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2014  Moment Connection for Quick Assembly of Timber Portal Frame Buildings: Theory and Validation

2014  Theoretical Basis for Describing Thermally Induced Water Flux in Soils

2014  Theoretical Route toward the Estimation of Second Law Potential of an Emulsified Palm Biodiesel Run Diesel Engine

2013  Effect of the Capillary Fringe on Steady-State Water Tables in Drained Lands. II: Effect of an Underlying Impermeable Bed

2013  Theoretical Analysis of Wing Dike Impact on River Flood Stages

2013  Theoretical and Experimental Study of Plate-Strengthened Concrete Columns under Eccentric Compression Loading

2012  Design of an Infrastructure Project Using a Point-Based Methodology

2012  Method for Identifying Bridge Collapse Pattern: Theoretical Analysis

2012  Theoretical Analysis of the Dispersion and Hazardous Range of Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage

2011  Differential Scheme Effective Medium Theory for Hot-Mix Asphalt \p8VE*\p8V Prediction

2011  Experimental and Theoretical Studies on Autogenous Shrinkage of Concrete at Early Ages

2011  Higher-Order Continuum Theory Applied to Fracture Simulation of Nanoscale Intergranular Glassy Film

2011  Modeling Interfirm Dependency: Game Theoretic Simulation to Examine the Holdup Problem in Project Networks

2011  Theoretical and Experimental Study on Water Offset Flow in Fluidic Component of Fluidic Sprinklers

2010  Benefits Distribution and Qualitative Analysis of Interactive Development between Manufacturing and Logistics Industry—Based on Gray Relational Theory

2010  Centrifuge Permeameter for Unsaturated Soils. I: Theoretical Basis and Experimental Developments

2010  The Competency Evaluation of Logistics Project Managers Based on Rough Sets Theory

2010  Contextualist Research: Iterating between Methods While Following an Empirically Grounded Approach

2010  Credit Risk Assessment of Logistics Finance Based on Grey System Theory

2010  Crew Seaworthiness Analysis Based on Circuit Theory

2010  Critical Investigation into the Applicability of the Learning Curve Theory to Rebar Fixing Labor Productivity

2010  Design Structure Matrix Implementation on a Seismic Retrofit

2010  Dynamic Instability of Functionally Graded Shells Using Higher-Order Theory

2010  Ethnographic Theory-Building Research in Construction

2010  Evaluation of Logistics Client Satisfaction Degree Based on Rough Set Theory

2010  Evaluation of Marshalling Yard Layout with Game Theory

2010  First Order Phase Transition in a New Cellular Automaton Model within the Framework of Kerner’s Three-Phase Traffic Theory

2010  Forecasting of Logistics Park Scale Based on System Dynamics Theory

2010  Game Analysis of Escrow Services Adoption in Online Auction Market

2010  A Game Theoretic Approach to Understand Opportunistic Behavior in Project Network Subcontractor Selection

2010  Life Cycle Cost Analysis and Real Option Theory for Improved Sustainability in Existing Buildings

2010  Logistics Assignment Model of Logistics Network Based on Logistics Field Theory

2010  A Method of Emergency Logistics Route Choice Based on Fuzzy Theory

2010  Modified Thermal Theory for Gravity Currents on Sloping Boundaries

2010  Optimization Model of Logistics Service Supply Chain Based on the Theory of Cooperation

2010  Research on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Rail Passenger Satisfaction Based on Rough Set Theory

2010  Research on Trust Relation in Logistics Enterprises Strategic Alliance Based on Evolutionary Game

2010  Road Safety Evaluation Based on Vague Set Theory

2010  Study on Departure Headway of Public Transit Based on Theory of Complex Systems

2010  Theoretical Categories of Successful Collaboration and BIM Implementation within the AEC Industry

2010  Theoretical Framework for Modeling Pedestrians’ Crossing Behavior along a Trip

2010  Theoretical p-y Curves for Laterally Loaded Single Piles in Undrained Clay Using Bezier Curves

2010  Theoretical Study of the Mechanical Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams under Uniform Load

2010  Theory of Organic Combination

2010  Theory-Based SCS-CN Method and Its Applications

2010  Traffic Modal Splitting Model Based on Game Theory with Incomplete Information

2009  Analyzing the Motivation of Queue-Jumping Driving-Action on Transportation Systems by Prospect Theory

2009  Application of Fractal Theory in Pavement Surface Texture Measurement

2009  Cable Modal Parameter Identification. I: Theory

2009  Constructal Theory, Adaptive Motion, and Their Theoretical Application to Low-Speed Turbine Design

2009  Effects of Heating on the Behavior of Lead-Rubber Bearings. I: Theory

2009  Fracture Behavior of Multidirectional DCB Specimen: Higher-Order Beam Theories

2009  A Generalized Continuum Theory and Its Relation to Micromorphic Theory

2009  The Improvement of the Helbing Model Based on the Three-Phase Theory

2009  Model for Reinforced Concrete Members under Torsion, Bending, and Shear. I: Theory

2009  Multi-Path Transportation Assignment Model in Urban Transportation Based on Direction-Tree Theory

2009  Multiple Objective Optimization Model of Public Transit Network Based on Traffic Equilibrium Theory

2009  Observation and Theoretical Analysis of the Temperature Field on the Cross Section of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes Arch Bridge Rib

2009  Operation Model of Logistics System Based on Logistics Field Theory

2009  Optimum Index System of Bridge Maintenance Decision Based on Variable Weighting Theory

2009  Parking Space Optimization of Bus Stop Based on Queuing Theory

2009  Regional Logistics Centers Location Layout Based on Rough Set Theory AHP and Cluster Analysis

2009  Road Traffic Safety Micro-Evaluation Based on Bayes Theory

2009  Safe Spacing Research Based on the Theory of Cellular Automation on Freeways in Foggy Weather

2009  Safety Evaluation Methods of Road Traffic Based on Gray Cluster Theory

2009  Signal Intersection Optimal Control Model of Small Region Based on Traffic Equilibrium Theory

2009  Study on Traffic Impedance Based on Grey Theory

2009  Theoretical Analysis of Design Parameters on Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement with Flexible Base

2009  Theoretical Analysis of Railway Transportation Sustainable Development

2009  Theory of Train-Track-Bridge Coupling Vibration in High-Speed Railways

2009  Traffic Incident Detection Based on Wavelet and Neural Network

2009  Transaction-Cost-Based Selection of Appropriate General Contractor-Subcontractor Relationship Type

2008  Capillary Force and Water Retention between Two Uneven-Sized Particles

2008  New Connection System for Confined Concrete Columns and Beams. II: Theoretical Modeling

2008  Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Rock-Socked Drilled Shafts

2008  Theory of Fine Sediment Infiltration into Immobile Gravel Bed

2008  Urban Particle Caputre in Bioretention Media. II: Theory and Model Development

2007  Asymptotic Derivation of Shear Beam Theory from Timoshenko Theory

2007  Peaking Deflections of Flexible Pipe during Initial Backfilling Process

2007  Three Hundred Years of Bar Theory

2007  Traffic Environment with Fractal Theory

2006  Automatic Downstream Water-Level Feedback Control of Branching Canal Networks: Theory

2006  Characteristics for Leveraging Value Management Processes on Capital Facility Projects

2006  Computation of Number of Equivalent Strain Cycles: A Theoretical Framework

2006  Lean Construction: From Theory to Implementation

2006  A Stochastic Transformation Field Theory for Heterogeneous Materials

2006  Tuning of Robust Distant Downstream PI Controllers for an Irrigation Canal Pool. I: Theory

2005  Application of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving in Tunnel Construction

2005  Large-Deflection Mathematical Analysis of Rectangular Plates

2005  Pultruded Carbon Fiber/Vinyl Ester Composites Processed with Different Fiber Sizing Agents. Part III: Theoretical Aspects

2005  Stress Diffusion Experiment in Sand

2003  Constructing Second-Order Models of Mechanical Systems from Identified State Space Realizations. Part I: Theoretical Discussions

2002  Compression Top Load Reaching Shaft Bottom—Theory Vs. Tests

2002  Experimental and Theoretical Analyses of Internal Waves of Finite Amplitude

2002  In Defense of a Little Theory

2002  Theoretical Model of Shield Behavior during Excavation. I: Theory

2002  Theoretical Model of Shield Behavior during Excavation. II: Application

2001  Applying Lessons from Lean Production Theory to Transit Planning

2001  Comparison of Nearshore Wave Characteristics between Theories and Lab Experiments

2001  Critical Analysis and Historical Context of Materials and Methods Theory in Architectural Engineering Technology