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2012  Advanced Beam Formulations for Free-Vibration Analysis of Conventional and Joined Wings

2012  Application of Splines Supported by Kriging for Precise Shape Analysis of Incompletely Measured Structures

2011  New Finite Element for Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures

2009  Development of Self-Consolidating Concrete for Thin Wall Applications Including Validation

2008  Design of Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Closed Sections with Intermediate Stiffeners

2007  Effect of Longitudinal Stress Gradients on Elastic Buckling of Thin Plates

2006  Distortional Buckling Tests on Cold-Formed Steel Beams

2005  Behavior of Cold-Formed Steel Plain Angle Columns

2005  Buckling Analysis of Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Angle Columns

2005  Nonlinear Elastic Nonuniform Torsion

2005  Oblique Impact of Water Waves on Thin Porous Walls

2004  A Study of The Thermal Performance of Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Perforated Steel Studs (Thermal Studs) in Fire

2004  Tests and Design of Fixed-Ended Cold-Formed Steel Plain Angle Columns

2002  Local, Distortional, and Euler Buckling of Thin-Walled Columns

2002  Strength and Ductility of Steel Box Girders under Cyclic Shear

2001  Buckling of Thin-Walled Silos and Tanks under Axial Load—Some New Aspects

2001  Contemporary and Traditional Wall-System Failures

2001  Seismic Design Method for Thin-Walled Steel Frame Structures

2001  Spatial Postbuckling Analysis of Nonsymmetric Thin-Walled Frames. I: Theoretical Considerations Based on Semitangential Property

2001  Spatial Postbuckling Analysis of Nonsymmetric Thin-Walled Frames. II: Geometrically Nonlinear FE Procedures

2000  Design of Circular Thin-Walled Concrete Filled Steel Tubes

2000  Ductility Evaluation Procedure for Thin-Walled Steel Structures

2000  Ductility of Thin-Walled Steel Box Stub-Columns

2000  Modeling Interactive Buckling of Plate Structures Using Special Elements

2000  Shear Lag of Thin-Walled Curved Box Girder Bridges

2000  Spatial Stability of Nonsymmetric Thin-Walled Curved Beams. I: Analytical Approach

2000  Spatial Stability of Nonsymmetric Thin-Walled Curved Beams. II: Numerical Approach

2000  Structural Requirements for the Construction of Shelters on Planetary Surfaces

1999  Buckling of Thin-Walled Eccentric Compressive Members Considering Shear Lag

1999  Hardening Models and Their Predictions of Material Response

1999  Spatial Stability of Thin-Walled Eccentric Compressive Members

1998  Dynamics of Multicell, Thin-Walled Beams with Regular Cutouts

1997  Extended Trigonometric Series Analysis of Box Girders with Diaphragms

1997  Failure of Post-Buckled Thin-Walled Composite Columns

1997  Interactive Buckling Behavior and Ultimate Load of I-Section Steel Columns

1996  Dynamic Behavior of Continuous and Cantilever Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges

1996  Improving Design in Composite Thin-Walled Columns

1996  Large-Displacement Analysis of Elastoplastic Thin-Walled Frames. I: Formulation and Implementation

1996  Large-Displacement Analysis of Elastoplastic Thin-Walled Frames. II: Verification and Application

1996  New Warping Function for Thin-Walled Beams. I: Theory

1996  New Warping Function for Thin-Walled Beams. II: Finite Element Method and Applications

1996  Stability of Shear Deformable Thin-Walled Space Frames and Circular Arches

1996  Structural Consequences of Imperfection in Thin-Walled Components

1995  Behavior of Buried Large Thin Wall Flexible Pipe - Field Test and Numerical Analysis Considered With Stage of Construction of Buried Flexible Pipe

1995  Buckling Analysis of Thin-Walled Members with Variable Thickness

1995  Postbuckling and Crippling of I-Section Composite Stiffeners

1995  Strength of Thin-Walled Box Girders Curved in Plan

1995  Vibration of Thin-Walled Box-Girder Bridges Excited by Vehicles

1994  Comparison of Simple and Chebychev Polynomials in Rayleigh-Ritz Analysis

1994  Continuum Model for Analysis of Multiply Connected Perforated Cores

1994  Equations for Tapered Thin-Walled Beams of Generic Open Section

1994  Instability of Tapered Thin-Walled Beams of Generic Section

1994  Out-of-Plane Buckling of Restrained Thin Rings of General Open Section

1993  Experimental Study of Thin Steel–Plate Shear Walls under Cyclic Load

1993  False Paradox of Torsional Buckling

1993  Finite Element Method for Buckling Analysis of Plate Structures

1992  Experimental Investigation of Bending and Twisting Coupling in Thin-Walled Composite Beams

1992  Finite Element Analysis of Thin-Walled Curved Beams Made of Composites

1992  The Generalized Brazier Problem for Orthotropic Straight Tubes of Finite Length

1992  Local and Interaction Buckling of Polygonal Section Steel Columns

1992  Tests of Cold-Formed Channels with Local and Distortional Buckling

1991  B-Spline Compound Strip Formulation for Braced Thin-Walled Structures

1991  Explicit Postbuckling Analysis of Water-Loaded Angle-Section Beams

1991  Interaction of Local and Overall Instability of Compressed Box Columns

1991  Thin-Walled Multicell Box-Girder Finite Element

1991  Thin-Walled Space Frames. I: Large-Deformation Analysis Theory

1991  Thin-Walled Space Frames. II: Algorithmic Details and Applications

1991  Warping of Joints in I-Beam Assemblages

1990  Cantilevered and Linearly Tapered Thin-Walled Members

1990  Inelastic Stability of Thin Walled Metal Tubes Under Cyclic Loading Conditions

1990  Nonlinear Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures Using Least Element/Member

1989  Behavior of Thin-Walled Steel Box Columns Under Biaxial Loading

1989  Buckling of Tapered Columns by P-Version of F.E.M.

1989  Equations of Curved Beams

1989  Mixed Variational Formulation for Thin-Walled Beams with Shear Lag

1989  Thin-Walled Steel Box Columns Under Biaxial Loading

1989  Torsional Stress Concentration in Thin-Walled Beams

1989  Vibrational Analysis of Thin-Walled Bars with Open Cross Sections

1988  Behavior and Design of Thin-Walled Columns

1988  Degenerate Elements for Combined Flexural and Torsional Analysis of Thin-Walled Structures

1988  Postbuckling Shear Capacity of Thin Steel Tubes

1988  Thin-Walled Box Columns under Arbitrary End Loads

1988  Yield Surface Modeling of I-Sections with Nonuniform Torsion

1987  Buckling of Thin-Walled Members by p-Version of FEM

1987  Flexibly Connected Thin-Walled Steel Frame Response

1987  A Simple Microcomputer Finite Strip Analysis

1986  Experimental Buckling Loads of Water-Loaded Beams

1985  Interactive Buckling in Thin-Walled Beam-Columns

1985  Local Buckling of Hollow Structural Sections

1984  Creep of Thin-Walled Cylinder under Combined Loads

1984  Interactive Buckling in Thinwalled Structural Members

1984  Thin Wall Section Properties by Graphical Integration

1975  Restrained Warping in Thin-Walled Open Sections

1974  A Simplified Theory of Thin Cylindrical Shells

1973  Large-Deflection Spatial Buckling of Thin-Walled Beams and Frames

1972  Accurate Fourth Order Equation for Circular Cylindrical Shells

1972  Failure of Thin-Walled Members under Patch Loading

1972  Post-Buckling of Geometrically Imperfect Plates

1971  Initial Buckling of Channels in Compression

1969  Analysis of Three Dimensional Thin-Walled Structures