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2014  Axially Restrained Beam-Column with Initial Imperfections and Nonlinear End Connections Subject to High Temperatures

2014  Calorimeter Test for Aluminum Production Waste Reactivity

2014  Classification and Reactivity of Secondary Aluminum Production Waste

2014  Comparing Effects of Biobinder with Other Asphalt Modifiers on Low-Temperature Characteristics of Asphalt

2014  Curing Temperature Effects on Soils Stabilized with Portland Cement Having Different Sulfate Contents

2014  Effect of Fluid Temperature on Rock Failure in Borehole Drilling

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Ratio on Transverse Early-Age Cracking of GFRP-RC Bridge Deck Slabs

2014  Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of a Regenerative ORC Utilizing Low-Grade Heat Source

2014  Experimental Study of a Low-Temperature Power Generation System in an Organic Rankine Cycle

2014  Experimental Study of Thermal Actions on a Solid Slab Concrete Deck Bridge and Comparison with Eurocode 1

2014  Feasibility Study on the Production of Particleboard from Maize Cobs, Rice Husks, and Groundnut Shells Using Acacia Mimosa Tannin Extract as the Bonding Adhesive

2014  Frequency and Temperature Interactive Effects on Hot Mix Permanent Deformation Using Response Surface Methodology

2014  Human-Building Interaction Framework for Personalized Thermal Comfort-Driven Systems in Office Buildings

2014  Increasing the Number of Uses of Filling Tube Connector in Spacecraft via Heat Treatment, Torque Management, and Ceramic Coating

2014  Influence of Combined Transportation Time and Temperature on Flow Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete

2014  Influence of Fly Ash and GGBFS in Laterized Concrete Exposed to Elevated Temperatures

2014  Laboratory Evaluation on Resilient Modulus and Rate Dependencies of RAP Used as Unbound Base Material

2014  Large-Amplitude Vibration Analysis of Shear Deformable Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells with Initial Imperfections in Thermal Environments

2014  Mechanics of Ti-Ni BMG-Based Alloys: Experimental Study

2014  Modeling of Heat Transfer in Gas-Filled Furnace for Steel Members

2014  Modeling Viscoelastic Behavior of Polyethylene Pipe Stresses

2014  Nonisothermal Shear Strength of Compacted Silt at Residual Saturation

2014  Numerical Modeling of Ground Temperature Response in a Ground-Source Heat Pump System (GSHP)

2014  Optimizing Building Energy Operations via Dynamic Zonal Temperature Settings

2014  Performance Diagnosis for Turbojet Engines Based on Flight Data

2014  Properties and Variation of Electrical Resistivity Due to Temperature Change

2014  Service Life of HDPE Geomembranes Subjected to Elevated Temperatures

2014  Shear Behavior of Silty Soil and Soil-Structure Interface under Temperature Effects

2014  Thermal Buckling Optimization of Temperature-Dependent Laminated Composite Skew Plates

2014  Thermal Performance Assessment of Recycled Paper Mill Waste-Cement Bricks Using the Small-Scale Model Technique

2014  Triaxial Compressive Strength of Concrete Subjected to High Temperatures

2014  Workability Evaluation of Foamed Warm-Mix Asphalt

2013  Aerospace Propulsion and Power Materials and Structures Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Analysis of Benefits Yielded by Pressure Management in the Area Based on Temperature Revision

2013  Analysis of Evaporation Data under Roughness-Induced Wind Flow

2013  An Analysis of Frost Penetration Depth with Field Temperature Data of Paved Road in Korea

2013  Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of the Xiaoyangqi River in Northeast China

2013  Annual Thermal Performance of a Hollow Roof in Combination with a Cavity Wall and Static Sunshade: Experimental Study of Energy-Efficient Rooms

2013  Application of a Thermally Modified Agrowaste Material for an Economically Viable Removal of Cr(VI) from Aqueous Solutions

2013  Application of C50 Negative Temperature Concrete in Bridge Engineering

2013  Behavior of CFRP-Prestressed Concrete Beams under Sustained Load at Low Temperature

2013  Bond-Slip Model for FRP Laminates Externally Bonded to Concrete at Elevated Temperature

2013  Bringing People, Data, and Models Together - Addressing Impacts of Climate Change on Stream Temperature

2013  Challenges in Poroelasticity and Solid-Fluid Mixtures Development

2013  Comparison of Surface and Subsurface Winter Temperatures in Pervious and Conventional Concrete Pavements

2013  Comparison of Thermal Stresses Calculated from Asphalt Binder and Asphalt Mixture Creep Tests

2013  Constitutive Model for Compressive Strength and Elastic Modulus for Concrete under Elevated Temperature

2013  Cool and Long-Lasting Pavements with Geosynthetic Reinforced Chip Seals

2013  Coupled THMC Analysis of the Stress and Pressure Change around the Injection Well in CO2 Sequestration

2013  Crop Water Stress in Peach Orchards and Relationships with Soil Moisture Content in a Chernozem of Dobrogea

2013  Determination of Apparent Activation Energy of Concrete by TMC and Mathematical Means

2013  Determination of Compaction Temperature and Research on Pavement Performance of WMA Based on Bulk Density

2013  Determination of Steel Emissivity for the Temperature Prediction of Structural Steel Members in Fire

2013  Development of a New Joint Load Transfer versus Slab Temperature Modeling Procedure for Airfield Concrete Pavements

2013  Development of Fracture Resistance Curves for Asphalt Concrete

2013  Effect of a New Type Antifreeze Agent on the Mechanical Behavior of Negative Temperature Concrete

2013  Effect of Basalt Fiber on the Asphalt Binder and Mastic at Low Temperature

2013  Effect of Compaction Temperature on Rutting and Moisture Resistance of Foamed Warm-Mix-Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Effect of Declination Angle of Vent Air on Flow Characteristics of a Scale Model of a Down-Fired Utility Boiler with Swirl Burners

2013  Effect of Early Solar Energy Gain according to Building Size, Building Openings, Aspect Ratio, Solar Azimuth, and Latitude

2013  Effect of Gravel-Sand Mulch on Soil Water and Temperature in the Semiarid Loess Region of Northwest China

2013  Effect of Heat Elimination by Pipe Cooling System for Temperature Rise with Heat of Cement Hydration in Beam Using High Strength Engineered Cementitious Composites

2013  Effect of Temperature on Strength and Elastic Modulus of High-Strength Steel

2013  Effect of the Temperature and Curing Time on the Water Transfer of Lime Stabilized Gypseous Soil

2013  Effects of Acoustic Excitation and Annular Swirl Strength on a Non-Premixed and Swirl-Stabilized Flame

2013  Effects of Elevated Temperatures on Double Shear Bolted Connections of Thin Sheet Steels

2013  Element Size and Other Restrictions in Finite-Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

2013  Evaluation of Low-Temperature and Elastic Properties of Crumb Rubber- and SBS-Modified Bitumen and Mixtures

2013  Evaluation of Temperature-Induced Curling in Concrete Slabs Using Deflection Difference Analysis

2013  Evaluation of Warm Mix Asphalt Mixtures Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement through Mechanical Performance Tests and an Acoustic Emission Approach

2013  Evidence of Multiple Physical Drivers on the Circulation and Thermal Regime in the Green Bay of Lake Michigan

2013  Experimental Evaluation of the Regenerative and Basic Organic Rankine Cycles for Low-Grade Heat Source Utilization

2013  Experimental Studies on the Bohai Sea Ice Shear Strength

2013  Fatigue Properties of Asphalt Materials at Low In-Service Temperatures

2013  Field-Monitoring System for Suction and Temperature Profiles under Pavements

2013  Freeze Up Water Temperature Forecast for the Yellow River Using Adaptive-Networks-Based Fuzzy Inference System

2013  Glass Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Mortar Pipe Sewers Temperature-Proof Leakage Construction Technology

2013  Guidelines for Achieving Optimum Fire Resistance in FRP-strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams

2013  High-Temperature Microwave Dielectric Properties and Processing of JSC-1AC Lunar Simulant

2013  Hydrometeorological Parameters in Prediction of Soil Temperature by Means of Artificial Neural Network: Case Study in Wyoming

2013  Hygrothermal-Chemical Couplings in Degradation of Cementitious Materials

2013  Ice-Melting Performance of Carbon Fiber - Glassgrid Anti-Ice Asphalt Pavement

2013  Impact of Surface Temperature on Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Pavement

2013  Impetus of Multi-temperature Joint Distribution Based on Storage-type Cold-chain Logistics

2013  Implications of Hyporheic Flow on Temperature-Based Estimates of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

2013  Imposed Deformations Measured on a Real Integral Structure: New Airport Terminal Barajas, Madrid, Spain

2013  Influence of Land Use, Precipitation, and Mean Monthly Temperature on High Flow Trends in an Urban Watershed

2013  Instrumentation for Aerospace Applications: Electronic-Based Technologies

2013  Integral Bridge Abutment to Approach Slab Connection

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Investigation of Thermal Gradient Effects in the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

2013  Low Temperature Characterization of Asphalt Mixtures by Measuring Visco-Elastic Properties under Thermal Loading

2013  Low-Temperature, Anti-Cracking Performance of Superpave Asphalt Mixture

2013  A Material Testing Methodology for In Situ Quality Control of Low Temperature Performance in Asphalt Pavements

2013  Mechanism Analysis of Subgrade Frost Heaving in Seasonally Frozen Regions

2013  Modeling Cold Region Ground Temperatures with a Heat Flux Upper Boundary Model

2013  Modeling of Moisture Diffusivity of Concrete at Low Temperatures

2013  Modeling Pavement Temperature Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks

2013  Modeling the Influence of Thermo-Mechanical Crack Opening and Closure on Rock Stiffness

2013  Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry Study of Physical Hardening Rates in Asphalt Cements