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2015  Damage Condition Survey and Emergency Grouting Performance of Shih-Kang Dam after the 921 Earthquake

2014  Effects of Chelating Agent Preparation Conditions on Settlement Formation in Fly Ash Stabilization

2014  Effects of Freeway Mileage-Based Toll Scheme on the Short-Range Driver’s Route Choice Behavior

2014  Impact of Groundwater Quality on Adsorption of Arsenate onto Iron-Oxide-Based Adsorbent: Case Study in Chiayi, Taiwan

2014  Intellectual Property Rights in Building Information Modeling Application in Taiwan

2014  Measurements and Numerical Simulations of Inherent Stiffness Anisotropy in Soft Taipei Clay

2014  National Datum Uncertainty due to Reference Frame Transformation: Case Study for the Geodetic Datum of Taiwan

2014  New Evidence and Perspective to the Poisson Process and Earthquake Temporal Distribution from 55,000 Events around Taiwan since 1900

2014  Occurrence and Removal of Earthy-Musty Odorants in Two Waterworks in Kinmen Island, Taiwan

2014  Orthometric Height Improvement in Tainan City using RTK GPS and Local Geoid Corrector Surface Models

2014  Performance Measurement in the Public Sector: Example of the Building Administration Authorities in Taiwan

2014  Underground Pipeline Management Based on Road Information Modeling to Assist in Road Management

2013  Analysis on the Crashworthiness of Taiwan PVC Barrier

2013  Feasibility Study Using Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Bottom Ash and Biochar from Binary Mixtures of Organic Waste as Agronomic Materials

2013  Life-Cycle Design Considerations for Hydraulic Tunnels: Lessons Learned from Inspection and Maintenance Cases

2013  Modeling of Turbidity Current and Evaluation of Diversion Plans at Shihmen Reservoir in Taiwan

2013  Modeling of Vertical and Lateral Erosion on the Chosui River, Taiwan

2013  Rammed Earth: Construction Lessons from Experience

2013  Slope Instability of High Terrace Deposits under Extreme Weather Conditions

2013  A Study of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Hyporheic Zone at Wu Gou Shui Area, Taiwan

2013  Two-Dimensional Numerical Investigation for Short- and Long-Term Effects of Spur Dikes on Weighted Usable Area of Rhinogobius candidianus (Goby)

2012  Analyzing the Role of National PPP Units in Promoting PPPs: Using New Institutional Economics and a Case Study

2012  Characteristics of Fuel Consumption and Vehicular Operation of Buses in Taipei’s Exclusive Bus Lanes

2012  The Development of Optimal Hydrometric Networks Model in a Watershed

2012  Driverless Medium-Capacity Transit As an Airport Connector: Taipei’s Experience

2012  Effects of Scouring on Performance of Caisson Foundation

2012  Houfeng Bridge Failure in Taiwan

2012  Identification of the Naegleria Species in Natural Watersheds Used for Drinking and Recreational Purposes in Taiwan

2012  Large Diameter Rapid Jet Grouting in Taipei Silty Soil

2012  Prediction of Mountain Road Closure Due to Rainfall-Induced Landslides

2012  Pre-Releasing Analysis of Reservoir Flood Control Operations

2012  Promoting Kaohsiung Air-Sea Port Integration with Identity-Oriented Pervasive Networks

2012  Study of Carpool User Behaviors and Route Characteristics in Taiwan

2012  Visualizing the Seismic Spectral Response of the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake Using Volume Rendering Technique

2011  Assessment of Value Engineering Applied to the Study of Transportation Infrastructure—An Example of the Construction of Second round Collector Roads in Taipei Harbor

2011  Assignment of Water Allocation Costs of Network Flow Model

2011  Construction Performance Evaluation Model of Asphalt Concrete Pavement

2011  Construction Project Management and Insurance Program for Taiwan High Speed Rail Project

2011  Correction Factors for an Analytical Method of Pile Foundation Response Subjected to Horizontal Dynamic Vibrations

2011  Design of Optimization Model and Program to Generate Timetables for a Single Two-Way High Speed Rail Line under Disturbances

2011  Design of Track Alignment Using Building Information Modeling

2011  Evaluation of Guss Asphalt Applied to Steel Deck Surfacing

2011  Experience of Pipe Jacking Tunneling in Gravel Formation

2011  Experimental Study of Reservoir Siltation As CLSM for Backfill Applications

2011  Identified Model Parameterization, Calibration, and Validation of the Physically Distributed Hydrological Model WASH123D in Taiwan

2011  Legal Impact and Dispute Resolution of Disaster in Taiwan: Lessons Learned from Typhoon Aere

2011  Numerical Analyses of Dynamic Responses of an Earth Dam during 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake in Taiwan

2011  Optimization of Dry Ports Location for Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone

2011  The Research on the Operating Performance Assessment for the Automatic Incident Detection System of the Highway Tunnel—As an Example of Ba-Guah Mountain Tunnel in Taiwan

2011  The Risk Analysis of Long Term Impact to Reservoir under Extreme Hydrologic Events—Shihmen Reservoir, a Case Study

2011  Taipei Performance Center Will Feature Seismic Isolators And Projecting Auditoriums

2010  Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Clay over Gravel Formation

2010  Below-Average Bidding Method

2010  Causes of Delay in the Planning and Design Phases for Construction Projects

2010  Combined Cycle Power Augmentation by Overspray Inlet Fogging

2010  Comparative Study on Urban Circulation Power of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone

2010  Coupled Stability Analyses of Rainfall Induced Landslide: A Case Study in Taiwan Piedmont Area

2010  Ecological Corridor in the Urban Area: Case Study in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

2010  Effect of Diffuser Design on Thermal Comfort and Ventilation Efficiency

2010  Effect of Post-Earthquake Bed Degradation on Bridge Stability

2010  First Public-Private-Partnership Application in Taiwan’s Wastewater Treatment Sector: Case Study of the Nanzih BOT Wastewater Treatment Project

2010  Integrated Water Resource Management for Kaoping River Basin

2010  Integrating Multiple Subsurface Exploration Technologies in Slope Hydrogeologic Investigation: A Case Study in Taiwan

2010  Mediation for Public Construction Contracts under the GPA in Taiwan

2010  Method of Up-Slope Mitigation Priority for Alishan Mountain Road in Taiwan

2010  Performance of Deep Excavations in the Taipei Basin

2010  Practical Summer Training in Civil and Construction Engineering for Cultivation of Professional Ability

2010  Soft Bedrock Erosion Modeling with a Two-Dimensional Model

2010  Water Quality Modeling of a Hypoxic Stream

2009  Case Study of Environmental Performance Assessment for Regional Resource Management in Taiwan

2009  A Correlation Study of the Existing Bridges for Failure Analysis — Case Study of Taichung County

2009  Developing Case-Based Communities of Practice for Teaching the Legal Aspects of Construction: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2009  Effects of Core on Dynamic Responses of Earth Dam

2009  Evaluating the Potential Impact of Reservoir Operation on Fish Communities

2009  Exploring Problems and Undesired Effects in the Construction Development Process: The Case of a Small- to Medium-Sized Developer in Taiwan

2009  The Mechanism on Induced Freight Volume of Ports after Direct Navigation between Taiwan and Mainland

2009  Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport and Morphological Change of JiJi Weir Reservoir

2009  Predicting Rock Scour in an Alluvial River with a One-Dimensional Model

2009  Predicting Rock Scour in an Alluvial River with a Two-Dimensional Model

2009  Seismic Assessment on In Situ School Testing in Taiwan Using Methodology of ASCE/SEI 41-06

2009  Seismic Damage Evaluation for Low-Rise RC School Buildings in Taiwan

2009  Simulation of NATM Tunneling Construction in Gravel Formation — Lessons Learned from Pakuashan Highway Tunnel Project in Taiwan

2009  Temperature Prediction Model for Flexible Pavements in Taiwan

2009  Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Habitat Unit Composition Modeling

2008  Analysis of Delay Causes for Pipeline Projects in Sewage System: Taiwan Cases

2008  Analysis of Vessel Tonnage Structures and Growth Trends among Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore

2008  Applications of Constructed Wetlands for Water Pollution Control in Taiwan: Review

2008  Calibration of Reliability-Based Resistance Factors for Flush Drilled Soil Anchors in Taipei Basin

2008  A Case Study on the Sustainable Development Indicators of Water Resources in Taiwan

2008  Cyclic Softening of Low-Plasticity Clay and Its Effect on Seismic Foundation Performance

2008  Damage of New Sanyi Railway Tunnel during the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake

2008  Design Hyetograph for Typhoon Rainstorms in Taiwan

2008  Detection of Dump Carbide Using the Resistivity Image Profiling Method: Case Study

2008  Detection of Enteroviruses within Brackish Water from the Damshui River Watershed, Taiwan

2008  Development and Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis of Wind Energy in Taiwan

2008  Development of Cost Functions for Open-Cut and Jacking Methods for Sanitary Sewer System Construction in Central Taiwan

2008  Development of Watershed Management Strategies for the Chiang-Chun River Basin, Taiwan

2008  Emergy Evaluation on Watershed Management of Taiwan

2008  Evaluating Slope Failures in Ali-shan, Taiwan by Artificial Neural Networks

2008  Flow Resistance Mechanism of Aquatic Macrophytes in a Simulated Channel