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Found 51 Records with the keyword term of "Tanker ships"

2013  Approach to Cylindrical Steel Tank Design to Accommodate Sloshing Effects

2013  Design of Remote Monitoring System for Inland Water Tanker Hold Based on AIS

2010  Challenges Associated with Implementing Operations for the First Cold Ironing of Oil Tanker Vessels

2007  Design and Development of Bid Documents for Cold Ironing of Oil Tanker Vessels at Berth T121 at the Port of Long Beach

1998  Oil Spill Prevention on the California Coast Facts, Failures and the Future

1998  Rehabilitation of a Berthing Structure

1997  Model Scale Measurements of Ice Loads on a Submerged Turret Loading (STL) Tanker

1995  Fatigue Resistance of Various Longitudinal Weld Joints

1995  New U.S. Navy Fuel Pier at Puget Sound

1995  Probabilistic Design of Navigation Channel Depths

1993  Petroleum Imports and Coastal Zone Management

1992  Minimizing the Risk and Impact of Tanker Accidents

1991  The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: Update on Persistence and State of Alaska Activities

1991  Radical Environmentalism, The New Approach: The Removal of Oil as a Primary Goal of Oil Spill Clean Up

1991  The Role of Local Government in the American Trader Oil Spill, 1990

1991  Socioeconomic Emergency Preparedness Planning for Major Oil Spill Incidents

1991  The States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force

1990  Federal Tanker Oil Spill Legislation: Implications for Marine Transportation

1990  Pending Oil Spill Law: An Environmentalist’s View

1989  Floating Membrane Supertankers: Are They Feasible?

1989  St. James Terminal in Louisiana Dock Evaluation for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve of the United States Department of Energy

1988  Outfall Plume Dilution in Stratified Fluids

1987  Floating Cement Plant Proposed

1987  Membrane Supertankers and Floating Storage Vessels

1986  The Application of Computer Simulation in the Design of Marine Terminals and the Scheduling of Ship Traffic

1986  Channel Design Criteria and the Houston Ship Channel

1986  Installation of the Port of Singapore’s SPM System

1986  Port Design and Ship Characteristics

1986  Port of Long Beach Supertanker Terminal

1985  Single Point Mooring in Ice Infested Waters

1985  Tanker Mooring/Loading Systems for Northern Offshore Arctic Regions

1982  Construction of a 35,000 DWT Tanker Berth

1982  Statistics of Local Motions on a Ship

1980  Alyeska— Crude Loading Port

1980  Bintulu Malaysia LNG Project

1980  Bridge Pier Protective Systems

1980  The Design and Construction of the New Oil Port in Dalian, C. P. R.

1980  Design of Statfjord B Articulated Loading Platform

1980  Effect of Dock Resistance on Tanker Mooring Forces

1980  Evaluation of Deepwater Oil Terminals: A Case Study

1980  Fendering Requirements/Design Fender Impact Criteria

1980  The Impact of Hydrocarbon Emission Controls on Marine Design

1980  Maritime Risk and Coastal Zone Management

1980  Oil Pollution: Still a Problem for America’s Ports

1980  Oil Terminal Relocation at Long Beach, California

1980  Port Capacity Determination and Planning

1980  Port Reception Facilities and the Coastal Zone

1980  Tugs as Aids to the Safety of Tankers and Ports

1969  All-Weather Tanker Terminal For Cook Inlet, Alaska

1962  Offshore Mooring Island for Supertankers

1959  A Case of Critical Surging of a Moored Ship