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2015  Effects of Load Sharing in Wood Tongue-and-Groove Plank Decking under Concentrated Loads

2015  Evaluation of Keyed-Through Tenon Joints for Timber Frame Construction

2015  Mechanical Behavior and Modeling of Dowelled Steel-to-Timber Moment-Resisting Connections

2014  Appropriate Wood Constitutive Law for Simulation of Nonlinear Behavior of Timber Joints

2014  Experimental Analysis of the Fire Behavior of Finger-Jointed Timber Members

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Fire Resistance of Novel Timber-Concrete-Composite Decks

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Groove Connections for a Novel Timber-Concrete-Composite System

2014  Experimental Investigation on FRP-to-Timber Bonded Interfaces

2014  Flexural Strength of Posttensioned Timber Beams

2014  Gravity and Wind Load Path Analysis of a Light-Frame and a Traditional Timber Frame Building

2014  Lateral Load Path and Capacity of Exterior Decks

2014  State-of-the-Art Review of Approaches for the Design of Timber Beams with Notches

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Long-Term Structural Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Beams

2013  Cyclic Performance of Glued Laminated Guadua Bamboo-Sheathed Shear Walls

2013  Proposal to Account for Concrete Shrinkage and Environmental Strains in Design of Timber-Concrete Composite Beams

2013  Provisions for Ductile Behavior of Timber-to-Steel Connections with Multiple Glued-In Rods

2013  Simplified Model for Strength Assessment of Timber Beams Joined by Bonded Plates

2012  Behavior of Light-Framed Wood Roof-to-Wall Connectors Using Aged Lumber and Multiple Connection Mechanisms

2012  Comparison of Single- and Two-Bolted LVL Perpendicular-to-Grain Connections. I: National Design Specification for Wood Construction Equations

2012  Evaluation of Racking Performance of Wood Portal Frames with Different Wall Configurations and Construction Details

2012  Experimental Evaluation of Load Paths in Light-Frame Wood Structure

2012  Finite-Element Model Updating and Probabilistic Analysis of Timber-Concrete Composite Beams

2012  Modeling of Fracture in the Sill Plate in Partially Anchored Shear Walls

2012  Room for Improvement: Air Tightness in Timber Frame Construction

2012  Seismic Performance Variability of Wood-Frame Shear Walls Designed in Accordance to the National Design Specification (NDS)

2012  Tensile Strength of Varied-Angle Mortise and Tenon Connections in Timber Frames

2012  Timber Frame Moment Joints with Glued-In Steel Rods. I: Design

2012  Timber Frame Moment Joints with Glued-In Steel Rods. II: Experimental Investigation of Long-Term Performance

2011  Composite Wood-Concrete Beams Using Utility Poles: Time-Dependent Behavior

2011  Effect of Support Restraint on Wood-to-Wood Joist Hanger Connection

2011  Improving the Performance of Gypsum Wallboard in Wood Frame Shear Walls

2011  Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed LVL Members. I: Experimental Tests

2011  Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed LVL Members. II: Analytical Approach

2011  Lumber-Boxed Concrete Structural System—Concept and Preliminary Analysis

2011  Moment-Carrying Capacity of Dovetailed Mortise and Tenon Joints with or without Beam Shoulder

2011  Numerical Modeling of the Failure Behavior of Dowel Connections in Wood

2011  Strength of Joints with Epoxy-Glued Threaded Steel Rods in Tali Timber

2011  Study of the Capability of Multiple Mechanical Fasteners in Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2011  Triaxial Load Testing of Metal and FRP Roof-to-Wall Connectors

2011  Wood Frame Building Response to Rapid-Onset Flooding

2010  Experimental Study on Full-Scale Light Frame Wood House under Lateral Load

2010  In-Plane Experimental Testing of Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Diaphragms

2010  Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analyses of Prefabricated Timber-Concrete Composite Floors

2010  New Yield Model for Wood Dowel Connections

2010  Performance of Log Shear Walls Subjected to Monotonic and Reverse-Cyclic Loading

2010  Performance of Toe-Nail Connections under Realistic Wind Loading

2010  Quantified Risk Analysis of Light Framed Construction Due to Mainshock and Aftershock Sequences

2010  Strength Prediction for Rounded Dovetail Connections Considering Size Effects

2009  Built-Up Column Stability in Wood Construction

2009  Capacities of OSB-Sheathed Light-Frame Shear-Wall Panels with or without Perforations

2009  Comparison of Field and Wind Tunnel Pressure Coefficients for a Light-Frame Industrial Building

2009  Ductility-Related Force Modification Factors of Wood Constructions with Shear Walls of Different Ductility

2009  Formulation of Seismic Fragilities for a Wood-Frame Building Based on Visually Determined Damage Indexes

2008  The Changing Nature of Students and Universities: Opportunities for Timber Engineering Education in the U.S.

2008  Composite Effect of Bolt-Laminated Sweetgum and Mixed Hardwood Billets

2008  Dynamic Serviceability in Lightweight Engineered Timber Floors

2008  Experimental Behavior of Prestressed LVL-Concrete Composite Beams

2008  Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Two Different Types of Drywall Joint Compound on Shear Capacity of Wood-Frame Walls

2008  Faculty Lead Study Abroad: Wood Engineering in Sweden

2008  Field Experiments and Numerical Models for the Condition Assessment of Historic Timber Bridges: Case Study

2008  Influence of Repeated and Sustained Loading on the Performance of Layered Wood — Concrete Composite Beams

2008  Pedagogic Strategies for Wood Engineering in an Interdisciplinary Setting

2008  Performance-Based Design for Wood Residential Construction Subjected to Snow Loads

2008  Quasi-Static Strengths and Failure Modes of Tight-Fitting and Round-End Metal-Plate Wooden Truss Joints

2008  Timber Engineered for C21 Architecture

2008  Wood Education in Civil Engineering — The View from Lake Superior

2007  Design and Construction Practices That Affect Diaphragm Strength and Stiffness of Postframe Buildings

2007  Impact of Great December 26, 2004, Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami on Structures in Port Blair

2007  Long-Term Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Floor/Deck Systems with Shear Key Connection Detail

2007  Remediation of a Timber Barrel Arch Field House Due to Water Infiltration and Deterioration

2007  Restoration and Strengthening of Timber Structures: Principles, Criteria, and Examples

2007  Seismic Damage Thresholds for Gypsum Wallboard Partition Walls

2006  Buckling of Conventinally Sheathed Stud Walls

2006  Effectiveness of GFRP Sheets for Shear Strengthening of Timber

2006  Finite-Element Modeling of Timber Joints with Punched Metal Plate Fasteners

2006  Innovative Structural Solutions in Wood Building Design: A Timber Roof for Raleigh Durham Airport

2006  Long-Term Behavior of Timber–Concrete Composite Beams. I: Finite Element Modeling and Validation

2006  Long-Term Behavior of Timber–Concrete Composite Beams. II: Numerical Analysis and Simplified Evaluation

2006  New Features and Changes in the 2005 National Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction and Supplement

2006  Performance of Wood Shear Walls Sheathed with FRP-Reinforced OSB Panels

2006  Racking Performance of Structural Insulated Panels

2006  Reversed-Cyclic Behavior of a Novel Heavy Timber Tube Connection

2005  Capacities of Dowel-Type Fastener Joints in Australian Pine

2005  Effect of Hold-Down Misplacement on Strength and Stiffness of Wood Shear Walls

2005  Effects of Decay on the Cyclic Properties of Nailed Connections

2005  Fully Overlapping Nailed Joints with Steel Gussets in Timber Structures

2005  Importance of Wood Education in Structural Engineering Practice: Case Studies

2005  Modeling Timer Moment Connection under Reversed Cyclic Loading

2005  Monitoring Structural Response of a Wooden Light-Frame Industrial Shed Building to Environmental Loads

2005  Reliability of Light-Frame Wall Systems Subject to Combined Axial and Transverse Loads

2005  Wood Engineering Education — Trends and Challenges

2005  Wood Engineering Education: Balancing the Needs

2004  Behavior of Timber Pile-to-Cap Connections under Cyclic Lateral Loading

2004  Deflections of Structures as Specified by the National Design Specification for Wood Construction

2004  Development of Test Method for Determining Plasterboard Bracing Performance

2004  Effect of Lamina Thickness on Parallel-to-Grain Strength in Small Douglas-Fir Samples

2004  Field Performance of Stress-Laminated Highway Bridges Constructed with Glued Laminated Timber

2004  Fragility Assessment of Light-Frame Wood Construction Subjected to Wind and Earthquake Hazards

2004  Improved Analysis of Timber Rivet Connections

2004  Wood Shearwall Reliability Inherent in AF&PA/ASCE 16