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2015  Long-Term Behavior of Posttensioned Timber Connections

2015  Performance of Posttensioned Seismic Retrofit of Two Stone Masonry Buildings during the Canterbury Earthquakes

2014  Behavior of Post-Tensioning Strand Systems Subjected to Inelastic Cyclic Loading

2014  Endurance Limit for HMA Based on Healing Concept Using Uniaxial Tension-Compression Fatigue Test

2014  Generalized Component-Based Model for Shear Tab Connections

2014  Instantaneous Stiffness of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Including Steel-Concrete Interface Damage and Long-Term Effects

2014  Use of CFRP Overlays to Repair Fatigue Damage in Steel Plates under Tension Loading

2013  Comparative Field Study of Cable Tension Measurement for a Cable-Stayed Bridge

2013  Experimental and Numerical Research on 3D Crack Growth in Rocklike Material Subjected to Uniaxial Tension

2013  Golden Ratio in the Crack Pattern of Reinforced Concrete Structures

2013  Influence of Surface Tension on Air-Water Flows

2013  Innovative Families of Double-Layer Tensegrity Grids: Quastruts and Sixstruts

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Modeling Analysis of Soil-Pipe Interaction

2013  Overall Properties of a Soft Porous Material: Surface Tension Effects

2013  Prediction of Flexural Deformation of a Corroded RC Beam with a Polynomial Tension-Stiffening Model

2013  Viscoelastic Poisson’s Ratio of Asphalt Mixtures

2012  Characterization of Epoxy Resin Including Strain Rate Effects Using Digital Image Correlation System

2012  Complex Stiffness Gradient Estimation of Field-Aged Asphalt Concrete Layers Using the Direct Tension Test

2012  Finite-Element Modeling to Calculate the Overall Stiffness of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Beams

2012  Mechanism-Based Approach for the Deployment of a Tensegrity-Ring Module

2012  Net Section Tension Capacity of Bolted Connections in Cold-Reduced Steel Sheets

2012  On the Subject of Piles in Tension

2012  Practical Formula for Cable Tension Estimation by Vibration Method

2012  Study on the Optimization of Construction Cable Tensions for Multi-rib Butterfly-shape Arch Bridges

2011  Estimation of Tension in Cables with Intermediate Elastic Supports Using Finite-Element Method

2011  Preliminary Study on the Bond Properties of the PDCC Concrete Repair System

2011  Test Result for Tension Control Experiment of U-Shaped Prestressed Tendons in Cable-Stayed Bridge Pylon

2011  Uniaxial Tension Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Members Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Sheets

2011  Viscoelastoplastic Continuum Damage Model for Asphalt Concrete in Tension

2010  Evaluation of Common Method for Eyebar Tension Measurement

2010  Experimental Investigation of High Strength Cold-Formed C-Sections in Combined Bending and Shear

2010  Time-Temperature Superposition for HMA with Growing Damage and Permanent Strain in Confined Tension and Compression

2009  Behavior of a Long-Term Tensile Force Measurement Device

2009  Coupled Mechanical and Hydraulic Modeling of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Column-Supported Embankments

2009  Further Insights into Postbuckling of Web Panels. I: Review of Flange Anchoring Mechanism

2009  Optimal Cable Tension Design for Cable-Stayed Bridges on Trust Region Algorithm

2009  Probabilistic Capacity Models for Corroding Posttensioning Strands Calibrated Using Laboratory Results

2009  Strength of Screw Connections in Cold-Formed Steel Construction

2008  Capillary Force and Water Retention between Two Uneven-Sized Particles

2008  CFRP Prestressed High-Strength Concrete Prisms Subjected to Direct Tension

2008  Experimental Verification of Capillary Force and Water Retention between Uneven-Sized Spheres

2008  Question of Tension Softening versus Tension Stiffening in Plain and Reinforced Concrete

2007  Behavior of Slender, Posttensioned Masonry Walls under Transverse Loading

2007  Computational Analysis of Masonry Structures with a Funicular Model

2006  Accelerating the Construction of a Highway Bridge in Ohio

2006  Finite Element Modeling of Wrap-Around Gusset Plates in Tension

2006  Internal Forces for Statically Indeterminate Structures having Different Moduli in Tension and Comprehension

2006  Polyethylene Duct Cracking on Posttensioning Tendons in Florida Segmented Bridges

2006  SAR Membrane Tensioning

2006  Shear Resistance of Concrete Bridge Decks in Tension

2006  Water Transport in Concrete Damaged by Tensile Loading and Freeze–Thaw Cycling

2005  Bending Behavior of Helically Wrapped Cables

2005  Estimation of Mass Transport Parameters of Organic Compounds through High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes Using a Modified Double-Compartment Apparatus

2005  Explaining the Riddle of Tension Stiffening Models for Shear Panel Experiments

2005  New Test for Determination of Masonry Tensile Bond Strength

2005  Shear Lag in Rectangular HSS Tension Members

2004  Active Tensegrity Structure

2004  Flexural Fatigue of Glulam Beams With Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tension Reinforcing

2004  Limit State Design of CIP Post-Tensioned Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2004  Reliability Analysis of Block Shear Capacity of Coped Steel Beams

2004  Tension Stiffening of Reinforced Concrete Ties Strengthened with Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2003  Adjustable Tensegrity Structures

2003  Effects of Mineral Admixture on Properties of Young Concrete

2003  Microplane Model for Reinforced-Concrete Planar Members in Tension-Compression

2003  New Design Rule for Intermediate Transverse Stiffeners Attached on Web Panels

2003  Optimization of Cable Tensioning in Cable-Stayed Bridges

2003  Physical Properties of Plywood and Waferboard as Pile Cushion Materials

2003  Postbuckling Analysis of Plates Resting on a Tensionless Elastic Foundation

2003  Sheet Pile Tensions in Cellular Structures

2003  Tension Stiffening and Crack Formation in Reinforced Concrete Members wtih Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheets

2002  Application of Wigner-Ville Transform to Evaluate Tensile Forces in Seven-Wire Prestresing Strands

2002  Net Section Rupture in Tension Members with Connection Eccentricity

2002  Stress Concentration Factors of Doubler Plate Reinforced Tubular T Joints

2002  Structural Design Forum: Direct Tension Indicators

2002  Water Flow in Unsaturated Soils in Microgravity Environment

2001  Decomposition of Damage Tensor in Continuum Damage Mechanics

2001  Fracture Analysis of High Strength Concrete Members

2001  Single Angle Geometric Axis Flexural Compactness Criteria: Horizontal Leg Tension

2001  Tension Stiffening Effect in RC Beams with Steel Fiber

2001  Upper Limit to Compression Reinforcement Ratio in Flexural Elements

2000  Cable Tension Control of Tsuneyoshi Bridge Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm

2000  Element-Free Galerkin Simulations of Concrete Failure in Dynamic Uniaxial Tension Test

2000  Experimental Study on Crack Bridging in FRC under Uniaxial Fatigue Tension

2000  FE Analysis of RC Beams Based on Moment-Curvature Relation

2000  Nonlinear Analysis of Self-Erecting Framework by Cable-Tensioning Technique

1999  Aluminum Gusset Plates in Tension

1999  Aspects of a Computer-Simulation Approach to the Design of HSC

1999  Design of Tension Lap Splices in High Strength Concrete

1999  Localization Characteristics of Triaxial Concrete Model

1999  Low-Tension Cable Dynamics: Numerical and Experimental Studies

1999  A New Look at the Problem of Drying Creep of Concrete Under Tension

1999  Response of Quasi-Brittle Materials Reinforced by Short, Aligned Fibers

1999  South Boston Tension Element Testing Program for Central Artery (I-93)/Tunnel (I-90) Project

1999  The Technology of Final Tensioning Fabric Structures

1999  Tension Element Testing in South Bay and Downtown Boston for Central Artery/Tunnel (CA/T) Project

1998  Active Control of Tensegrity Systems

1998  Attitude Control of Space Platform Based Tethered Satellite System

1998  Experimental Determination of Frequencies and Tension for Elastic Cables

1998  Hyperbolic Cooling Towers with Bulge Imperfections

1998  Interface Behavior in Steel Fiber/Cement Composites under Tension