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2015  Estimation of Fracture Stiffness, In Situ Stresses, and Elastic Parameters of Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs

2015  Exploratory Review of Sintered Lunar Soil Based on the Results of the Thermal Analysis of a Lunar Soil Simulant

2015  Optical Waveguide Solar Power System for Material Processing in Space

2015  Thermal Analysis of a Novel Integrated Air Conditioning System with Geothermal Energy

2015  Thermomechanical Effects Induced by Energy Piles Operation in a Small Piled Raft

2014  Enhancement of Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase-Change Material under Jordanian Climate

2014  Exergy Management between a Building and Its Environment for Residential HVAC

2014  Experimental Characterization of Energy Output from a Model Geothermal Pile

2014  Numerical Simulation of a Shallow Geothermal Heating/Cooling System

2014  Thermo-TDR Probe for Measurement of Soil Moisture, Density, and Thermal Properties

2013  Competition of Thermal Electricity Generators with Coupled Transmission and Emission Constraints

2013  Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Modelling of Deep Geothermal Heat Production

2013  Implications of Hyporheic Flow on Temperature-Based Estimates of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

2013  SolverSIN: A Practical Model for Large Hydrothermal System Analysis

2012  Efficiency of a Community-Scale Borehole Thermal Energy Storage Technique for Solar Thermal Energy

2012  Energy Harvesting from Water Distribution Systems

2012  Energy Piles: Using Deep Foundations as Heat Exchangers

2012  Exploring the Water-Thermoelectric Power Nexus

2012  Long-Term Performance and Sustainable Operation of Energy Piles

2012  Optimization of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System Operation

2012  Review of Water Use in U.S. Thermoelectric Power Plants

2011  Design and Operational Considerations of Geothermal Energy Piles

2011  Energy Foundations—Potential for Ireland

2011  Geothermal Energy in a Central European Perspective—Challenges and Opportunities

2011  Geothermal Energy: Sustainability, Climate Change, and State of the Practice in the United States

2011  Planning Operation of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System

2011  Preliminary Observations from Laboratory Scale Model Geothermal Pile Subjected to Thermal-Mechanical Loading

2011  Study of Thermal Properties of a Basaltic Clay

2011  Thermal Conductivity Evaluation of a Pile Group Using Geothermal Energy Piles

2011  Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

2010  Application of Geoexchange Experience to Geothermal Foundations

2010  Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources: Willingness to Pay for Geothermal Energy in Yozgat Province, Turkey

2010  Field Test of a Geothermal System in Hafen City, Hamburg

2010  Independence from Fossil Fuel Usages in Northeastern United States: Important Tasks for a Sustainable Geothermal Pilot Well Project

2009  New German Natural Draft Cooling Towers for High-Efficient Power Generation

2008  AHP-TOPSIS-Based Stock of the Electric Power Materials and Research of Optimized Storage Management

2008  Current and Sediment Numerical Model Applied in the Project of Campha Thermal Power Plant

2008  Desalination Using Low-Grade Heat Sources

2008  Environmental Perspectives of Microwave Applications as Remedial Alternatives: Review

2008  NewsBriefs: Volcanic Geothermal Energy Explored

2008  Solar Thermal Electric Panel (STEP): Performance Analysis

2008  Solar Thermal Power for Lunar Materials Processing

2008  Special Climate around a Commercial Solar Chimney Power Plant

2007  Burner Performance Evaluation Using Test Code

2007  Dispersion Modeling of Leachates from Thermal Power Plants

2007  Geothermal Heat Pumps

2007  Hydrothermal Modeling Studies of Cooling Tower Alternatives

2007  NewsBriefs: Report Sees Hope for Geothermal Power Despite Funding Cuts (The Christian Science Monitor)

2007  Potential of Renewable Energies in Turkey

2006  Case Study: Sediment Control at Water Intake for Large Thermal-Power Station on a Small River

2006  Double-Pass Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Air Collector with Comopund Parabolic Concentrator and Fins

2006  Hydrogen Production by Plasma Electrolysis

2005  Development of Energy-Efficient Concrete Buildings using Recycled Plastic Aggregates

2005  Heat Generation in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2004  Application of FBG Sensors to Ground Heat Pump System

2004  Design of School Building HVAC Retrofit with Hybrid Geothermal Heat-Pump System

2003  Sustainability Indices of Thermal Electrical Power Production in Greece

2002  Economic Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Systems

2002  Variations of Thermal Conductivity of Insulation Materials under Different Operating Temperatures: Impact on Envelope-Induced Cooling Load

2001  Basic Model Investigations are Advantageous

2001  Structures: System Would Use Chain of Spheres to Absorb Impact on Structures

2000  Development of a Compact Intake Chamber for Vertical Tubular Pumps

2000  Hydraulic Impacts on the Impeller of Vertical Axial Pumps Installed in Selected Intake Structures

2000  Implementation of Vertical Acceleration and Dispersion Terms in an Otherwise Hydrostatically Approximated Three-Dimensional Model

2000  Thermal Balance of On-Stream Storm-Water Management Pond

2000  Water Intake Sediment Problems in Thermal Power Plants

1998  Control of Zebra Mussels with Ultraviolet Radiation

1998  Prospects for Cool Thermal Storage in Competitive Electric Power Industry

1998  Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Thermal Stratification in Cooling Ponds

1997  Chilled Water Thermal Energy Storage without Electric Rate Incentives or Rebates

1997  Geothermal Resource Assessment Using Self-Optimized Layered Neural Network

1997  The Heat Is On

1996  Composite Holds Back Seawater at 13 Fathoms

1996  Preliminary Studies of a Karst Warm Spring in Mt. Kräuterin, Austria

1996  Project Blue Revolution

1995  An Evaluation of Injection Well Plugging From a Ground-Water Heat Pump System in Southeastern North Dakota

1995  The Integral Project: Overview

1995  Movable-Bed Scale Model for the Nile River at El-Kureimat

1995  Numeric Simulation for Temperature Field of Water Intake and Discharge in Plateau Areas

1994  Conjunctive Operation of Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plants

1994  Evaluation of the Pagosa Springs Geothermal Reservoir and Implications of Potential Additional Reservoir Development

1994  Field-Test Results of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage at St. Paul, Minnesota

1994  Structure of River Turbulence Behind Warm Water Discharge

1994  Valuation Analysis for Independent Power Project

1993  Application of Environmental Regulations on Design of Hydraulic Structures for Open Cooling Water System

1993  Geothermal and Hydropower Production in Iceland

1993  Information Management Power Station Construction at Stanwell

1993  A Marine Resource Mitigation Program for the Impacts of a Coastal Nuclear Power Plant

1993  Optimization of Operations—The Manitoba Hydro Experience

1993  Reservoir Management and Thermal Power Generation

1992  Behavior of Thermal Wedges in Oscillating Reservoir Flow: A Case Investigation

1992  Closed Cycle Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

1992  Economic factors of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

1992  Facilitating Technology for Fuel Production and Energy-Enhanced Products

1992  New Technology Applicable to Tidal Power

1992  Ocean Energy Recovery, the State of the Art

1992  Optimization of Real-Time Hydrothermal System Operation

1992  Reservoir Management and Thermal Power Generation

1992  State of the Art in Open-Cycle Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

1991  Estuary Geometry as a Function of Tidal Range