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2015  Rectangular Foundations on a Sand Embankment over Mine Tailings

2014  Centrifuge Modeling of Deposition and Consolidation of Fine-Grained Mine Tailings

2014  Comparing the Effects of a Biosurfactant and a Humic Acid on Arsenic Mobilization from Mine Tailings

2014  Experimental Study and Numerical Reproduction of Self-Weight Consolidation Behavior of Thickened Tailings

2014  Impact of Desiccation on Monotonic and Cyclic Shear Strength of Thickened Gold Tailings

2014  Mitigation of Mine Tailings Dust with Green Biopolymer

2014  Thermal Remote Sensing for Mine Tailings Strength Characterization

2013  Biopolymer Stabilization of Mine Tailings

2013  Calcium Fluoride Sludge Added into Ceramics Made with Serpentine and Kaolin Tailing Wastes

2013  Dynamic Properties and Influence of Clay Mineralogy Types on the Cyclic Strength of Mine Tailings

2013  Effect of Suspended Solids on the Sequential Disinfection of Secondary Effluent by UV Irradiation and Chlorination

2013  Feasibility Study of Developing Green ECC Using Iron Ore Tailings Powder as Cement Replacement

2013  Mitigation Measures for Stability Enhancement of Tailing Dams during Construction

2013  Rehabilitation of the Barzava Uranium Mine Tailings

2013  Source Term Evaluation Model for Uranium Tailings Ponds

2013  Stiffness and Strength Governing the Static Liquefaction of Tailings

2012  Mine Paste Backfill–The Behaviour of Thickened Tailings and Pipeline Design

2012  Oil Sands MFT Properties and Freeze-Thaw Effects

2012  Oilsands Tailings Characterization Using a Robotic System

2012  Paste and Thickened Tailings: Has the Promise Been Fulfilled?

2012  Role of Mixing Energy in the Flocculation of Mature Fine Tailings

2012  The Use of Waste Rock Inclusions to Improve the Seismic Stability of Tailings Impoundments

2012  Utilization of Mine Tailings As Road Base Material

2011  Coupled Thermochemical Effects on the Strength Development of Slag-Paste Backfill Materials

2011  Hydromechanical Analysis of Upstream Tailings Disposal Facilities

2011  Influence of Penetration Rate on Penetrometer Resistance

2011  Prediction of Compression and Permeability Characteristics of Mine Tailings Using Natural Computation and Large-Strain Consolidation Framework

2011  Reducing Risks to Tailings Storage Facilities through In-Line Flocculant Addition

2011  Seismic Behavior of Tailings Dam Using FLAC3D

2010  Effect of Amplification on Seismic Stability of Tailings Dam

2010  Evaporation, Unsaturated Flow, and Salt Accumulation in Multilayer Deposits of "Paste" Gold Tailings

2009  Evaluation of Seepage from an Embankment Dam Retaining Fly Ash

2008  Determination of Tailings Impoundment Capacity via Finite-Strain Consolidation Models

2008  Mechanistic Model for One-Dimensional Consolidation Behavior of Nonsegregating Oil Sands Tailings

2008  Probability and Risk of Slope Failure

2007  Evaluation of Newly Developed Aluminum, Lime, and Fly Ash Technology for Solidifaction/Stabilization of Mine Tailings

2007  Use of Instrumentation to Safeguard Stability of a Tailings Dam

2006  Effect of Structure on the Geotechnical Properties of Bauxite Residue

2006  Field Performance of Capillary Break Covers over Hypersaline Tailings in an Arid Climate

2006  Lysimeter Tests for an ET Cover Design at Monticello, Utah

2006  Unsaturated Properties of Mixtures of Waste Rock and Tailings

2005  Column Leaching Test to Evaluate the Use of Alkaline Industrial Wastes to Neutralize Acid Mine Tailings

2005  Material Selection for the Design of inclined Covers with Capillary Barrier Effect

2003  Dual-Flow Phenomena and Longitudinal Dispersivity Interpretation in a Karstic Aquifer

2003  Geotechnical Aspects of Eroded Sediments Relevant to Tailings Disposal Design

2003  Geotechnical Study for Hydraulic Barrier System at Tailings Pond

2002  Physical-Chemical Treatment of Groundwater Contaminated by Leachate from Surface Disposal of Uranium Tailings

2002  Phytostabilization of Metal Mine Tailings using Tall Fescue

2002  Predicted and Field-Measured Resuspension of Flooded Mine Tailings

2002  Sediment-Trap Measurement of Suspended Mine Tailings in Shallow Water Cover

2001  Electrokinetic Dewatering of Eneabba West Mine Tailings: A Laboratory Experimental Study

2000  Congress Orders Removal of Tailings Pile on Colorado River

2000  Experimental Study of Evaporation from Saline Tailings

2000  Field Investigation of Evaporation from Freshwater Tailings

2000  Turbulence-Driven Metal Release from Resuspended Pyrrhotite Tailings

2000  A Watershed-Based Trading Program for Cleaning Up Orphan Sites: Testing the Concepts

1999  Bearing Capacity of Desiccated Tailings

1999  Exposures and Health Outcomes from Uranium Mill Tailings

1999  Strengthening of Solidified Dilute Tailings Slurry

1998  Alluvial Fans Formed by Channelized Fluvial and Sheet Flow. I: Theory

1998  Alluvial Fans Formed by Channelized Fluvial and Sheet Flow. II: Application

1998  Geomorphically Based Criteria for Channel Design

1998  Marine Tailings Disposal Simulation

1998  Properties of Red Mud Tailings Produced under Varying Process Conditions

1998  Seismic Stability of Coal-Waste Tailing Dams

1997  The 1985 Flow Slide and Debris Flow at Stava (Italy)

1997  Curber Helps Finish Tailings Channel

1997  Routing of Tailings in a Stream Channel

1997  World’s Largest Copper Mine Receives New Pipeline

1996  Failure of Tapo Canyon Tailings Dam

1996  One-Dimensional Finite-Element Model for High Flow Velocities in Porous Media

1996  Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Tailings Impoundment Founded on Paleokarst

1996  Spray Freezing to Treat Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water

1995  Cover Systems for Managing Hazardous Waste

1995  Freeze-Thaw Dewatering and Structural Enhancement of Fine Coal Tails

1995  Geotechnics of Fine Tailings Management

1995  Modelling of the Transport of Acid and Copper in Tailings Based on the USGS MOC Model

1994  Depositional Turbidity Currents Laden with Poorly Sorted Sediment

1994  Evaluation of Consolidation Behavior of Mine Tailings

1993  Oxygen Diffusion through Soil Covers on Sulphidic Mine Tailings

1992  Design of Pena Colorada Tailings Retention Dam

1992  Determination of Geotechnical Properties of Uranium Tailings

1992  Mitigation of Acidic Mine Drainage: Engineered Soil Barriers for Reactive Tailings

1992  Modeling Desiccating Behavior of Mine Tailings

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Tailing Retention Dam

1992  Seismic Assessment of Tailings Dams

1991  Effects of Uranium Mining, Puerco River, New Mexico

1991  Refined Cap Design for Uranium Tailings Sites

1991  Transient Drainage from UMTRA Tailings

1990  Laboratory Investigation of Beach Profiles in Tailings Disposal

1989  Application of Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Models at a Superfund Site in Montana

1989  Cap Stabilization for Reclaimed Uranium Sites

1989  Ice Buildup in Tailing Basins

1989  Reclamation of Exxon Ray Point Tailings Basin

1988  Air-Jetting Densification of Sand Tailings

1988  Beaching and Permeability Properties of Tailings

1988  Cement Stabilization of Dewatered Mine Tailings and Its Effect on Vehicle Mobility

1988  A Comparison of Reclamation Plans at Title I and Title II Uranium Mill Tailings Sites

1988  Cyclone Deposited Tailings Dam for 300 Million Tons

1988  Densification of an Existing Dam with Explosives