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2014  Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflicts in the Sociocultural Norms of the Thai Construction Industry

2013  Application of Isotherm and Kinetic Models for the Removal of Lead Ions from Aqueous Solutions

2013  Economic Analysis of Leakage in the Bangkok Water Distribution System

2013  Occurrence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate in the Water Environment of Bangkok, Thailand

2013  Prediction of Rainfall-Runoff in an Ungauged Basin: Case Study in the Mountainous Region of Northern Thailand

2012  German Court Authorizes Seizure of Thai Prince’s Plane in Pursuit of Arbitral Award: Walter Bau AG v. Kingdom of Thailand

2012  Laboratory Evaluation of the Soil Density Gauge (SDG)

2012  Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Surface Waters in Bangkok

2012  Tunneling Effects on Pile Group Response in Bangkok

2011  Behavior of a Trial Embankment with Reinforced Steep Slope and Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall: A Numerical Analysis

2011  Collaborative Negotiation Behaviors in Thai Construction Projects

2010  Accelerated Construction for a Medium-Span Bridge in Thailand with the Precast Segmental Approach

2010  Deep Excavation Induced Pile Movement in Bangkok Subsoil-A Numerical Investigation

2010  Effects of Calcium Carbide Residue–Fly Ash Binder on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

2010  Hypoplastic Model for Simulation of Deformation Characteristics of Bangkok Soft Clay with Different Stress Paths

2010  Stiffness and Strength Based In-Place Evaluation of Compacted Unbound Materials

2009  Application of Air Foam Stabilized Soil for Bridge-Embankment Transition Zone in Thailand

2009  Modeling the Dynamics of Heavy Equipment Management Practices and Downtime in Large Highway Contractors

2009  Nonlinear Response of Passively Loaded Piles Founded in Soft Bangkok Clay

2009  Solving the Problems of Differential Settlement of Pavement Structures in the Bangkok Area

2009  Strategic Assets Driving Organizational Capabilities of Thai Construction Firms

2009  Study of Factors Influencing the Efficient Management and Downtime Consequences of Highway Construction Equipment in Thailand

2008  Back Matter

2008  Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Arrival of the South Asia Tsunami Wave in Thailand

2008  Front Matter

2008  Index

2008  Monitoring Deformation of Thai Geodetic Network due to the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman and 2005 Nias Earthquakes by GPS

2007  Industrial Water Demand Prediction Model by Using Input-Output Table: The Case of Industrial Strategy of Thailand and Impacts from Pricing Policy

2006  Concerned Aspects in Large Drainage Project: A Case Study of the Mun River Bypass Project in Thailand

2006  Pavement Engineering Parameters for Thai Collapsible Soil

2005  A Dynamic Programming for Searching Rule Curves

2005  Time-Space Trend Analysis in Pan Evaporation over Kingdom of Thailand

2004  Assessment of Agricultural NonPoint Source Model for a Watershed in Tropical Environment

2004  Bridge to the Future

2004  Current Practice and Future Trends of Cast-in-Place Deep Foundation in Thailand

2004  Effectiveness of Toe-Grouting for Deep-Seated Bored Piles in Bangkok Subsoil

2004  Heavy Metals in Bottom Ash from a Medical-Waste Incinerator in Thailand

2004  Integrated Environmental and Economic Development Planning: A Methodology with Case Study in North East Thailand

2004  Utilization of Palm Oil Fuel Ash in High-Strength Concrete

2003  Development of Bottom Ash as Pozzolanic Material

2003  Factors Affecting the Productivity of the Construction Industry in Thailand: The Foremen’s Perception

2003  Integrated Water Management System Feasibility Study for the Bang Pakong River Basin

2003  Regal Crossing

2002  Barrette of Over 50,000 kN Ultimate Capacity Constructed in the Multi-Layered Soil of Bangkok

2002  Behavior and Performance of Instrumented Barrette Piles in Bangkok Subsoils

2002  The Collapse of Foundations in Khon Kaen Soil and the Rehabilitation by Means of Composite Piles

2002  Educational Initiatives for Urban Drainage Modeling and Management

2002  Modeling of Urban Flooding in Bangkok

2002  Modeling the Interaction between Drainage System, Wastewater Treatment Plant and Receiver Water in Pattaya Beach

2002  Performance of Wet-Process Bored Piles Constructed with Polymer-Based Slurry in Bangkok Subsoil

2001  Hydraulic and Ecological Effects of Saltwater Barrier in Songkhla Lake Basin

2001  Reservoir Release Policy for Large Irrigation System

2001  Rethinking Bangkok’s Wastewater Strategy

1999  2D Numerical Model of Flooding in East Bangkok

1999  Bangkok Blockbuster

1999  Erosion Control of Downcoast Area of Ports in Thailand Using Parabolic Bay Shape

1999  Integrated Water Quality Management in the Tha Chin River Basin, Thailand, Using the Linkage of a Simulation Model and a Desktop GIS

1999  Modeling of Urban Area Stop-and-Go Traffic Noise

1999  Prediction of Settlement in Bangkok Ground Due to Tunnel Excavation

1998  Burrowing Beneath Bangkok

1998  Construction Law a ‘Hot’ Topic in Bangkok

1998  The Effect of Gate-Operation Rules on Water-Delivery Performance: Phitsanulok Irrigation System, Thailand

1998  Thailand-U.S. Center for Technology Partnership

1997  Collapse of Transmission Line Towers in Typhoon Gay

1997  GAI Studies Thai Hazardous Waste

1997  Simulation of Floods in Ping River Using IIS Distributed Hydrological Model (IISDHM)

1997  Thai Water Mark

1996  A Boom in Thailand

1995  Reliabilities in Operation of Parallel and Series Reservoir Systems

1993  Bridge Management System Implemented in Thailand

1993  Dam Safety of Hydroelectric Projects in Thailand

1993  Doing Business in...Bangkok

1993  Doing Business In...Bangkok: More than just Temples

1992  Harbour Development in Southern Part of Thailand

1991  Comparison of Wave Hindcast Methods for Lower Gulf of Thailand

1991  A National Coral Reef Management Strategy for Thailand

1991  Saving What’s Left of Tourism Development at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

1991  What Future for Phuket?

1990  Effect of Vehicle Size on Highway Capacity in Thailand

1989  Boundary Conditions of Tidal Model at River Mouth

1989  Developing Coastal Area Management Plans in the Southeast Asian Region

1989  Soils for Aquaculture Farming in Mangrove Forests, Surat Thani, Thailand

1988  Small Hydro Studies in Northern Thailand

1988  Subsurface Injection of Storm Water Runoff into an Underground Storage of Bangkok

1987  Bangkok Gets Record Cable Stay

1987  Bridge Correction

1987  Properties of Tin-Mined Land in Mangrove Forest, Thailand

1986  Thailand Micro/Mini Hydroelectric Project

1984  Water Quality Index for Chao Phraya River

1983  Thailand Peace Corps Seeks Advice

1982  Ironstone Gravels in Eastern Thailand

1981  Environmental Changes in the Nam Pong Basin Resulting from a Large Scale Surface Water Impoundment

1981  Limits to Surface Water Use in Central Thailand

1978  Deformation and Strength Characteristics of Soft Bangkok Clay

1977  Foundation of the Sirikit Powerhouse

1973  Test Fills to Failure on the Soft Bangkok Clay

1972  Capacity-Feedback Relationship for Port of Bangkok

1972  Development of Bottom Panels in River Training

1971  Sector Gates in Bangkok Klong System

1968  Pollution of the Chao Phraya River Estuary