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2014  Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring

2013  Design of Access Facilities and Modal Integration for Major Transit Projects in Developing Countries

2013  Evaluation Index System Construction of Coordination of Road Passenger Terminal Layout and Urban Development

2013  Location of the Road Transfer Station for Containers Based on the Mixed-Integer Programming Principle

2013  Optimization of Resource Allocation for Rail Container Terminals Based on Internet of Things Technology

2013  Safety Evaluation of a Transfer Station Based on Gray Incidence Appraisal Method

2013  Vehicle Monitoring Terminal for Dangerous Goods Transportation Based on ARM

2012  Analyze the Problem of Investment and Financing for Building Urban Bus Station

2012  Development and Implementation of Lighting and Shading Control Algorithms in an Airport Building

2012  Measuring Stop Connectivity within a Transit Network

2012  Optimization Analyses of Bus Stations’ Operational Efficiency

2012  Research on the Irrational Behaviors of Passengers in Terminal

2012  ’Sculptural’ Bus Station Furthers Redevelopment Plan

2012  The Shortest Distance Method of Total Intensive Mode Transfer in Passenger Terminal Layout: A Case Study of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Station in Zhenjiang City

2012  Study on Reducing Assembling Time of Container Flow from Terminal Area

2011  Capacity Calculation Method for Automatic Fare Gates for Two-Wheelers

2011  Carrying Capacity Calculation Method of PDL Stations

2011  Development of Intelligent Terminal for Safety Monitoring of On-Road Van Transportation

2011  Evaluation Index System of Transshipment and Repacking Solutions in Railway Container Terminals

2011  Fuzzy Synthesis Estimation System in Efficiency of Containerized Handling Facilities System

2011  Layout Styles of Taxi Facilities Affiliated with High Speed Railway Stations and Their Applicability

2011  Optimal Pricing Model for Third Party Logistics Based on SCM under Demand Variation

2011  Research on Terminal Facility Optimization in Large Airport

2011  Simulation Analysis on the Impact of Ramp Setting on the Level of Service of Terminal Collector Expressways

2011  A Time-Space Diagram for Solving Dynamic Berth Allocation Problem at Container Terminal

2010  Berth Allocation Based on Improved Memetic Algorithm in Container Terminal

2010  Development of a Planning Method for Coordinating a Public Transport Network with the Location of Transfer Terminals

2010  Dynamic Berth Scheduling Optimization Based on Rolling Window in Container Terminal

2010  Measuring Transfer Efficiency of Urban Public Transportation Terminals by Data Envelopment Analysis

2010  Research on the Process of Restructuring the Development Mode of Highway Freight Terminal

2010  Service Level Classification of Facilities in Passenger Terminals Based on Pedestrian Flow Characteristics Analysis

2010  Study on Container Terminal and Production Resources Model

2010  Study on the Production Optimization Simulation Platform for the Container Terminal Yard’s Operation System

2010  Study on the Railway Strategic Loading Station Location Model

2010  Study on the Selecting Method of the Connecting Scheme at Technical Stations

2009  Efficiency Evaluation of Urban Transit Terminals Based on the Cloud Model

2009  Spatial Distribution of Bus Terminals in Large Cities — The Case of Wuhan, China

2009  Study on Intersections with Median BRT Stations: Focused on Pedestrian Street-Crossing Characteristics

2008  Analyses of the Transfer Waiting Time in Urban Public Transportation Terminals

2008  Application of Traffic-Wave Theory in Air Traffic Flow

2008  An Interactive Simulation System for Process System of Bulk Cargo Terminal

2008  A Simulation Based Evaluation for Bus Facility Design Features

2008  The Study of Traffic Organization in Transport Terminals

2008  Study on Systematic Effect of the Throughput Capacity of Container Berth

2008  Study on the Relationship between Highway Passenger Transfer Terminals Planning and Urban Spatial Development

2008  Study on Vital Edges of Delivery Path under Terminal Uncertainty

2007  Design and Construction of the Energy Berthing Dock and Access Pier at the Esso Bahamas Clifton Terminal Facility

2007  Development of Logistics Joint Station at Chongqing Railway Terminal

2007  Engineered Management System for Waterfront Facilities

2007  Instrumentation and Monitoring of Port Facilities: Planning, Funding, Field Applications, and Long-Term Benefits

2007  Locating Transport Terminals in a City

2007  Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS)

2007  A Multi-Agent System for Container Terminal Automation

2007  The Optimization of Container Flow Routing Between Railway Network Container Freight Stations

2007  Port of Everett Rail/Barge Transfer Facility Seismic Design, Everett, Washington

2007  Prediction and Impacts of Pile Driving on Port Terminal Facilities

2007  Taicang Terminal’s Logistics Competitiveness: SWOT Analysis and Implications

2007  Terminal 5 Asset Management Plan

2007  West Central Africa’s Transshipment Terminal: São Tomé e Príncipe

2005  Assessment of Fire Hazard in Small News Agents in Transport Terminal Halls

2004  Pier 400 Development: The Port of Los Angeles

2004  Terminal Transformation

2002  Cost-Based Space Estimation in Passenger Terminals

2002  Ports: Long Beach Expands Dock over Stabilized Contaminants

2002  Selecting a Guardrail End Terminal for High Snowfall Regions

2001  Automated People-Mover Station Integration

2001  Facilities Master Planning and Design - Vision 2000, Port of Oakland

2001  The Future of Passenger Information Systems

2001  MSRP: Model for Station Rehabilitation Planning

2001  Overview of Regional Seismicity and Structural Evaluation and Criteria of Structural Upgrade

2001  Ports: Port of Oakland Expands into Former Navy Facility

2001  Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of the Ataturk International Airport Terminal Building

2001  Station Design for the Clarian Health People Mover System

2000  Analysis and Modeling of Container Terminals Operations

2000  Ferry Terminal Replacement Works Around Sensitive Foundation

2000  Port Authority Designs Permanent, Floating Ferry Terminal

1999  Anchorage-Ship-Berth Link as Multiple Server Queuing System

1999  Application of Physical Model in Long Wave Studies for The Port of Long Beach

1999  Engineers Transform Shipyard to Terminal Using RCC

1998  Airport Development in Singapore

1998  Behavioral Analysis on Intercity Bus Terminal: A Case Study of Probolinggo City, Indonesia

1998  Conceptual Planning and Analysis of the Proposed Naval Station Container Terminal Port of Long Beach

1998  Development of the Proposed Pier T Container Terminal at the Port of Long Beach, California

1998  Northside Container Yard Port Canaveral, Florida

1998  Numerical Simulation of Tidal Flow in JN Port, Bombay, India

1998  Planning a High Density Hub Terminal at Mina Raysut

1998  Practical Implications of Optimal Space Allocation and Pricing

1998  Probabilistic Analyses of Port Throughput and Berth Optimization

1998  Reclamation and Breakwater for IKPP Terminal, Indonesia

1997  GIS for Use in Structural Inspection

1997  New Port Puts Oman at Crossroads

1997  Skylights Help Brighten Florida Bus Terminal

1997  Taxiway to Lead Airport Expansion

1996  Driven Pile Capacities in Warm Permafrost in Komi Republic, Russia

1996  Grand Plans for Grand Central

1995  1994 Port of Seattle Timber Study

1995  Deltaport: A New Container Terminal for Vancouver Port Corporation

1995  Design Considerations for the Expansion of Charles P. Howard Terminal, Port of Oakland

1995  DOW A-22 Barge and Ship Dock Project

1995  Feasibility Study for “FastShip Atlantic” Terminal