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2014  Application of Emulsified Substrate Biobarrier to Remediate TCE-Contaminated Groundwater: Pilot-Scale Study

2014  Hazardous Wastes Generated in the Manufacture of High-Explosive 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene

2014  Vapor Intrusion Investigation at a Site in New Jersey: A Field Study

2013  Distribution and Accumulation of Trichloroethylene and Trichloroacetic Acid in Hybrid Poplars

2013  Evaluation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene Using Gene Analysis: Pilot-Scale Study

2012  Effects of Chitin Purity and Proppant Loading on the Bioremediation of Chloroethenes

2011  Encapsulation of Iron Nanoparticles and Trichloroethylene Degrading Bacteria for Groundwater Clean-Up

2010  Long-Term Capacity of Plant Mulch to Remediate Trichloroethylene in Groundwater

2010  Nanotechnology for TCE and PCB Dechlorination from Water: Nanoparticle Synthesis and Reactivity

2010  Treatment of TCE-Contaminated Groundwater Using Fenton-Like Oxidation Activated with Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag

2009  Destruction of Trichloroethylene and Perchloroethylene DNAPLs by Catalyzed H2O2 Propagations

2009  Estimation of Sequential Degradation Rate Coefficients for Chlorinated Ethenes

2009  Feasibility of Using In Situ FeS Precipitation for TCE Degradation

2008  The Effect of Oxygen Transport on Biotransformation of Trichloroethylene in the Subsurface

2008  Effects of Groundwater Velocity and Permanganate Concentration on DNAPL Mass Depletion Rates during In Situ Oxidation

2008  Exploring the Correlation between Halorespirer Biomarker Concentrations and TCE Dechlorination Rates

2007  Effects of Seepage Velocity and Temperature on the Dechlorination of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

2007  Evaluation of Compost Materials for TCE Biodegradation in Shallow Groundwater

2007  Remediation of TCE-Contaminated Groundwater in a Sandy Aquifer Using Pulsed Air Sparging: Laboratory and Numerical Studies

2007  Simplified Approach for Rapid Estimation of Trichloroethylene Adsorption onto Soils

2007  TCE Remediation in Groundwater Using Recirculating Wells Coupled with Permanganate Injection

2006  Anaerobic Biodegradation of RDX and TCE: Single- and Dual-Contaminant Batch Tests

2006  Biodegradation of Tetrachloroethene by Chitin Fermentation Products in a Continuous Flow Column System

2006  Field Investigation at a Chlorinated Ethylene Contaminated Site

2006  Field Monitoring of a Permeable Reactive Barrier for Removal of Chlorinated Organics

2006  Multiyear Temporal Changes in Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations at 23 Monitored Natural Attenuation Sites

2006  Remediation of a TCE Plume using a Three-Component Strategy

2006  Simultaneous and Sequential Photosonolysis of TCE and PCE

2005  Analytical Tools for Modeling Natural Attenuation Processes at Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Sites

2005  Competitive Effects of Trichloroethylene on Cr(VI) Removal by Zero-Valent Iron

2005  Evaluation of Granular Activated Carbon, Shale, and Two Organoclays for use as Sorptive Amendments in Clay Landfill Liners

2005  In-Situ Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents using Zero Valent Iron and Clay Mixtures: A Case History

2005  Photochemical Destruction of Tetrachloroethylene and Trichloroethylene from the Exhaust of an Air Stripper

2005  Physical Properties of Vegetable Oil and Chlorinated Ethene Mixtures

2005  Residual Potential Mapping of Contaminant Transport Pathways in Karst Formations of Southern Texas

2004  Biodegradation of Chlorinated Solvents in Bioreactor Landfills

2004  Impact of Reaction Conditions on MnO2 Genesis during Permanganate Oxidation

2004  Multimedia Model for Analysis of Contaminant Releases in Passaic River Watershed

2004  Permeation of Organics through Linear Low Density Polyethylene Geomembranes under Mechanical Deformation

2004  Removal of Aqueous Phase Trichloroethylene using Membrane Air Stripping Contactors

2003  Fate of TCE in Phytoremediation Systems

2003  Modeling Tetrachloroethylene Decomposition in Photosonolysis Reactor

2003  Multiple Objective Optimized Design of a Groundwater Extraction Network

2003  Stochastic Risk Analysis of Bioremediation of Four Chlorinated Ethenes Incorporating Age Specific Population Variability and Aquifer Uncertainty

2002  Genesis and Effects of Particles Produced during In Situ Chemical Oxidation using Permanganate

2001  Carbon Addition Reduced Lag Time for 2,4,6-Trichlorophenol Degradation

2001  Photosonolysis of TCA, TCE, and PCE in Flow-Through Reactor System

2001  Probabilistic Risk Analysis of Bioremediation by Anaerobic Dechlorination of PCE, TCE, DCE and Vinyl Chloride

1999  Effect of Inorganic Ions in Heterogeneous Photocatalysis of TCE

1999  Feasibility of Amending Slurry Walls with Zero-Valent Iron

1999  Groundwater Contamination by Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and Trichloroethylene (TCE): The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry’s (ATSDR’s) Approach to Evaluating Public Health Hazard

1999  In Situ Oxidation by Fracture Emplaced Reactive Solids

1999  In-Well Aeration: An Alternative to Pump and Treat

1999  Modeling TCE Dynamics in Water Distribution Tanks

1999  Natural Attenuation of Solvents in Marsh Sediments

1998  Dealing with DNAPLs

1998  Decontamination of U-Rich Waters by Granular Iron

1998  Dual-Phase Extraction for TCE DNAPL Remediation

1998  Ecophysiology and Application of Dechlorinating Anaerobes

1998  Groundwater Modeling and GIS to Determine Exposure to TCE at Tucson

1998  Physical Interaction Between TCE and Natural Loess

1998  Reductive Dechlorination of DNAPL Trichloroethylene by Zero-Valent Iron

1998  Reductive Dechlorination of Trichloroethylene by Iron Bimetallics

1998  Soil Vapor Exraction of PCE/TCE Contaminated Soil

1998  TCE and Flow Monitoring Methods Using an Existing Water Supply Well

1998  VOC Vapor Sorption in Soil; Soil Type Dependent Model and Implications for Vapor Extraction

1997  Case Study: In-Situ Methods for the Recovery of Dissolved and Free-Phase TCE

1997  Dehalogenation of Chlorinated Organic Compounds by Strong Alkalis

1997  Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media

1997  Lab and Technical Scale Experiments for NAPL Removal by Steam Injection into Porous Media

1997  Quantitative Evaluation of Uncertainty in Site-Specific Risk Assessment

1996  Biotransformation of Trichloroethylene by a Phenol-Induced Mixed Culture

1996  Enhanced Trichloroethene Desorption from Long-Term Contaminated Soil Using Triton X-100 and pH Increases

1996  Enhancement of In Situ Zero-Valent Metal Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater

1996  Evaluation of a Bedrock DNAPL Pool Site

1996  Performance Evaluation of the Aeration Curtain at Hill Air Force Base, Utah

1996  Successful Free Product Removal of NAPLs

1996  Swelling of DNAPL by Cosolvent Flooding to allow its Removal as an LNAPL

1995  Chemical Oxidation of Contaminants in Clay or Sandy Soil

1995  Cleaning Contaminated Soil Using Electrical Heating and Air Stripping

1995  Cometabolic Degradation of TCE and DCE Without Intermediate Toxicity

1995  Contaminant Transport Issues for Reactive-Permeable Barriers

1995  EPA Waiver of Ground Water Cleanup Standards in NY

1995  In-Situ Chemical Oxidation of Trichloroethylene Using Hydrogen Peroxide

1995  New Bioremediation Methods to Be Tested

1995  Partitioning of VOCs in Clay Liner Materials

1995  Phytoremediation of Hazardous Wastes

1995  Remediation of Free-Product TCE

1995  Removal of Trichloroethylene from Aquifers Using Trees

1995  Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Coupled Flow Problems

1995  Transport of TCE Vapors in a Random Porous Medium

1994  Destruction of Gas Phase TCE Using a Plasma Reactor

1994  Dissolution of TCE and TCA Pools in Saturated Subsurface Systems

1994  An Evaluation of the Impact of Recent Flooding on the Operation of a Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System at a Superfund Site

1994  How Can a Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Achieve Compliance with RCRA?

1994  Model for Treatment of Trichloroethylene by Methanotrophic Biofilms

1994  Rehabbing for Remediation

1994  Treatment of Tetrachloroethylene with Anaerobic Attached Film Process

1994  Vapor Adsorption of Trichloroethylene on Quartz Sands of Varying Grain Size

1993  Assessment of TCE Concentration in South Tucson Water Network