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2015  Case Studies of the Allocation and Reduction of Time Buffer through Use of the Last Planner System

2015  Minimum-Time Interception with a Tangent Impulse

2015  Opposition-Based Multiple-Objective Differential Evolution to Solve the Time-Cost-Environment Impact Trade-Off Problem in Construction Projects

2014  Automated Productivity-Based Schedule Animation: Simulation-Based Approach to Time-Cost Trade-Off Analysis

2014  Productividad Automatizada Basada en el Itinerario Animado (APBSA): Una Simulacion Basada en un Enfoque del Analisis de Compensacion Tiempo-Costo

2014  Programmatic Examination of Missouri Incentive/Disincentive Contracts for Mitigating Work Zone Traffic Impacts

2014  Role of Statistics and Engineering Judgment in Developing Optimized Time-Cost Relationship Models

2014  Solution to the Time-Cost-Quality Trade-off Problem in Construction Projects Based on Immune Genetic Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  Time-Variant Adjustment for a Level Network

2014  Tower Crane Cycle Times: Case Study of Remote-Control versus Cab-Control Operation

2014  Use of Support Vector Regression to Improve Computational Efficiency of Stochastic Time-Cost Trade-Off

2013  Application of Time Buffers to Construction Project Task Durations

2013  Bus Arrival Time Prediction Based on GPS Data

2013  Cyclic Hardening-Relaxation Viscoplasticity Model for Asphalt Concrete Materials

2013  Estimating Optimum Timings for Treatments on Flexible Pavements with Surface Rutting

2013  Evaluation of Existing Models for Prediction of Hurricane Evacuation Response Curves

2013  A Golden Ratio-Based Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Traffic Signal Timing Optimization for Urban Signalized Intersections

2013  Hydrodynamic Modeling of First-Order Transport Timescales in the St. Louis Bay Estuary, Mississippi

2013  Impacts of Time on the Performance of Reinforced Slopes

2013  Methods for Measuring the Structure of Train Timetables Based on Entropy

2013  Modified Time of Setting Test for Fly Ash Paste and Fly Ash-Soil Mixtures

2013  Optimum Design Strategy for H∞ Control of Time-Delayed Direct Velocity Feedback Systems

2013  Process Comparison of Hours of Service Recording for Commercial Vehicle Operations: Electronic versus Paper

2013  Reliability Analysis of Minimum Pedestrian Green Interval for Traffic Signals

2013  Semicontinuous Operation of One-Stage Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge: Effects of Retention Time

2013  Simple Approach to Consolidation Due to Constant Rate Loading in Clays

2013  Time Factor in Consolidation: Critical Review

2012  Algorithm for Time-Cost Tradeoff Analysis in Construction Projects by Aggregating Activity-Level Singularity Functions

2012  Basic Study on the Transform Method of Frequency-Dependent Functions into Time Domain: Relation to Duhamel’s Integral and Time-Domain-Transfer Function

2012  Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time

2012  Bus-Arrival-Time Prediction Models: Link-Based and Section-Based

2012  Comparing Frequency and Time Domain Interpretations of Bender Element Shear Wave Velocities

2012  Comparison of Computed and Experimentally Assessed Times of Concentration for a V-Shaped Laboratory Watershed

2012  Comparison of Driver Behavior by Time of Day and Wet Pavement Conditions

2012  Complicated Working Time Arrangements: Construction Industry Case Study

2012  Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Optimal Timing of Road Infrastructures

2012  Creating Automated Crane Work Plans Using Real Time Operational Data and Predictive Analysis

2012  Effects of Count-Down Signal Lights on Pedestrian Behaviors at Signalized Intersections

2012  Fleet Size Metamodel for Dial-a-Ride Services with Time Constraints

2012  Hazard-Based Analysis of Highway Project Development Times

2012  How Students Spend Their Time

2012  Impact of the Signal Timing Optimization on Traffic Environment of Urban Road Based on TSIS

2012  Impact of Unit Time Value on Contractors’ Optimal Bidding Strategies in Price-Time Bi-Parameter Bidding

2012  Influence of Combined Hauling Time and Temperature on Flow Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete: Retempering Remediation

2012  Observed Behaviors of a Long and Deep Excavation Constructed by Cut-and-Cover Technique in Shanghai Soft Clay

2012  Path Travel Time Calculation Method of Urban Rail Transit Path Based on Given Time

2012  Providing Guidance for Evacuation during an Emergency Based on a Real-Time Damage and Vulnerability Assessment of Facilities

2012  The Quantity Flexibility Contract for Fashion Goods with Uncertainty in Demand and Delivery Time

2012  Research on Pedestrian Crossing Characteristics of Mid-Block Crosswalks Controlled by Push-Button Signal

2012  Research on the Determination of Slope Stability Coefficient Based on the Time Effect

2012  Stochastic Method for Forecasting Project Time and Cost

2012  Time Correlation in GNSS Positioning over Short Baselines

2012  Time, Cost, and Environmental Impact Analysis on Construction Operation Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms

2012  Time-Dividing Method of Bus Passenger Flow Based on Two Dimensional Similarities

2012  The Timing to Retime and Maintain Traffic Signal Systems

2011  Alternative Project Delivery Methods for Water and Wastewater Projects: Do They Save Time and Money?

2011  Analysis of Empty Container Discount Price Based on Average Time Value

2011  Causes of Variation in Construction Project Task Starting Times and Duration

2011  Comparison of Ambient Vibration Response of the Runyang Suspension Bridge under Skew Winds with Time-Domain Numerical Predictions

2011  Energy-Efficient Train Operation with Given Time

2011  Influence of Bus Stop Waiting Environment on Competiveness of Transit: What Factors Determine Traveler Choice?

2011  Integrating Left-Turn Lane Geometric Design with Signal Timing

2011  Load Sharing and Its Time Effect on Piled Raft Foundations under High Embankment

2011  Lost Time of Passenger Transfer and Waiting for Trains

2011  Methodology for Identifying the Best Equations for Estimating the Time of Concentration of Watersheds in a Particular Region

2011  Model and Algorithm for Continuous Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem

2011  Modeling Vehicle Routing Problem with Pick-Up Time Constraint for Multimodal Transportation

2011  A Novel Reaction Time Measurement under Road Artificial Illumination

2011  An Optimal Signal Timing Method for Intersections Based on Minimum Generalized Cost

2011  Optimization of Project Time-Cost Trade-Off Problem with Discounted Cash Flows

2011  Pedestrians’ Decision of Shopping Duration with the Influence of Walking Direction Choice

2011  Rate of Growth and Other Features of the Temporal Development of Pool-Bar Complexes in Meandering Streams

2011  Requirement and Availability Time-Window Analysis of Intermediate Function

2011  Research on the Travel Choice Mode Based on the Analysis of Travel Time Value

2011  Signal Timing and Coordination – Bridging Theories and Practices

2011  Simulation and Analysis of Time-Consumption of Emergency Supplies Loading Services Based on Queue Theory

2011  The Stochastic Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem

2011  Study of Recovery Reliability and Its Influencing Factors

2011  Subtractive Clustering-Based K-means Technique for Determining Optimum Time-of-Day Breakpoints

2011  Time, Cost, and Environmental Impact Analysis on Construction Operations

2011  TSIS-Based Evaluation of Correlation between Time in Queue and Delay at Freeway Bottlenecks

2011  Use of Time-Domain Reflectometry for Quality Control of Soil-Nailing Works

2011  A User Equilibrium Assignment Model Based on Late Arrival Penalty Factor

2011  Using Electimize to Solve the Time-Cost-Tradeoff Problem in Construction Engineering

2010  Application of a SOM-Based Optimization Algorithm in Minimizing Construction Time for Secant Pile Wall

2010  Causes of Delay in the Planning and Design Phases for Construction Projects

2010  Effect of Time Scale on the Performance of Different Sediment Transport Formulas in a Semiarid Region

2010  Empirical Analysis of Toll-Lane Processing Times Using Proportional Odds Augmented MARS

2010  Evaluation of Antecedent Storm Event Characteristics for Different Climatic Regions based on Interevent Time Definition (IETD)

2010  Influence of Platform Walking on BRT Station Bus Dwell Time Estimation: Australian Analysis

2010  Nonlinear Ultrasonic Investigation of Concrete Damaged under Uniaxial Compression Step Loading

2010  An Optimal Timing Model for Signalized Roundabout Intersections

2010  A Study on the Improvement of T-Intersection Signal Timing

2010  Synchronized Signal Control Model for Maximizing Progression along an Arterial

2010  Time-Domain Model for Predicting Aerodynamic Loads on a Slender Support Structure for Fatigue Design

2010  Value Loss Evaluation Model of High-Value and Time-Varying Product Based on Life Cycle Theory

2009  Application of the Resource-Constrained Critical Path Method to Multiple Calendars and Progressed Schedules

2009  Backcalculation of Anisotropic Pavement Properties Using Time History of Embedded Gauge Readings

2009  Desigin of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames Using Nonlinear Time History Analysis and Optimization

2009  Desired Time Gap and Time Headway in Steady-State Car-Following on Two-Lane Roads