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2015  Fatigue Life of Wind Turbine Tower Bases throughout Colorado

2014  Advanced Fracture Control Procedures for Deepwater Platforms and Compliant Towers

2014  Aerodynamic Damping and Seismic Response of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Towers

2014  Analyzing Loads from Ice Shedding Conductors for UHV Transmission Towers in Heavy Icing Areas

2014  Design of Conical Steel Wind Turbine Towers Manufactured with Automated Spiral Welding

2014  Design Optimization of Lattice Wind Turbine Towers Subjected to Earthquake Forces

2014  Dynamic Behavior of the Palazzo Lombardia Tower: Comparison of Numerical Models and Experimental Results

2014  Evaluating the Cause of Understrength Concrete During Construction of Multiple Tower Mat Foundations

2014  Fatigue Life Model Including Crack Propagation for Wind Turbine Tower Base Connections

2014  Fundamental Mode Estimation for Modern Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering the Tower Flexibility

2014  Improved Performance of Monopiles When Combined with Footings for Tower Foundations in Sand

2014  Industry

2014  Investigation of Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of Tripod Suction Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Towers Using Centrifuge Modeling

2014  On the Web (

2014  Timber Tower Research: Concrete Jointed Timber Frame

2014  Work on the sleek Jockey Club Innovation Tower, in Hong Kong, is now complete. Designed by London-based Zaha Hadid Architects, the 15-story, 15,000 m2 tower will be the home of Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design and Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation...

2013  After much debate and uncertainty, the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has ruled that the height of One World Trade Center, in New York City, is indeed 1,776 ft, a symbolic number that had been in question because of the mast at the tower’s top...

2013  California Towers Bring New Twists to Culver City Skyline

2013  Comparative Analysis on Dynamic Response of Wind Turbine Tower in Different Sites

2013  Experimental Study on the Mechanical Behavior and Failure Mechanism of a Latticed Steel Transmission Tower

2013  Firm Eyes Clean-Energy-Producing Skyscraper along U.S. - Mexico Border

2013  Foundation Design for High-Rise Tower in Karstic Ground

2013  News2Note

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of a Round Concrete Tower with a Post-Tensioned Self-Centering System

2013  Removal of Steel Tie Rods in a Segmental Tied Arch Floor System

2013  Response of Wind Turbine Towers to Seismic Loading At Different Damping Ratios

2013  A Shade of Distinction

2013  A Simplified Model for Predicting Dehumidification Effectiveness of a Liquid Desiccant System

2012  500 kV Lattice Tower Development for Energy Gateway

2012  Cagelike Frame Will Support Shanghai Tower’s Twisting Curtain Wall

2012  Deep Soil Mixing to Help the Restoration of Venice San Marco Bell Tower

2012  Effect of Bolt Slip on Tower Deformation

2012  Effect of the Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction on Rigid Transmission Line Towers Subjected to Wind and Impulse Loads

2012  Foundation Design Challenges at the 413 m Tall Al Hamra Tower

2012  Historical Perspective of Full-Scale Latticed Steel Transmission Tower Testing

2012  Investigation and Repairs of a Leaning Historical Bell Tower

2012  Limiting the Effects of Longitudinal Loads on Small Angle Lattice Transmission Towers

2012  One of the tallest hospital buildings in the world will soon undergo a dramatic face-lift. Guy’s Tower opened in 1974, and its height of 143 m has made it a prominent feature in the London borough of Southwark...

2012  The Rapid Evolution of Wind Turbine Tower Structural Systems: A Historical and Technical Overview

2012  Risk Evaluation of Frost Jacking for Tower Foundations along Qinghai-Tibetan Transmission Line and Anti-Heave Measures

2012  Supertall Tower Designed with Hollow Core

2012  Tower Testing—Why Bother?

2012  Transmission Towers with Cruciform Legs

2012  Tuned Mass Damper Control of Cross-Wind Excitation of a Solar Tower

2012  Unique Solution for 230kV Transmission Tower Grillage Foundation Corrosion

2012  Vulnerability of Lattice Towers to Blast Induced Damage Scenarios

2012  Wind Engineering of the Shanghai Center Tower

2011  Bearing Platform Excavation Technology of South Tower for Yangluo River Bridge

2011  Cincinnati’s Tallest Tower Crowned by ’Tiara’

2011  CityCenter Aria Tower—Engineering the Iconic Casino in Las Vegas

2011  Dynamic Parameters Identification for Xi’an Bell Tower under Ambient Excitation

2011  The Dynamic Performance of Single-Tower Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges with Spatial Cable

2011  Failure Analysis of Transmission Line Towers

2011  Magnetic Suspended AB-Structures and Motionless Space Stations

2011  Mixed-Use Towers in Vietnam Will Feature V-Shaped Designs

2011  Multihinged Articulated Offshore Tower under Vertical Ground Excitation

2011  Non-Linear Time History Analysis for the Performance Based Design of Shanghai Tower

2011  Simulating Seismic Response of a Large Tower Structure

2011  Stayed-Cable Parametric Vibration by Considering the Effect of Bridge Deck and Tower

2011  Structural Analysis and Design Challenges of the Ping An Tower under Consideration of the Upcoming China Code

2011  Wind-Excited Flutter Analysis of Asymmetric, Double Lanyard, and Single King-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge

2010  Design and Research of Circular Diaphragm Wall for Deep Excavation of Shanghai Tower

2010  Dubai Towers, Dubai—Engineering the World’s Tallest Sculpture

2010  Engineering the Tower and Main Span Construction of Stonecutters Bridge

2010  Guangzhou New TV Tower: Integrated Structural Health Monitoring and Vibration Control

2010  Infinity Tower, Dubai, UAE

2010  Influence of Flexibility on the Fatigue Performance of the Base Plate Connection in High-Mast Lighting Towers

2010  The Lack of US Structural Design Guidelines for Wind Farm Towers: Basic Code Compliance Issues at the High-Tech Frontier

2010  Mixed Foundation Solutions: The Answer to Supporting New Towers over Existing Subway Tunnels

2010  Performance Based Seismic Design of a 75 Story Buckling Restrained Slender Steel Plate Shear Wall Tower

2010  Precise Control Survey for Erecting the Steel Pylons of the Third Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, China: Case Study

2010  Recent Advances in the Top-Down Construction of a 26.4 Meter Deep Soil Nail Retention System-Bellevue Technology Tower

2010  Sculpted High-Rise: The Al Hamra Tower

2010  Seismic Analysis of High-Rise Intake Tower of the 2nd Spillway Tunnel of Zipingpu Hydro-Junction

2010  Settlement Analysis for 450 Meter Tall KLCC Towers

2010  Settlement and Load Sharing of Piled Raft of a 162 m High Residential Tower

2010  Structural Design Challenges for TKH Complex Project

2010  Tapered and Twisted, Al Raha Plot 815a Strata Tower

2009  230kV Lattice Tower Replacement: An Example of Design Loadings Not Addressed in the NESC

2009  555m Tall Lotte Super Tower, Seoul, Korea

2009  Analysis Challenges in the Evaluation of Existing Aluminum Towers

2009  Anatomy of a Tower Crane Collapse—An Opportunity to Learn

2009  Assessment and Repair of Steel Tower & Steel Pole Foundations

2009  Case Study: Seismic Upgrade of a Masonry Bell Tower Using Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Ties

2009  The Challenges in Designing the World’s Tallest Structure: The Burj Dubai Tower

2009  Defects, Damage, and Repairs Subject to High-Cycle Fatigue: Examples from Wind Farm Tower Design

2009  Direct Analysis Method Case Study — Addressing Stability for the Russia Tower

2009  Effects of Long-Term Dynamic Loading and Fluctuating Water Table on Helical Anchor Performance for Small Wind Tower Foundations

2009  The Effects of Micro-Vibration Excited by Traffic Vehicles on Xi’an Bell Tower

2009  Enhancing the Structural Performance of a Slender Residential Tower Using Supplemental Damping System

2009  Fatigue-Driven Wind Farm Towers: A Practical Introduction to Fatigue Calculations

2009  Life-Cycle Cost Functions for Electrical Substations and Power Transmission Towers under Strong Winds in Mexico

2009  Mixed-Use Development Mimics Terraced Cityscape

2009  Performance-Based Design for Motion Control of a Supertall Tower

2009  Russia Tower: Design Challenges

2009  Stacked Towers Create Vertical City in Rotterdam

2009  Strength of Steel Angles Subjected to Short Duration Axial Loads

2009  Structural Design of the KAUST Solar Tower

2009  Temporary Support of Lattice Steel Transmission Towers

2009  A Verdant Oasis in the sky resembling interconnected neuron cells rises over Tokyo...