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2014  Seasonal Thermal Cracking of Concrete Dams in Northern Regions

2014  Semianalytic Stress-Function Variational Approach for the Interfacial Stresses in Bonded Joints

2014  Thermal Cracking of Mass Concrete Bridge Footings in Coastal Environments

2013  Comparison of Theoretical Freezing Depths of Permeable and Conventional Pavements

2013  Comparison of Thermal Stresses Calculated from Asphalt Binder and Asphalt Mixture Creep Tests

2013  Coupling Rock-Fracture Propagation with Thermal Stress and Fluid Flow

2013  Determination of Crop Water Stress Index and Irrigation Timing on Olive Trees Using a Handheld Infrared Thermometer

2013  Low Temperature Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures by Measuring Visco-Elastic Properties under Thermal Loading

2013  Selection of Wall Rock Thickness for Thermal Stress Analysis of Circular Tunnel Concrete Lining

2013  Simulation of Early Age Concrete Thermal Stress of Composite Wall in Cut-Cover Subway Station

2013  Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Overlay/Substrate Systems

2012  Effect of Early Age Strength on Cracking in Mass Concrete Containing Different Supplementary Cementitious Materials: Experimental and Finite-Element Investigation

2012  Effect of Temperature Variation on the Full-Range Behavior of FRP-to-Concrete Bonded Joints

2012  Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Stress for Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement (CRCP)

2012  Stress-Dependent Thermal Conductivity Evolution of Granular Materials

2012  Thermal Stress Analysis of Ceramic-Coated Diesel Engine Pistons Based on the Wavelet Finite-Element Method

2012  Thermal Stresses of PCC Pavements Containing Fly Ash and Slag

2011  Behavior of Honeycomb FRP Sandwich Structure under Combined Effects of Service Load and Low Temperatures

2011  Comparative Study on Temperature Stresses in Asphalt Material Using Nonlinear Viscoelastic Approach

2011  Geotechnical Analysis of Heat Exchanger Piles

2011  Railway Track Performance Monitoring and Safety Warning System

2011  Thermal Stress and Temperature Field for Asphalt Pavement of Porous Concrete Base

2011  Thermal Stress Calculation and Its Application to Bending Angle Design of Flowlines of Subsea Christmas Tree

2010  Evaluation of Low-temperature Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixture

2010  Thermomechanical Behavior of Multifunctional GFRP Sandwich Structures with Encapsulated Photovoltaic Cells

2009  Analysis of Thermal Stress Response in Asphalt Overlay

2009  Application of Thermal Stress Controlling in Construction of Large Bridge Cushion Cap

2009  Estimation of Temperature Stress and Low-Temperature Crack Spacing in Asphalt Pavements

2009  Mechanical Properties of Concrete Pavement with Different Isolation Layers on Lean Concrete Base

2009  Revising Thermal Stresses in the TSRST for Low-Temperature Cracking Prediction

2008  Analysis of a Couple of Problemsof Ground Stress and Temperature Stress Fields in Tunnel of Fissured Surrounding Rock in Cold Region

2008  Analysis of Thermal Stress in Asphalt Overlay Based on Thermal-viscoelasticity Theory

2008  Calculating Thermal Stresses of Asphalt Pavement in Environmental Conditions

2008  Linearized Approach for Predicting Thermal Stresses in Asphalt Pavements due to Environmental Conditions

2008  Mechanical Analysis of Vaulted Expansion of Semi-rigid Base

2008  Probabilistic Uncertainty Modeling for Thermomechanical Analysis of Plasterboard Submitted to Fire Load

2008  Thermal Stress Calculation and Analysis in Steel Bridge Deck Pavement

2007  Coupled-field Finite Element Analysis of Thermal Stress in Asphalt Pavement

2007  Simplified Solution for Periodic Thermal Discontinuities in Asphalt Overlays Bonded to Rigid Pavements

2006  Coupled Heat-Deformation-Flow Analysis for Clayey Soil

2006  Effects of Environmental Action on Thermal Stress Analysis of Karaj Concrete Arch Dam

2006  Marble Mistakes

2006  Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of GFRP Bridge Deck under Temperature Gradient

2005  Direct Measurement of Asphalt Binder Thermal Cracking

2004  Effect of Placement Schedule on the Thermal and Structural Response of RCC Dams, Using Finite Element Analysis

2004  Structural Dynamic Response of a Square Solar Sail under Solar Pressure and Thermal Loading

2003  Decontamination of Radionuclides from Concrete by Microwave Heating. I: Theory

2003  Decontamination of Radionuclides from Concrete by Microwave Heating. II: Computations

2003  Full-Scale Testing of Procedures for Assembling Trunnion-Hub-Girder in Bascule Bridges

2003  Thermal-Structural Modeling and Temperature Control of Roller Compacted Concrete Gravity Dam

2001  3D Finite Element Analysis of Temperature-Induced Stresses in Dowel Jointed Concrete Pavements

2001  Analysis of Thermal Stresses Induced in Doweled Transverse Joints

2001  Heat Conduction Waves in Bilayer Cement Concrete Structures

2001  One-Dimensional Model Accurately Predicts Concrete Temperatures

2000  Design and Analysis System for Thermal Cracking in Asphalt Concrete

2000  Externally Prestressed High Strength Concrete Viaduct

2000  Flexible Pavement Thermal Stresses with Variable Temperature

2000  Simulation of Temperature and Stress Fields during RCC Dam Construction

1999  Analysis of Thermal Stresses at Dissimilar Metal Pipe Welds

1999  Thermal Effects in Large-Sized Diaphragm Wall

1998  Dynamic Instability of Laminates Subjected to Temperature Field

1998  Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test User Survey

1997  A One-Two NDE Punch

1996  Numerical Analyses of Reinforced Underground Openings Subjected to Seismic Loadings

1996  Probabilistic Fatigue Life Analysis of High Density Electronics Packaging

1996  Steady-State Thermal Bending of Thick Rectangular Plates

1995  Analyses of Flow Modification on Water Quality in Nechako River

1995  Damage Evolution in Metal Matrix Composites Subjected to Thermomechanical Fatigue

1995  Effect of Temperature on Accurate Interpretation of Data from Piezoelectric Sensors

1995  Numerical Simulation of Temperatures and Stresses in Concrete at Early Ages

1995  Thermal Stress in Backfilled Circular Tunnel Due to 21 PWR MPC’s

1994  Assessment of Risk of Thermal Cracking in Hardening Concrete

1994  Axisymmetric Vibrations of Thick-Walled Cylindrical Tubes in the Presence of Thermal Residual Stresses

1994  Case Studies: Clay Cover Cracking Analysis Using FEM Techniques

1994  Edge Strength of Window Glass by Mechanical Test

1994  Effect of Temperature Changes on Water-Main Breaks

1994  Finite-Element Modeling of Deformation and Cracking in Early-Age Concrete

1994  Thermal and Seismic Impacts on the North Ramp at Yucca Mountain

1994  Thermal Stresses in Piezoelectric Materials: A Boundary Integral Formulation

1994  Three-Dimensional Solutions for Initially Stressed Structural Sandwiches

1994  Three-Dimensional Solutions for Thermomechanical Stresses in Sandwich Panels and Shells

1994  Viscoplastic Response of Structures for Intense Local Heating

1993  Analysis of Concave Curling in Concrete Slabs

1993  Finite Element Analysis of a Highway Bridge Hinge

1993  Instrumentation Requirements for the ESF Thermomechanical Experiments

1993  Stresses in Ground-Freezing Problems with Infinite Boundaries

1993  Thermal Stresses in Spherical Shells

1992  Damage Dependent Micromechanics in Metal Matrix Composites

1992  The Effect of Multiple Compliant Layers at the Fiber-Matrix Interface on Residual Thermal Stresses in Metal Matrix Composites

1992  Effects of Bonding Stiffness on Thermal Stresses in Sandwich Panels

1992  Fault Stress Analysis for the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

1992  Temperature Dependent Bridge Movements

1992  Thermal Analysis for RCC—A Practical Approach

1992  Thermal Load for p-Version Laminated Elements

1992  Thermal Stresses in Bi-Coated Structures

1992  Thermal-Structural Analysis Methods for RCC Dams

1991  Behavior of Welded Steel Water-Storage Tank

1991  Confirmation of TICC Damage Hypothesis—Petrographic Study

1991  Nonlinear, Incremental Analysis of Mass-Concrete Lock Monolith

1991  Static and Dynamic Loading Tests on the HARO Armour Unit