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Found 53 Records with the keyword term of "Thin shell structures"

2015  Seismic Performance of Storage Steel Tanks during the May 2012 Emilia, Italy, Earthquakes

2010  Study of Buckling in Steel Silos under Eccentric Discharge Flows of Stored Solids

2008  Finite-Element Analysis of Felix Candela’s Chapel of Lomas de Cuernavaca

2007  Modeling the Hinge Moment of Skew-Mounted Tape Spring Folds

2007  Tedesko’s Philadelphia Skating Club: Refinement of an Idea

2005  Composite Tube Hinges

2005  Hierarchical High-Fidelity Analysis Methodology for Buckling Critical Structures

2005  Lateral – Torsional Buckling of Singly Symmetric Tapered Beams: Theory and Applications

2004  Concrete Shells Form-Finding with Surface Stress Density Method

2003  Hershey Arena: Anton Tedesko’s Pioneering Form

2001  Influence of Fiber Undulations on Buckling of Thin Filament-Wound Cylinders in Axial Compression

2001  Influence of Residual Strains on Buckling of Thin Filament-Wound Cylinders in Axial Compression

1998  FE Analysis of Tucker High School Roof Using Nonlinear Geometry and Creep

1998  Preservation of Historic Thin-Shell Concrete Structures

1997  Cementitious Liner Design for In Situ Manhole Rehabilitation

1996  Geometric and Material Nonlinearities in Steel Plates

1996  Stability Analysis of Axisymmetric Thin Shells

1996  Technique for Precise Measurement of Large-Scale Silos and Tanks

1995  Seismic Forces in Spherical Domes: Membrane Solution

1994  Cause of Deformed Shapes in Cooling Towers

1993  Flexible Thin Shell Elements Under Nonwhite and Nonzero Mean Loads

1993  On Loads Equivalent to Geometrical Imperfections in Shells

1993  Shell Finite Element Formulated on Shell Middle Surface

1992  Axisymmetric Buckling of Pressure-Loaded Spherical Caps

1992  Buckling of Pressurized Axisymmetrically Imperfect Cylinders Under Axial Loads

1992  Load Shortening in Plastic Buckling of Cylinders

1992  Response Variability of Structures Subjected to Bifurcation Buckling

1990  Local Collapse of Axially Compressed Pressurized Thin Steel Cylinders

1989  Repair and Completion of Damaged Cooling Tower

1988  Plates on Biparametric Elastic Foundation by BDIE Method

1988  Thin Shell Foundation Resting on a Stochastic Soil

1987  Traction Boundary Conditions for Shell Elements

1986  Heterosis Shell Element in GTSTRUDL

1985  Linear Stress Analysis of Torospherical Head

1984  Elastic-Viscoplastic Thin Shell Analysis

1983  Simulation of Collapse Loads for Arbitrary Shells

1983  Study of Numerical Efficiency on Nonlinear Analysis of Thin Shells

1982  Anton Tedesko: Thin Shells and Esthetics

1981  Standing Waves in a Viscoelastic Cylinder Case-Bonded to a Thin Shell

1979  Analysis of Through Cracks in Cylindrical Shells by the Quarter-Point Elements

1979  Concrete Plasticity Theory for Biaxial Stress Analysis

1979  On the Stability of Stiffened Thin Shell Dome Liners for Prestressed Concrete Reactor Containment Structures

1979  Vibration Properties of Curved Thin-Walled Beams

1976  Buckling of Axially Loaded Open Shells

1976  Design of Hipped Hypar Shells

1976  Methods of Structural Analysis

1974  Development of Response Spectra for a Thin Shell Structure

1974  Large Deflection of Axisymmetric Shell with Creep Strain

1974  Thermal Loading of Thin-Shell Concrete Cooling Towers

1972  Analysis of Hipped Roof Hyperbolic Paraboloid Structures

1972  Composite Beams in Torsion

1972  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Cooling Tower

1971  Finite Element Analysis of Thick Shell of Revolution