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2014  Karst-Related Sinkholes: Dynamic Compaction as an Effective Remediation Option

2013  Deformation Behavior of Topographic Unsymmetrical Loaded Tunnels and Their Pre-Reinforcements after Excavation

2013  Hinged, Pseudo-Grid Triangulation Method for Long, Near-Linear Cliff Analyses

2013  Linear Programming Method Considering Topographical Factors Used for Estimating Missing Precipitation

2013  Modeling Curvature- and Topography-driven Secondary Currents in Sine-generated Meandering Channels

2013  Preliminary Study on the Effects of Surface Microtopography on Tracer Transport in a Coupled Overland and Unsaturated Flow System

2013  Seismic Response of a Real Basin Site Considering Topography Effect and Nonlinear Characteristic of Soil

2012  Bare Earth LiDAR to Gridded Topography for the Pascagoula River, MS: An Accuracy Assessment

2012  Development of Computational Tools for Large Scale Wind Simulations

2012  Effect of Friction on Spurious Oscillations in Open Channel Modeling with Variable Bathymetry or Roughness

2012  Effects of Surface Microtopography on Hydrologic Connectivity

2011  Effects of Lifting Force on Bed Topography and Bed-Surface Sediment Size in Channel Bend

2011  Flow Structure over Bed Irregularities in a Straight Cohesive Open Channel

2011  Rate of Growth and Other Features of the Temporal Development of Pool-Bar Complexes in Meandering Streams

2011  Simulating Hydrologic Effects of Raised Roads within a Low-Relief Watershed

2011  Surface Seiche Formation on a Shallow Reservoir in Complex Terrain

2010  Design Challenges of a NYC Waterfront Development

2010  Flood Simulation Using a Well-Balanced Shallow Flow Model

2010  The Influence of River Bottom Topography on Salt Water Encroachment Along the Lamone River (Ravenna, Italy), and Implications for the Salinization of the Adjacent Coastal Aquifer

2010  Quantitative Evaluation of the Relationship between Grid Spacing of DEMs and Surface Depression Storage

2009  Analysis Method for Topology Vulnerability of Transportation Network

2009  Mathematical Modeling of Bed — Topography Changes at Bridge Abutments

2009  New Method That Solves the Three-Point Resection Problem Using Straight Lines Intersection

2009  On the Quantification of the Bed Development Time of Alluvial Meandering Streams

2009  Use of the Basin Development Factor to Evaluate Urban Watershed Response

2009  Waves Generated by a Pressure Disturbance Moving in a Channel with a Variable Cross-Sectional Topography

2008  ANN-Based Soil Moisture Retrieval over Bare and Vegetated Areas Using ERS-2 SAR Data

2008  A Comparison between BIOCHLOR and the Analytical Contaminant Transport Analysis System (ACTS) for a Case Study in Coastal Georgia

2008  Finite Volume Model for Shallow Water Equations with Improved Treatment of Source Terms

2008  Operational Analysis of Water Applications of a Sprinkler Irrigation System Installed in a Golf Course: Case Study

2008  Parametric Analysis of the Seismic Response of Irregular Topographic Features

2008  PIV Techniques for Velocity Fields of Internal Waves over a Slowly Varying Bottom Topography

2008  Regional Changes of the Northern Gulf of Mexico 2004-2005

2008  Rip Currents with Varying Gap Widths

2008  Seismic Behavior of 2D Topographic Features Subjected to Vertically Propagating Incident SV at High Frequencies

2007  Characterisation and Modeling of Washover Fans

2007  Coupling Bank Stability and Bed Deformation Models to Predict Equilibrium Bed Topography in River Bends

2007  Geomorphic Features Shaped by Crossing Waves

2007  Importance of the Swash Longshore Sediment Transport in Morphodynamic Models

2007  Modeling the Effect of Topography on Wind Flow Using a Combined Numerical — Neural Network Approach

2007  Modified Topographic Amplification Factors for a Single-Faced Slope due to Kinematic Soil-Structure Interaction

2007  Projection of Topographic Change of an Estuary Terrace by Horizontal 2-D Simulation Model, Considering Grain Size

2007  Seismic Spatial Coherency at a Site with Irregular Subsurface Topography

2007  A Study of Intertidal Bar Dynamics Using the Argus Video System

2007  The Use of Historic Topography for the Characterization of Time-Dependent Geomorphic Change and Sediment Delivery

2007  Using Topographic LIDAR Data to Delineate the North Carolina Shoreline

2006  Analytical Study of Turbulent Pollutant Dispersion near a Low Hill

2006  Ancient Climate

2006  Back Matter

2006  Buildings and Structures

2006  The Central Terraces

2006  Civil Engineering Planning

2006  Development of a Continuous Bathymetric/Topographic Unstructured Coastal Flooding Model to Study Sea Level Rise in North Carolina

2006  Divergence Form for Bed Slope Source Term in Shallow Water Equations

2006  Front Matter

2006  Hydraulic Engineering

2006  Hydrology of Tipon

2006  Inca Design and Construction Technology

2006  The Inca Heritage

2006  Index

2006  Outer Wall and Cruzmoqo

2006  Three-Dimensional Topography of Debris-Flow Fan

2006  Tidal Datum Modeling in Support of NOAA’s Vertical Datum Transformation Tool

2006  Tipon, Water Engineering Masterpiece of the Inca Empire

2006  Tipon: Estate for Inca Nobility

2006  Tipon’s Canal System

2006  An Unstructured Immersed Boundary Method for Simulation of Flows over Bottom Topography

2006  Vegetative Flow Resistance: Characterization of Woody Plants for Modeling Applications

2006  Walking Tour of Tipon

2005  Considerations for the Design and Installation of SDI Systems in Humid Areas

2005  Effect of Bed Armoring on bed Topography of Channel Bends

2005  Topographical Scattering of Waves: Spectral Approach

2005  Wave Propagation over Irregular Topography Using Green Function

2004  Bridges: Second Panama Canal Crossing Nears Completion

2004  Effect of Microtopography, Slope Length and Gradient, and Vegetative Cover on Overland Flow through Simulation

2004  Generation of Triangulated Irregular Networks Based on Hydrological Similarity

2004  Influence of Dredged Channels on Wave Penetration into Harbors: The Malamocco Inlet Case

2004  Numerical Evaluation of Wind Flow over Complex Terrain: Review

2004  Numerical Modeling of Wind Flow Over Different Types of Topography

2004  Numerical Prediction of Dam-Break Flows in General Geometries with Complex Bed Topography

2003  Delaunay Triangulation Algorithms Useful for Multibeam Echosounding

2003  Floodplain Gravel Mine Restoration: Peril or Opportunity?

2003  Investigation and Remediation of Karst Features at Foundry Landfill Site

2003  Site Characterization of Sinkholes Based on Resolution of Mapping

2002  Behavior of Dilative Sand Interfaces in a Geotribology Framework

2002  A Biomodal Directional Distribution Model for Directional Buoy Measurements

2002  Finite-Difference Analysis of Horizontal Gradients in Sigma-Coordinate Models

2002  Finite-Volume Model for Shallow-Water Flooding of Arbitrary Topography

2002  Landslide Modelling on Real Topography

2002  Modeling Nearshore Bed Topography with Principal Oscillation Patterns

2002  Network Reliability: Topological Effects and the Importance of Information

2002  On the Validity of the Shallow Water Equations for Violent Wave Overtopping

2002  Phase Profilometry Measurement of Wave Field Histories

2002  Responses of a Hybrid z-Level Model to Various Topography Treatment Methods for a Boundary Value Problem and an Initial Value Problem

2002  White House Honors ASCE Members

2001  Boussinesq-Type Model with Boundary-Fitted Coordinate System

2001  Finite Volume Model for Nonlevel Basin Irrigation

2001  Numerical Prediction of Bottom Topographical Change around Coastal Structures Using Quasi-3D Nearshore Current Model

2001  Suspended Sediment and Morphological Response on Banzu Tidal Flat, Japan

2001  Three-Dimensional Near-Shore Bar Morphology