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2015  Assessment of the U.S. Nuclear Construction Industry in Terms of Human Capital and Construction Technologies

2015  Information-Integration Maturity Model for the Capital Projects Industry

2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  Rust: The Longest War, By Jonathan Waldman. New York City: Simon & Shuster, 2015

2014  The Lost Art of Finding Our Way By John Edward Huth. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Belknap Press, 2014

2013  BIM Collaboration in Student Architectural Technologist Learning

2013  Cost-Benefit Analysis of Construction Information Management System Implementation: Case Study

2013  Enhancing Construction As-Built Documentation Using Interactive Voice Response

2012  Creativity: An Important Problem-Solving Tool for Water Resources in 2050

2012  Development of a Road Monitoring and Reporting System Based on Location-Based Services and Augmented-Reality Technologies

2012  An Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model for BIM-Based FM

2012  Facing the Challenges in Educational, Technological and Social Change Leading to 2050

2012  IOP Tool: Assessing the Benefits and Hindrances of Information Integration Implementation Opportunities

2012  Irrigation in 2050

2012  New Storage Technology Could Aid Renewable Energy

2012  NewsBriefs: Understanding Sea Urchin Spines May Lead to Stronger Building Materials (BBC News)

2012  Strategies for Integrating the Use of Off-Site Production Technologies in House Building

2012  Visions of Green Technologies in 2050 for Municipal Resource Management

2011  Accident Analysis and Refined Calculation Technology of the Vehicle-Fixity Crash

2011  Addressing the Housing Challenges of an Aging Population: Initiatives by Blueroof Technologies in McKeesport, Pennsylvania

2011  Analysis on Strategy Choice of New Technologies Adopted in Logistics Enterprises under Demand Uncertainty

2011  Applications of Machine Learning in Pipeline Monitoring

2011  Attention and Engagement of Remote Team Members in Collaborative Multimedia Environments

2011  Business Models for Decentralised Facility Management Supported by Radio Frequency Identification Technology

2011  Civil and Environmental Engineering Challenges for Data Sensing and Analysis

2011  Continuous Sensing of Occupant Perception of Indoor Ambient Factors

2011  CORS and OPUS for Engineers, Tools for Surveying and Mapping Applications

2011  Determining the Benefits of an RFID-Based System for Tracking Pre-Fabricated Components in a Supply Chain

2011  Emerging Technologies for Material, Design, Rehabilitation, and Inspection of Roadway Pavements

2011  High Performance Modular Building: Inspiration from the Past, Technology from the Present, Design for the Future

2011  Impact of Ambient Temperature, Tag/Antenna Orientation, and Distance on the Performance of Radio Frequency Identification in Construction Industry

2011  Learning to Appropriate a Project Social Network System Technology

2011  Life-Cycle Approach for Implementing RFID Technology in Construction: Learning from Academic and Industry Use Cases

2011  Mathematical Models and Applicable Technologies to Forecast, Analyze, and Optimize Quality and Risks for Complex Systems

2011  Model to Predict the Impact of a Technology on Construction Productivity

2011  Pipeline Digitalization and Integrity Management

2011  Purdue Researchers Develop Guidelines for Integrating Tires into Road Projects

2011  Research on Key Technology of Hydraulic Impulse Testing Equipment

2011  Teaching Design Optioneering: A Method for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

2011  Teaching the Qualities of Leadership and Management in the Age of Sustainability

2011  Using Applied Cognitive Work Analysis for a Superintendent to Examine Technology-Supported Learning Objectives in Field Supervision Education

2010  Anacostia Waterfront/Southeast Area, Washington, DC—A Showcase of ITS Technology Demonstration

2010  Can Nanotechnology Address Today’s Civil Engineering Challenges?

2010  Construction Research Congress 2010, Innovation for Reshaping Construction Practice

2010  A Decision Model for Technology Selection in Renovation Project Planning

2010  Differences in Off-Road Glances: Effects on Young Drivers’ Performance

2010  Integrated Solar Panel Generates Electricity and Heats Water

2010  New Bridge Construction System Marries Common Building Materials

2010  NewsBriefs: Companies Recognized For Innovative Technologies (The Wall Street Journal)

2010  NewsBriefs: Technologically Advanced Bicycle Wheel Unveiled by MIT

2010  ORNL Technology Shows Promise for Detecting Groundwater Contamination

2010  Progress and Strategies of Engineering Technology Revamping Plan at PVAMU

2010  Research on Structure of Reverse Logistics Network

2010  Revisiting the Gathering Storm

2010  Understanding and Managing Three-Dimensional/Four-Dimensional Model Implementations at the Project Team Level

2009  Advances in Dynamic Foundation Testing Technology

2009  Case Studies on Emerging Technologies

2009  Conclusions

2009  CoreBits: G-I News—Luke Elected to G-I Board; Caldwell Becomes ASCE President; GeoFlorida 2010; G-I President Delivers Hal Hunt Lecture; G-I Continuing Education Seminars; Instrumentation and Monitoring Bootcamp; 2009 Award Recipients; What do you Think?; New Slope Stability, Retaining Walls, and Foundations; What’s Twitter All About?; How do I Follow the Twitter Feed?

2009  Evolution of Water Resources Technology

2009  Front Matter

2009  Futuristic Scenario

2009  Gas Transmission Pipeline Defect Detection Based on New Intense Magnetic Memory ILI Tool

2009  Impact of Government and Corporate Strategy on the Performance of Technology Projects in Road Construction

2009  Index

2009  Innovation in Utility Locating and Mapping Technologies

2009  Introduction

2009  Michigan Initiates Statewide Groundwater Modeling

2009  New Technology Integration for Older System Technologies

2009  Novel Rehabilitation Technology of Oil Pipelines

2009  Pan American Federation of Engineering Societies

2009  Recent Development in CO2 Emission Control Technology

2009  Research of Pure UHMWPE Pipe Molding in Barrel Technology and Analysis of Pipe Properties

2009  Researchers Seek to Better Assess Pipeline Corrosion

2009  Restoration Case Studies

2009  The Role of Technology in Water Resources Planning and Management

2009  Scheme and Key Technology Research of Internal Defects Positioning of Oil and Gas Pipelines

2009  Semi-Quantitative Assessment Technology of Geohazard Risk for Pipeline

2009  Study on Comparison and Selection and Application of Pig in Long Distance Pipeline

2009  Study on Construction Technology for Tunnelling in the Plateau Permafrost Region

2009  The Technology of Hot Taps and Line Stops in China

2009  Traveling Single-Layer Diagrid Structure to Be Built For 2010 World’s Fair

2009  Water Supply Case Studies

2009  Wisconsin Bets on BIM

2008  Evaluation of Geopier Rammed Aggregate Piers by Geopier Foundation Company, Final Report

2008  Evaluation of Real-Time Data Collection Technologies for Journey Time Estimation

2008  Imaging System Saves Time and Money, Improves Dam Safety

2008  An Innovative Application of Base Isolation Technology

2008  Lincoln Center: Integrating Innovative Stormwater Management Technology into a Mixed Use Community

2008  Long-Term Bridge Performance Program Begins

2008  Prefabricated Bridge Could Be Built in Two Weeks, Researcher Says

2008  Research Briefs: Canadian Research Center Seeks Best Ways of Reinforcing Masonry

2008  Research Briefs: Horizontal Drilling May Locate Natural Gas Reserves

2008  Research on Basic Concept and Key Technologies of Experimental Traffic System

2008  Researchers Strive to Improve the Next Generation of Solar Panels

2008  Short Takes: ASCE Joins Grassroots Movement Urging Presidential Debate on Science

2008  Simulation Program Aims to Model Traffic within Entire Cities

2008  Technology Based Hybrid Classes for Multiple Applications

2008  University to Test Wireless Methods for Assessing Bridge Performance

2008  Vision-Based Monitoring of Locally Linear Structures Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle