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2014  Modeling Social Opposition to Infrastructure Development

2013  Providing Systems Engineering Perspective in a Capstone Project Setting to Monitor Performance of HVAC Systems

2011  Development of a Methodology for Understanding the Potency of Risk Connectivity

2011  Dynamic Programming Methodology for Prioritizing Sewerage Projects

2011  Impact of Optimism Bias Regarding Organizational Dynamics on Project Planning and Control

2007  Synthesis and Validation of High-Level Behavior Models for Narrow Waterway Management Systems

2004  Integrated Civil Engineering Curriculum: Five-Year Review

1999  Developing Complex Integrated Computer Applications and Systems

1999  Process Modeling Approach to Privatization of Wastewater Treatment

1997  Damage-Controlled Structures. I: Preliminary Design Methodology for Seismically Active Regions

1996  Air Transportation: A Systems Approach

1996  Domain Modeling in Generic Parametric Architectures: Issues in Concurrent Representation and Inference

1996  An Integrated Approach to Maintaining a Program Baseline on the International Space Station

1996  Solid Waste and Materials Systems Alternatives Study Summary

1996  Space Infrastructure Planning

1996  Systems Engineering Firms Merge

1996  Yields from Ground-Water Storage for California State Water Project

1995  Application of Systems Engineering Techniques in NRC’s High-Level Waste Regulatory Program

1995  Curriculum for Civil Engineers of the Future: Practitioner’s Viewpoint

1995  Modelling Construction Information Using OO CASE Tools

1995  Systems Engineering Overview at the Waste Acceptance, Storage, and Transportation Project

1994  Incorporating Stakeholder Values in Systems Engineering Decision Making

1994  Kumar, Prasanna N.

1994  Multi-Attribute Rehabilitation of Storm or Combined Sewer Systems

1994  Optimal Design of Structural Concrete Bridge Systems

1994  Second-Order Upper Bounds on Probability of Intersection of Failure Events

1994  Systems Engineering Applied to the Development of the Yucca Mountain Project Design Requirements Documents

1993  Builders as Sources of Construction Innovation

1993  The Development of the CRWMS Transportation System

1993  Development of the Field Operations and Carrier Segments, CRWMS Transportation System

1993  ICE-HSR-System—Infrastructure, Rolling Stock, Operation

1993  An Improved Method for Measuring System Performance of Hydraulic Infrastructure Systems

1993  Knolle Magnetrans: A Magnetically Levitated Train System

1993  Misesian Assessment of Systems Analysis

1993  Plan for Development and Implementation of a Domestic Maglev Network

1993  Reliability-Based Optimization of Series Systems of Parallel Systems

1993  System Engineering and Human Factors

1993  Univeral System Architecture — Based on European Field Trials

1993  A Vision for 21st Century Guided Transit

1992  The Application of Open System Architecture to Planetary Surface Systems

1992  Intelligent Objects for Synthesis of Structural Systems

1992  The Need for a True System Approach for High-Level Waste Management Systems Engineering Recommendations from the U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

1992  Object Oriented Spacecraft Architecture

1992  Research/Application of System Engineering to Water Resources Systems

1992  System Engineering and Risk

1992  Systems-Engineering Methodology for Engineering Planning Applications

1991  Emerging Markets for System Engineering

1991  Management Systems Improvement Strategy for the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management

1991  Optimization in Residential Land Subdivision

1991  Sensitivity of Furrow Irrigation System Cost and Design Variables

1990  Assuring Data Quality for Use in Waste Management System Trade-Off Studies

1990  Biosphere II: Closed Ecological Systems Engineering

1990  The Coordination of System Representation and Operating Assumptions for System Studies in SIMS

1990  A Demonstration of the Systems Integration Modeling System (SIMS) as a Decision-Support Tool

1990  DYCAM: A Computer Aided Engineering Tool for Space Construction Planning

1990  Enhanced Realization/Identification of Physical Modes

1990  Important Factors in Developing a Nuclear Waste Management System

1990  Incremental Assembly Stage Concepts for Space Station Freedom: Structural Design and Verification

1990  An Introduction to Pressurized Volumes in Space

1990  Large Space Structures and Systems Technology Educational Status and Needs

1990  Linear Water-Supply Pipeline Capacity Expansion Model

1990  A Lunar Outpost Surface Systems Architecture

1990  Man and Huge System Interaction

1990  The Role of Systems Concepts in Learning Design

1990  Systems Engineering Applied to a Regulatory Program

1990  A Systems Engineering Cost Analysis Capability for Use in Assessing Nuclear Waste Management System Cost Performance

1990  Systems Integration During the Development of a Federal Waste Management System

1990  The Systems Integration Modeling System

1990  Systems Integration Operations/Logistics Model (SOLMOD)

1989  Curriculum for Future Civil Engineers: Practitioner’s Viewpoint

1989  Does Civil Engineering Need System Engineering?

1989  Manufacturing Development Requires New Graduate-Level Education

1989  A Technique for Public Involvement in Developing Coastal Zone Models

1988  Managing the Jim Falls Hydro Redevelopment Project

1988  On-Farm Application System Design and Project-Scale Water Management

1988  Reliable Operation of Hydro-Thermal Power Systems

1988  Selection of Jim Falls Turbine Generators

1986  Selection of Computer System

1986  Selection of Software

1986  Systems Engineering for Large Structures—Opportunities for Innovation

1986  Water Supply and Sewage Disposal: Shanghai, China

1984  Dredged-Material Disposal Management Model

1984  A Systems Approach to the Assessment of Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution Systems

1983  Design of Inland Navigation Fairways

1983  Project Control Using a Standard Identification System

1983  Reliability Analysis of Lifeline Systems

1982  Obtaining the Layout of Water Distribution Systems

1982  Optimal Design of Small Reservoir Systems

1982  Sheduling a Complex Project: Systems Installation of the Buffalo Light Rail System

1982  Water Distribution Systems: A Spatial and Cost Evaluation

1981  Optimal Design of Border Irrigation Systems

1981  Optimization of Integrated Energy Systems

1981  Planning and Environmental Criteria for Tall Buildings

1981  Planning for Detroit Downtown People Mover

1980  Data Bases for Information Management

1980  Design of Length of Water Resource Simulation Experiments

1980  Failure Mode Correlation in Weakest-Link Systems

1980  Integrated Port Design and Planning Process

1980  Manpower Management - A Data Base Application

1980  Matrix Management May Meet Your Needs for the 80s