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2015  Design of a Lunar Surface Structure. I: Design Configuration and Thermal Analysis

2015  The Effect of Thermal Mass on Annual Heat Load and Thermal Comfort in Cold Climate Construction

2015  Effects of Changing Surrounding Conditions on the Thermal Analysis of the Moste Concrete Dam

2015  Temperature-Based Structural Identification of Long-Span Bridges

2014  Thermal Cracking of Mass Concrete Bridge Footings in Coastal Environments

2014  THIMRAN: MATLAB Toolbox for Thermal Image Processing Aimed at Damage Recognition in Large Bodies

2013  Potential for Desiccation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Used in Barrier Systems

2012  Assessment of Deteriorated Concrete Cover by Combined While-Drilling Techniques

2012  Inelastic Thermal Analysis of Preloaded Steel Trusses Undergoing Heating and Cooling Stages

2012  Numerical Investigation into Headed Shear Connectors under Fire

2012  Prediction of Thermal Decomposition of Hardened Cement Paste

2011  Effect of Chemical Admixtures on Apparent Activation Energy of Cementitious Systems

2011  Thermochemical and Cyclability Analyses of the CO2 Absorption Process on a Ca/Al Layered Double Hydroxide

2010  Mesoscale Approach to Modeling Concrete Subjected to Thermomechanical Loading

2010  Thermoviscoelastic Analysis and Creep Testing of Ambient Temperature Cure Epoxies Used in Adhesive Anchor Applications

2009  Dominant Factor in the Collapse of WTC-1

2009  Modeling the Cooling of Concrete by Piped Water

2009  Seasonal Thermal Displacements of Gravity Dams Located in Northern Regions

2008  Engineering Perspective of the Collapse of WTC-I

2008  Thermal Analysis of Asphalt Pavement with Different Bases by Large Temperature Change

2006  Heat Flow through Soils and Effects on Thermal Storage Cycle in High-Mass Structures

2006  Thermochemical Analysis in the Presintering Phase of Aggregates from Sludge-Marine Clay Mixes

2005  Artificial Ground Freezing of Fully Saturated Soil: Thermal Problem

2005  Heat Generation in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2005  Integral Abutment-Backfill Behavior on Sand Soil — Pushover Analysis Approach

2005  Porochemothermoelastic Solution for an Inclined Borehole in a Transversely Isotropic Formation

2005  Thermal Analysis of GCLs at a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

2004  Active Freezing Techniques

2004  Analytical Methods for Ground Thermal Regime Calculations

2004  Case Histories of Ground Temperature Effects

2004  Climate Change Impacts on Cold Regions Engineering

2004  Estimation of Length Limits for Integral Bridges Built on Clay

2004  Front Matter

2004  Ground Temperature Observations

2004  Ground Thermal Properties

2004  Index

2004  Introduction

2004  Mineralogy of Soil Susceptible to Sulfate Attack after Stabilization

2004  Modeling Impacts of Thaw Lakes to Ground Thermal Regime in Northern Alaska

2004  Passive Cooling in Open Rock Embankments

2004  Passive Techniques for Ground Temperature Control

2004  Permafrost Thawing beneath Buried Pipelines

2004  Stabilizing Distressed Foundations on Permafrost

2004  Temperature Monitoring/Ground Thermometry

2004  Thawing Techniques for Frozen Ground

2004  Thermal Analysis, Construction, and Monitoring Methods for Frozen Ground

2004  Thermal Postbuckling Behavior of Composite Sandwich Plates

2004  Thermal Properties of Soils and Surface Covers

2003  Carbonation of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Fly Ash and the Impact on Metal Mobility

2003  Thermal Performance Analysis of Highly Reflective Coating on Residences in Hot and Arid Climates

2003  Thermal Postbuckling of Uniform Columns on Elastic Foundation—Intuitive Solution

2002  Condition Assessment of FRP Composite Bridge Components Using Infrared Thermography

2001  Thermal Treatment of Polyethylene in System Containing Hydrogen Chloride

2000  Assessment of Concrete in Sulfate Soils

2000  Design and Thermal Analysis of a Composite Mirror Structure

2000  Drift Scale Test at Yucca Mountain: Description and Updated Results

2000  Engineering and Science in Structural Forensic Work

2000  A New Approach in the Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Concrete at High Temperature

2000  Simulation of Construction of RCC Dams. I: Temperature and Aging

2000  Use of a New Thermal Conductivity Sensor to Measure Soil Suction

1999  Coating Tolerant Thermography Inspection System

1999  Externally Bonded Composites for Strengthening Two Concrete T-Beam Bridges

1998  A Description and a Thermal Study of an Exterior Insulation and Finish System Used in China

1998  Detecting Bridge Scour by Measuring the Thermal Variation Across the Stream Bed

1998  High-Resolution Thermal Modeling for Computational Building Design Assistance

1998  Thermal Analysis of Reinforced-Concrete Shells

1997  Application of Infrared Thermography for Pedestrian Wind Evaluation

1997  Continuous Classification of Moisture Content in Waste Activated Sludges

1997  Improved Thermal Computations for Artificially Frozen Shaft Excavations

1997  A One-Two NDE Punch

1997  Structural Integrity Assessment via Coating Tolerant Forced Diffusion Thermography

1997  Thermal Monitoring of Seepage at Fontenelle Dam

1997  Thermography Applications in Hydroelectric Powerplants

1996  Dam Construction in Northern Environment: A Numerical Study

1996  Double-Layer Grids: Review of Static and Thermal Analysis Methods

1996  Microstructural and Phase Characteristics of Phosphogypsum-Cement Mixtures

1996  Near-Drift Thermal Analysis Including Combined Modes of Conduction, Convection, and Radiation

1996  Pyrolysis Kinetics of Uncoated Printing and Writing Paper of MSW

1995  Drift Scale Thermomechanical Analysis for Thermal Loading and Retrievability Studies

1995  Imaging of Reinforced Concrete: State-of-the-Art Review

1995  Modeling of Thermomechanical Damage of Early-Age Concrete

1995  Pyrolysis Kinetics of Scrap Tire Rubbers. I: Using DTG and TGA

1995  Stress Analysis of Concrete Structures Subjected to Variable Thermal Loads

1995  Thermal Performance of Trench Backfills for Buried Water Mains

1995  Use of Geostatistical Modeling to Capture Complex Geology in Finite-Element Analysis

1994  Above and Below Boiling Thermal Loading Strategies for Large Waste Packages

1994  The Application of Thermal Rock Bolts in the Thermal Design of a Nuclear Waste Repository

1994  A Comparison of Spent-Fuel Shipping Cask Response to 10 CFR 71 Normal Conditions and Realistic Hot Day Extremes

1994  Design and Analysis of the 712 Fifth Avenue Structure

1994  Heat Transfer Modeling in Burial Sites Containing Heat-Generating Waste

1994  Mechanics of Curved Fiber Bundles in Composites

1994  Simulation of Heat Transfer Around a Canister Placed Horizontally in a Drift

1994  Site Characterization Plan Thermal Goals Reevaluation

1994  Subrepository Scale Hydrothermal Analysis in Support of Total System Performance Assessment at Yucca Mountain

1994  Thermal Finite Element Analyses of 26 Waste Package Spent Nuclear Fuel Loading Configurations

1994  Thermal Performance of a Depleted Uranium Shielded Storage, Transportation, and Disposal Package

1994  Thermal Response in Antenna Under Laser Irradiation

1994  Thermo-Hydrodynamic Modelling of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal

1993  The Analysis of Repository-Heat-Driven Hydrothermal Flow at Yucca Mountain

1993  Comparison of Predicted Far-Field Temperatures for Discrete and Smeared Heat Sources