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2015  Automated Progress Monitoring Using Unordered Daily Construction Photographs and IFC-Based Building Information Models

2015  Comparison of Local Visual Feature Detectors and Descriptors for the Registration of 3D Building Scenes

2014  3D Modeling of Sand Particle Fracture Using Discrete Element Method and Synchrotron Micro-Tomography Images

2014  Automatic Detection of Cylindrical Objects in Built Facilities

2014  Bridging the Gap between Random Microstructure and 3D Meshing

2014  Effects of Principal Stress Directions on 3D Failure Conditions in Cross-Anisotropic Sand

2014  MIT’s CitySCOPE Features 3-D Models for Urban Planning

2014  Modal Analysis for the Rehabilitation Assessment of the Luiz I Bridge

2014  Numerical Assessment of Subsidence and Adjacent Building Movements Induced by TBM-EPB Tunneling

2014  Numerical Study of Shear Stress Distribution for Discrete Columns in Liquefiable Soils

2014  Process-Oriented Approach of Teaching Building Information Modeling in Construction Management

2014  Three-Dimensional Elasticity Solution for Free Vibrations of Exponentially Graded Plates

2014  Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Pile and Pile Group System Response

2014  Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulation of the Seismic Behavior of Multitier Concentrically Braced Frames

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Long-Term Structural Behavior of Wood-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Turbid Density Currents in Imha Reservoir, South Korea

2014  Three-Dimensional SPH Modeling of a Bar/Rip Channel System

2014  Use of Geographic Information Systems in Spatial Planning: A Case Study of an Institute Campus

2013  Algorithms for Generating Three-Dimensional Aggregates and Asphalt Mixture Samples by the Discrete-Element Method

2013  As-Is 3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Building Envelopes Using a Hybrid LIDAR System

2013  Automatic Generation of 3D Building Models from Complicated Building Polygons

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. I: Industry Requirements, State of the Art, and Gap Analysis

2013  Building Information Modeling Education for Construction Engineering and Management. II: Procedures and Implementation Case Study

2013  Comparison of Image-Based and Time-of-Flight-Based Technologies for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Infrastructure

2013  Data Model-Centered Four-Dimensional Information Management System for Road Maintenance

2013  Exchange of Parametric Bridge Models Using a Neutral Data Format

2013  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of the Three-Dimensional Modal Dynamic Response of Bridge Pile Foundations Submerged in Water

2013  Flow Due to Multiple Jets Downstream of a Barrage: Experiments, 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Depth-Averaged Modeling

2013  Gravity Currents Propagating on Sloping Boundaries

2013  Hydroplaning of Rolling Tires under Different Operating Conditions

2013  Influence of Suspended Load on 3D Numerical Simulation of Flow and Bed Evolution in a Meandering Channel Bend

2013  Multiimaging Sensor Data Fusion-Based Enhancement for 3D Workspace Representation for Remote Machine Operation

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Response and Parametric Examination of Horizontally Curved Steel Bridges Using 3D Computational Models

2013  Potentials of RGB-D Cameras in As-Built Indoor Environment Modeling

2013  Reliability Analysis of Long Multi-Segment Earth Slopes

2013  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Method for Soil-Building Interaction Based on an Input Wave Field

2013  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Site Elements by Analytically Processing Image Data Contained in Site Photos

2012  A 3D Curve Lane Detection and Tracking System Based on Stereovision

2012  The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) Supports Modern Civil Engineering Practice and Education

2012  3D Numerical Modeling of Hexagonal Wire Mesh Reinforced Embankment on Soft Bangkok Clay

2012  3D Numerical Modeling of Stratified Flows: Case Study of the Bosphorus Strait

2012  3D Visualization of Sub-Surface Pipelines in Connection with the Building Utilities: Integrating GIS and BIM for Facility Management

2012  3D-Modeling for Crane Selection and Logistics for Modular Construction On-Site Assembly

2012  As-Built Documentation of Structural Components for Reinforced Concrete Construction Quality Control with 3D Laser Scanning

2012  CFD Model to Evaluate Performance of a Kenics Static Mixer

2012  CFD Modeling of Flows in a Practical Water Pump Intake of a Water Treatment Plant

2012  Coupled 1D and Noninertia 2D Flood Inundation Model for Simulation of Urban Flooding

2012  Developing 3D Safety Training Materials on Fall Related Hazards for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Low Literacy (LL) Construction Workers

2012  Dynamic Evolution of IOT Application’s Business Mode in Retail

2012  Efficient Processing Algorithm for Large 3D Scan Dataset of NATM Tunnels

2012  An Enhanced Numerical Model for Material Cycling and Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in Tokyo Bay, Japan

2012  The Environmental Influence of Subway Station on Platform Screen Door System

2012  Estimating Dissolved Oxygen Depletion from Anthropogenic and Riverine Loading Using a Three-Dimensional Water Quality Model

2012  Extended UH Model: Three-Dimensional Unified Hardening Model for Anisotropic Clays

2012  Heuristic Approach for Optimum Cost and Layout Design of 3D Reinforced Concrete Frames

2012  Multiscale Modeling of Flood-Induced Scour in a Particle Bed

2012  Noncontact Modeling of Structures Using Close-Range Digital Photogrammetry

2012  Non-Invasive 3D Thermal Modeling for Buildings

2012  Numerical Modeling Study of Hydraulic Impact of a Large Sediment Capping Facility

2012  Pothole Properties Measurement through Visual 2D Recognition and 3D Reconstruction

2012  A Practical Method for Three-Dimensional Frost Heave Simulation Based on Takashi’s Equation

2012  Projection-Recognition-Projection (PRP) Method for Rapid Object Recognition and Registration from a 3D Point Cloud

2012  Rapid 3D Energy Performance Modeling of Existing Buildings Using Thermal and Digital Imagery

2012  Real-Time 3D Positioning and Visualization of Articulated Construction Equipment: Case of Backhoe Excavators

2012  Recovering the 3D Structure of Poorly Textured Infrastructure Scenes Using Point and Line Features

2012  Skeleton-Based 3D Reconstruction of As-Built Pipelines from Laser-Scanned Data

2012  Sustainable Bridge Deck Analytical Studies

2012  Target-Focused Local Workspace Modeling for Construction Automation Applications

2012  Three Dimensional Displacement Response Study of a Rubble-House Using a 3D Laser Scanner

2012  Three-Dimensional Hydromechanical Sectional Analysis of Cracked Nonprismatic Concrete Spillway Piers

2012  Three-Dimensional Method of Fragments to Study Drainage through Hydraulic Fill Stopes

2012  Use of Simulation Filters in Three-Dimensional Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling

2011  3-D Hydraulic Model of Waves Generated by Displacements

2011  3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Buildings Using Hybrid LIDAR System

2011  3D/4D CAD Applicability for Life-Cycle Facility Management

2011  Application of Solid Works’ Parametric Modeling Method in Tunnel’s Finite Element Numerical Simulation Analysis

2011  Caisson Foundations Subjected to Reverse Fault Rupture: Centrifuge Testing and Numerical Analysis

2011  Comparison of Camera Motion Estimation Methods for 3D Reconstruction of Infrastructure

2011  Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling for the Design of Large Primary Settling Tanks

2011  Construction Engineering Requirements for Integrating Laser Scanning Technology and Building Information Modeling

2011  Construction of 3D Geological Model and Application in the Slope Stability Analysis

2011  Goal and Process Alignment during the Implementation of Decision Support Systems by Project Teams

2011  Integration of Geotechnical Design and Analysis Processes Using a Parametric and 3D-Model Based Approach

2011  Investigating the Sensitivity of Aggregate Size within Sand Mastic by Modeling the Microstructure of an Asphalt Mixture

2011  Occlusion Handling Method for Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Using Reality Capture Technology and GLSL

2011  Spoiler Baffles in Circular Culverts

2011  Three Dimensional Model for Particle Saltation Close to Stream Beds, Including a Detailed Description of the Particle Interaction with Turbulence and Inter-Particle Collisions

2011  Three Dimensional Modeling of Pollution Distribution in Gorgan Bay by Considering Storm Surge Conditions

2011  Three-Dimensional Effects in Progressive Collapse Modeling

2011  Three-Dimensional Field-Scale Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modeling: Parallel Computing Implementation

2011  Three-Dimensional Free-Surface Flow Model Verification and Validation: Past, Present, and Future Directions

2011  Three-Dimensional Micromechanical Finite-Element Network Model for Elastic Damage Behavior of Idealized Stone-Based Composite Materials

2011  Three-Dimensional Modeling and Analyses of Orthotropic Bridge Decks Using Representative Volume Element

2011  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Nonuniform Sediment Transport in an S-Shaped Channel

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Flow and Algal Biomass Distribution in Lake Pontchartrain

2011  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Tidal Flows in the Yangtze River Estuary

2011  Use of Regional Covariance in Data Assimilation Method to Improve the Estimation Accuracy of a Three Dimensional Contaminant Transport Model

2010  3D Micromechanical Simulation of Compaction of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Real Aggregate Shapes Obtained from X-Ray CT

2010  3D Modeling of Piping Mechanism Using Distinct Element Method

2010  3D Numerical Simulation on the Failure Mechanism of Tunnel Working Face by Particle Flow Code