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Found 40 Records with the keyword term of "Thermal diffusion"

2012  Influence of the Thermophysical Properties of Pavement Materials on the Evolution of Temperature Depth Profiles in Different Climatic Regions

2011  Physical Model Study of an Alternating Diffuser for Thermal Discharge

2010  Effect of Diffuser Design on Thermal Comfort and Ventilation Efficiency

2005  New Measurement of Thermal Properties of Superpave Asphalt Concrete

2002  Application of Three-Dimensional Laser-Induced Fluorescence to Thermal Diffusers

2002  Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic and Frictional Heating during Finite Deformation of Metal. Part I: Theory

2002  Numerical Simulation of Viscoplastic and Frictional Heating during Finite Deformation of Metal. Part II: Applications

2002  Thermal Diffusion and Associated Stress Field due to High Speed Source

2000  Temperature Distribution in Layered Road Structures

2000  Thermo-Chemo-Mechanics of ASR Expansion in Concrete Structures

1995  Evaluation of Force-Restore Methods for the Prediction of Ground Surface Temperature

1992  Experimental Study of the Transient Temperature Distributions in Concrete

1991  MUT1D: User-Friendly One-Dimensional Thermal Model

1990  Chemically Reacting Thermals with Buoyancy Reversal

1990  Effect of Moisture Movement on Tested Thermal Conductivity of Moist Materials

1990  Thermal Plumes from Staged Diffusers into a Uniform Quiescent Environment

1988  Frost Penetration and Thermal Regime in Dry Gravel

1987  Numerical Simulation on Thermal Diffusion Concerning Air-Sea Heat Exchange Effects

1987  Studies on Thermal Diffusion and Verification of the Third Nuclear Power Plant in Taiwan

1985  A Numerical Model of Subsea Permafrost

1982  Multiport Diffusers for Heat Disposal: A Summary

1982  Thermal Front Formation from Buoyant Surface Jets

1981  Mixing Zone Analysis for River Plumes

1980  Short Thermal River Diffusers

1980  Sources of Computer Programs in Hydraulics

1979  Application of Recent Results on Air-Sea Interaction in Hydraulic Engineering

1979  Design Model for Thermal Effluents in Rivers

1978  Wastewater Disposal from Two-Dimensional Diffuser

1977  Adaptability of Prediction Method of Hydraulic Model Experiment for Thermal Diffusion

1975  Coastal Power Plant Heat Disposal Considerations

1975  Heat Disposal in Water Environment

1975  Interaction of Multiple Jets with Ambient Current

1975  Rapid Temperature Reduction of Thermal Discharge

1972  Buoyant Jets with Three-Dimensional Trajectories

1972  Parameters Necessary for Analyzing Thermal Bioassays

1972  Study Of Thermal Diffusion In A Two Layer Sea Caused By Outfall Of Cooling Water

1971  Shape Factors for Cooling Lakes

1969  Dispersivity Tensor for Turbulent Uniform Channel Flow

1968  Analyzing Steam Electric Power Plant Discharges

1967  A Study on Phenomena of Flow and Thermal Diffusion Caused by Outfall of Cooling Water