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2015  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete Mixes in Hawaii: Determination and Implications for Concrete Pavement Design

2015  Combined Imaging Technologies for Concrete Bridge Deck Condition Assessment

2015  Computational Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis to Estimate the Skin Temperature of Cockpit Surface in Various Flight Profiles

2015  Design and Characterization of a Space-Based Imaging Experiment Computer Unit

2015  Effect of Internal Water Pressure on the Measured Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete

2015  Effect of Recycled Asphalt Pavement on Thermal Cracking Resistance of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2015  Hygrothermoelastic Buckling Response of Laminated Composite Plates with Random System Properties: Macromechanical and Micromechanical Model

2015  Improved Thermal and Vertical Trajectory Model for Performance Prediction of Stratospheric Balloons

2015  MHD Boundary Layer Flow of a Nanofluid Passed through a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Thermal Radiation

2015  New Type of Super-Lightweight Magnesium Phosphate Cement Foamed Concrete

2015  Numerical Simulation of the Orion CEV Reentry Vehicle

2015  Optimal Design of a Solar-Driven Heat Engine Based on Thermal and Ecological Criteria

2015  Relationship between Earth Pressure and Thermally Induced Movement of Integral Abutments

2015  Remote Field Monitoring of Thermal and Moisture Deformations in Masonry Cavity Wall Building Envelopes

2015  Size-Dependent Thermomechanical Responses of Nano-Sized Multilayers

2015  Test Construction of Cast-in-Place Concrete Energy Pile in Dredged and Reclaimed Ground

2015  Thermal Cracking of the Cylindrical Tank under Construction. II: Early Age Cracking

2015  Thermomechanical Constitutive Model for Saturated Clays Based on Critical State Theory

2015  Using an Analytical Approach to Investigate Thermal Performance of Double-Flow Packed-Bed Solar Air Heaters with External Recycle

2014  Automated Diagnostics and Visualization of Potential Energy Performance Problems in Existing Buildings Using Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models

2014  Beneficiation of Natural Zeolite through Flash Calcination for Its Use as a Mineral Admixture in Concrete

2014  Comparative Study of Thermal Integrity Profiling with Other Nondestructive Integrity Test Methods for Drilled Shafts

2014  Coupling Thermal Conductivity Dry-Out Curves with Unsaturated Soil Modeling of Shallow Horizontal Geothermal Exchange Loops

2014  Effect of Characteristic Lengths of Fracture on Thermal Crack Patterns

2014  Effect of Inclination Angle on the Heat Transfer Performance of a Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphon under Low-Temperature Conditions

2014  Effects of Thermal Radiation on the Stagnation-Point Flow of Upper-Convected Maxwell Fluid over a Stretching Sheet

2014  Experimental and Numerical Assessment of Restrained Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Using Elliptical Ring Specimens

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Fire Resistance of Novel Timber-Concrete-Composite Decks

2014  Hydrologic Transport of Thermal Energy from Pavement

2014  Hygrothermal Features of Laterite Dimension Stones for Sub-Saharan Residential Building Construction

2014  Impact of Concrete Thermophysical Properties on Pavement Structural Design

2014  Impact of Horizontal Run-Out Length on the Thermal Response of Full-Scale Energy Foundations

2014  Increasing the Number of Uses of Filling Tube Connector in Spacecraft via Heat Treatment, Torque Management, and Ceramic Coating

2014  Large-Amplitude Vibration Analysis of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells with Initial Imperfections in Thermal Environments

2014  Long-Term Thermal Performance of Impermeably Faced Polyiso Foam Boards: Field and Laboratory Observations

2014  MHD Boundary Layer Flow of Second-Grade Nanofluid over a Stretching Sheet with Convective Boundary Conditions

2014  Modeling Retroreflectivity Performance of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings in Alabama

2014  Modeling Thermal Conductivity Dryout Curves from Soil-Water Characteristic Curves

2014  Multiobjective Optimization of Thermal Control Strategies for Multifunctional Structures

2014  Nonlinear Flexural Response of Laminated Composite Plates on a Nonlinear Elastic Foundation with Uncertain System Properties under Lateral Pressure and Hygrothermal Loading: Micromechanical Model

2014  Precast/Prestressed Concrete Sandwich Panels for Thermally Efficient Floor/Roof Applications

2014  Radiative Maxwell Fluid Flow with Variable Thermal Conductivity due to a Stretching Surface in a Porous Medium

2014  Relevance of Capillarity to Thermal and Electrical Conductivity in Unsaturated Granular Soils

2014  Statistical Determination of Cracking Probability for Mass Concrete

2014  Theoretical Bases of Thermomechanical Damage and DMT-Healing Model for Rock

2014  Theoretical Basis for Describing Thermally Induced Water Flux in Soils

2014  Thermal and Mechanical Modeling of Load-Bearing Cold-Formed Steel Wall Systems in Fire

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2014  Thermal Conductivity of Bentonite Grout Containing Graphite or Chopped Carbon Fibers

2014  Thermal Field Distributions of Girder Bridges with GFRP Panel Deck versus Concrete Deck

2014  Thermal Integrity Profiling and Crosshole Sonic Logging of Drilled Shafts with Artificial Defects

2014  Thermal Load Design Philosophies for Horizontally Curved Girder Bridges with Integral Abutments

2014  Thermal Performance Assessment of Recycled Paper Mill Waste-Cement Bricks Using the Small-Scale Model Technique

2014  Thermal Performance of Developed Coating Material as Cool Pavement Material for Tropical Regions

2014  Thermal Resistivity Dry-Out Curves for Three Sandy Soils

2014  Thermally Induced Long-Term Displacement of Thermoactive Piles

2014  Thermo-TDR Probe for Measurement of Soil Moisture, Density, and Thermal Properties

2014  Three-Year Evaluation of Thermally Induced Strain and Corresponding Lateral End Pressures for a GRS IBS in Ohio

2014  Through-Thickness Thermal Behavior of Two RC Bearing Walls under Fire

2014  Treatment of Solar Radiation by Spatial and Temporal Discretization for Modeling the Thermal Response of Arch Dams

2014  Unidirectional Heat-Transfer Asphalt Pavement for Mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect

2013  Applicability of Data Mining Techniques for Predicting Electrical Resistivity of Soils Based on Thermal Resistivity

2013  As-Is 3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Building Envelopes Using a Hybrid LIDAR System

2013  Assessing Factors Affecting the Thermal Properties of a Passive Thermal Refuge Using Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flow and Transport Modeling

2013  Behavior of Sediment Clouds in Waves

2013  Behavior of Thermoset Shape Memory Polymer-Based Syntactic Foam Sealant Trained by Hybrid Two-Stage Programming

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  Cryogenic Freezeback of Uncontrolled Artesian Wells in Permafrost

2013  Development of Desiccant and Evaporative Cooling Based 100% Outdoor System

2013  Discrete Element Method Study on Effect of Shear-Induced Anisotropy on Thermal Conductivity of Granular Soils

2013  Dynamics of Particle Clouds in Ambient Currents with Application to Open-Water Sediment Disposal

2013  Elaboration of a Straw Fiber-Based Insulated Material: Numerical Prediction of Thermohydromechanical Properties

2013  Evaluating the Tradeoffs of Occupant Comfort and Energy Savings: A Study of Window Control Sensitivity

2013  Experimental Apparatuses for the Determination of Pavement Material Thermal Properties

2013  Experimental Evaluation of a Newly Developed Flat Plate Integrated Solar Collector System

2013  Gravity Currents Propagating on Sloping Boundaries

2013  Impact of Heat Exchange on the Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Response of Reinforced Embankments

2013  Interfacial Water: Unexplained Phenomena

2013  Inverse Estimation of Thermal Properties of Concrete During Hydrating Process

2013  Investigation of Performance of Heat Pipe as Heat Exchanger Using Alternative Refrigerants

2013  Micromechanical Model for Predicting Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete

2013  Modeling the Piped Water Cooling of a Concrete Dam Using the Heat-Fluid Coupling Method

2013  Monitoring and Evaluation of the Thermal Behavior of Permeable Pavements for Energy Recovery Purposes in an Experimental Parking Lot: Preliminary Results

2013  Numerical Simulation of the Freezing Process of Concrete

2013  Optimizing the COTE of Concrete by Blending High and Low COTE Aggregates to Meet TxDOT Limit

2013  Passive Force-Deflection Curves for Skewed Abutments

2013  Passive Thermographic Inspection of Adhered Ceramic Claddings: Limitation and Conditioning Factors

2013  Performance and Thermal Evaluation of Incorporating Waste Ceramic Aggregates in Wearing Layer of Asphalt Pavement

2013  Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Control in HVAC-Operated Office Buildings

2013  Physical and Marshall Properties of Borogypsum Used as Filler Aggregate in Asphalt Concrete

2013  Research on High-Temperature Aerospace Materials at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Study on Optimal Operating Mode of a Thermosyphon Heat Exchanger Unit in a Shopping Center

2013  Tensile Fabric Structures, Design, Analysis, and Construction

2013  Tensile Membrane Action of Thin Slabs Exposed to Thermal Gradients

2013  Thermal and Illuminance Performance of a Translucent Green Wall

2013  Thermal Buckling Behavior of Nanobeams Using an Efficient Higher-Order Nonlocal Beam Theory

2013  Thermal Buckling Behavior of Open Cylindrical Oil Storage Tanks under Fire

2013  Thermal Effects on Load Rating of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2013  Thermal Expansion Study and Microstructural Characterization of High-Performance Concretes

2013  Thermal Postbuckling of Shear Deformable FGM Cylindrical Shells Surrounded by an Elastic Medium