2014  Chemical Characterization and Toxicity of Bridge Deck Runoff and Impacts to Receiving Water Quality

2014  Effects of Bioretention Media Compost Volume Fraction on Toxic Metals Removal, Hydraulic Conductivity, and Phosphorous Release

2014  Removal of Toxicity, COD, and Fe from a Metal-Working Facility UF Permeate

2013  Collection and Identification of Potentially Toxic and Allergenic Cyanobacteria from the Greater Cincinnati Area

2013  Evaluation of Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Quenching Agents following an Advanced Oxidation Process

2013  Evolution of Toxicity and Mineralization during the Treatment of Diethylphthalate in Water by Ozone and Activated Carbon Coupling

2013  Observation of the pH-Induced Hormesis for the LDH Cytotoxicity Test of MSWI Baghouse Ash Extract

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2012  The 5 Rs: Reliable Postdisaster Exposure Assessment

2012  Biohazardous Wastewater Treatment by Sequential Combination of Coagulation and Fenton Oxidation

2012  Dealing with Algal Toxins and Dissolved Organics in Drinking Water

2012  Special Issue on Toxics and Pathogens in the Environment

2012  Toxic Element Analyses of Summer and Winter Storm-Water Sediment by Neutron Activation Analyses

2012  Toxicity Characteristics of Drilling Mud and Its Effect on Aquatic Fish Populations

2011  Analytical Model for Stress-Strain Response of Plastic Waste Mixed Soil

2011  Contribution of Oxides, Salt, and Carbonate to the Sonication of Some Hydrophobic Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Toxicity in Petrochemical Industry Wastewater in I\agzmir, Turkey

2011  NewsBriefs: Wastewater Treatment Plants Fail to Remove Chemicals Toxic to Fish (Chemical & Engineering News)

2011  Ozonation of Propranolol: Transformation, Biodegradability, and Toxicity Assessment

2011  Probability of Aluminum Toxicity from Bhandup Complex Water Treatment Plant, Mumbai: Case Study

2011  Toxin Leachability from Coal Fly Ash Utilized in Synthetic Lightweight Aggregates

2011  Treatability of Organic Emerging Toxicants in Urban Stormwater Runoff

2011  Treatment of Chlorophenols by UV-Based Processes: Correlation of Oxidation By-Products, Wastewater Parameters, and Toxicity

2010  Application of Hilbert-Huang Transform Method for Analyzing Toxic Concentrations in the Niagara River

2010  Assessing BMP Performance Using Microtox Toxicity Analysis

2010  Assessment of PAH Concentrations and Toxicity of Runoff from Sealed Asphalt Surfaces

2010  Extracting Respirable Particles from Lunar Regolith for Toxicology Studies

2010  Fenton Process for Landfill Leachate Treatment: Evaluation of Biodegradability and Toxicity

2010  Metal Contamination Characteristics of Lepidium sativum in a Phosphate-, Saline-, and Nitrate-Contaminated Media

2009  Arsenite Oxidation by Batch Cultures of Thiomonas Arsenivorans Strain b6

2009  Comparison of Three Bacterial Toxicity Assays for Imidazolium-Derived Ionic Liquids

2009  Kinetics of Pentachlorophenol Degradation in Soil Using Heme and Peroxide

2009  Nitrification Inhibition by UVA Photocatalytic TiO2 Nanoparticles: The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species on Nanotoxicity

2009  Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Determining Nitrification Inhibition by Metallic/Oxide Nanoparticles

2009  Turbidity Removal Efficiency of Biocoagulant and Verifications of Its Biological Safety

2008  Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. I: Particle Size Distribution

2008  Characterization of Lunar Dust for Toxicological Studies. II: Texture and Shape Characteristics

2008  Coupled Effects of Small-Scale Turbulence and Phytoplankton Biomass in a Small Stratified Lake

2008  Phenol Degradation in a Bipolar Trickle Tower Reactor Using Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode

2008  Reduction of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene and Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine by Hydroxyl-Complexed Fe(II)

2008  Spillway and Metal Toxicity Influenced Stream Reaeration

2007  2,4,6 Tri-Chlorophenol Containing Wastewater Treatment Using a Hybrid-Loop Bioreactor System

2007  Automated Water Sensor Detects Biotoxins

2007  Bioavailability and Toxicity of Metal Nutrients during Anaerobic Digestion

2007  Incidence and Toxicological Significance of Selected Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) in Drinking Water

2007  Pretreatment of Highly Polluted Pharmaceutical Waste Broth by Wet Air Oxidation

2007  Toxicity of Particulates in Urban Stormwater on Indicator and Commercial Aquatic Species

2007  U.S. Evidence Laws and Their Influence on Mold Litigation Outcomes

2006  Evaluation of Decolorization, Mineralization, and Toxicity Reduction of an Azo Dye C.I. Reactive Black 5 in a Countercurrent Bubble Column by Ozone

2006  Health Risk Assessment for a Contaminated Site: A Case Study

2006  TCLP Heavy Metal Leaching of Personal Computer Components

2006  Toxic and Contaminant Concerns Generated by Hurricane Katrina

2005  Arsenite Oxidation by Alcaligenes faecalis Strain O1201

2005  Biodegradability of 2,4-Dichlorophenol under Different Redox Conditions

2005  Biodegradation of Pyrene in Soil Microcosms: Identification of a Toxic Intermediate

2005  Biosensor for Toxic Detection and Process Control in Nitrification Plants

2005  Developing Environmentally and Economically Sustainable, Regional Policies for Managing Fouling Growth on Boats

2005  Evaluation of the Impact of and Management Strategies for Diazinon and Chlorpyrifos in Newport Bay

2005  NewsBriefs: WERF Explores Link Between Biosolids And Health Effects (Water Environment Research Foundation)

2005  Pollution Management in the Twentieth Century

2005  Research Indicates Seaweed Helps Break Down DDT

2005  A Vital ”Early Warning System” for the Protection of Human Health: California’s Marine Biotoxin Monitoring and Control Program

2004  Application of Point Estimate Methods to the Modeling of Toxic Concentrations in the Niagara River

2004  Heavy Metals in Bottom Ash from a Medical-Waste Incinerator in Thailand

2004  NewsBriefs: ‘Intelligent’ Networks Detect Chemicals (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

2004  NewsBriefs: Radioactive Waste Processed at Oak Ridge (Foster Wheeler)

2004  Par Excellence

2004  Policy Briefing: Proposed Rule Would Define ’Environmental Professional’

2004  Production of Hydroxyl Radicals from the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Various Iron Oxides at pH 7

2004  Relationship Between OVA Readings and Air Toxic Emissions from Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation Systems

2004  Remediation: Cleanup Complete at Love Canal

2004  Statistical Comparison of Bioassays for Assessment of Toxicity of Organic Components of Wastewater to Activated Sludge

2004  Toxic Modeling in an Industrial Harbor - A Case Study for Baltimore Harbor

2003  Availability, Treatability, and Toxicity of DDT in River Sediments

2003  Comparative Study of Two Bioassays for Applications in Influent Wastewater Toxicity Monitoring

2003  Comparison of Bacterial Bioluminescence with Activated Sludge Oxygen Uptake Rates during Zinc Toxic Shock Loads in a Wastewater Treatment System

2003  Efficacy of Biofilms under Toxic Conditions

2003  Evaluation of Leaching Tests for Cement Based Immobilization of Hazardous Compounds

2003  Retention and Distribution of 1-Naphthol and Naphthol Polymerization Products on Surface Soils

2003  Toxic Mold: Latest Construction Defect

2003  Toxicity Estimation of Phenolic Compounds by Bioluminescent Bacterium

2002  Full-Scale Tests of the Multi-Chambered Treatment Train (MCTT)

2002  Multimedia Environmental Distribution of Toxics (Mend-Tox). I: Hybrid Compartmental-Spatial Modeling Framework

2002  Multimedia Environmental Distribution of Toxics (Mend-Tox). II: Software Implementation and Case Studies

2002  Road Construction: Materials and Methods

2002  Water Treatment: Rapid Test for Algae Toxin under Development

2001  Assessing Multicomponent DNAPL Biostabilization. I: Coal Tar

2001  Benzene Toxicity and Removal in Laboratory Phytoremediation Studies

2001  Catalytic Incineration of C2H5SH and its Mixture with CH3SH over a Pt/Al2O3 Catalyst

2001  Class A Pathogen Reduction in the SSDML Process

2001  Freeze-Thaw Treatment of Membrane Concentrates Derived from Kraft Pulp Mill Operations

2001  pH-Stat Titration to Assess Nitrification Inhibition

2001  Phytoremediation Potential and Toxicity of Barium to Three Freshwater Microalgae: Scenedesmus subspicatus, Selenastrum capricornutum, and Nannochloropsis sp.

2001  Probabilistic Model of Ammonia and Toxicity Status for Urban Lake

2001  Remediation: Common Cooking Oil Helps Remove Toxins from Groundwater

2001  Soil-Pica and Assessment of Potential Acute Toxicity of Arsenic in Residential Soil

2001  Strategic Teaming and Government Incentives for Successful Brownfield Redevelopments

2001  Technology: Miniature Monitor Detects Toxins in Groundwater

2001  Toxic Pollutants in Urban Wet-Weather Flows: An Overview of the Multi-Media Transport, Impacts, and Control Measures

2000  Bacteria Luminescence Used to Detect Toxicity in the Environment