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2015  Evolution of Molecular Interactions in the Interlayer of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay with Increasing Hydration

2014  Anisotropy of Undrained Shear Strength Induced by K0 Consolidation and Swelling in Cohesive Soils

2014  Design and Construction Guidelines for Deep Soil Mixing to Stabilize Expansive Soils

2014  Effect of Accelerated Loading on the Compressibility Characteristics of Lime-Treated Semiarid Soils

2014  Swell Behavior of Organo Clay and Organo Clay-Bentonite Mixtures

2014  Using the Artificial Neural Networks Methodology to Predict the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays

2014  Volume Change Behavior of Fly Ash-Montmorillonite Clay Mixtures

2013  A Dual Porosity Model for Ionic Solute Transport in Swelling Clays Incorporating Ion-Ion Correlation Effects

2013  Enhanced Continuum Poromechanics to Account for Adsorption Induced Swelling of Saturated Isotropic Nanoporous Materials

2013  Enhanced Poromechanical Properties of Tissue Engineered Cartilage via Swelling Induced Collagen Remodelling

2013  FTIR Investigation of Molecular Interactions in Swelling Clays and their Role on Swelling and Other Macroscopic Properties

2013  Ladle Furnace Slag in the Construction of Embankments: Expansive Behavior

2013  Limitation of the Artificial Neural Networks Methodology for Predicting the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays

2013  Molecular Modeling of Early Stage of Swelling in Na-Montmorillonite Clay

2013  A Poromechanics Approach to Predict the Effective Swelling Behavior of Cellular Materials

2013  Poromechanics of Swelling in Nanoporous Materials: Motivations and Introduction of Strain Effects on Adsorption

2013  Sorption-Induced Swelling of Tire-Derived Aggregate: Experimental Study

2013  Swelling Pressure in Expansive Porous Media Derived from Nano/Macro Homogenization Including Ion Size Correlation Effects

2013  Swelling/Shrinkage Induced by Shear in Narrow Pores

2013  Treatment for Expansive Soil Channel Slope with Soilbags

2012  Assessment of Sulfate-Induced Swell in Stabilized Dredged Material: Is Ettringite Always a Problem?

2012  Behavior of Swelling Clays: A Discrete Element Study

2012  Behavior of Swelling Clays: A Molecular Dynamic Study

2012  Effect of a Calcium-Rich Soil on the Performance of an Overlying GCL

2012  Insight into Role of Clay-Fluid Molecular Interactions on Permeability and Consolidation Behavior of Na-Montmorillonite Swelling Clay

2012  Laboratory Studies on Stabilization of an Expansive Soil by Lime Precipitation Technique

2012  Pavement Swelling and Heaving at State Highway 6

2011  Correlations between Geotechnical Properties and the Swell Behavior of Compacted Shales

2011  Effect of High Molar NaOH Solutions on Fly Ash

2011  Effect of Initial Placement Conditions on Swelling Characteristics of Expansive Soils

2011  Influence of Sand Content on the Stress-Strain Behavior of Silicon Sand Mixed Bentonite in CRS Condition

2011  Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulation of the Swelling Behavior of Organoclays

2011  Molecular Interactions Influence Barrier and Mechanical Properties in Swelling Clays: A Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Investigation

2011  Prediction of Swell-Shrink Movements of Pavement Infrastructure

2011  Swell Mitigation with Granulated Tire Rubber

2010  Analytical Model for Prediction of Strains for Tunneling in Swelling Grounds

2010  Bearing Strength and Swelling Behavior of Jingmen Expansive Soil

2010  Characterization of Problematic Expansive Soils from Mineralogical and Swell Characterization Studies

2010  Effect of Alkali Solution on Swell Behavior of Soils with Different Mineralogy

2010  Improvement of Problematic Soils by Lime Slurry Pressure Injection: Case Study

2009  Dimensional Change and Strength of Mortars Containing Fly Ash and Metakaolin

2009  Evaluation of Water Retention Functions and Computer Program “Rosetta” in Predicting Soil Water Characteristics of Seasonally Impounded Shrink — Swell Soils

2009  Influence of Swell Pressure from Expansive Fill on Retaining Wall Stability

2009  Long-Term Monitoring of Strain in Instrumented Piles

2009  SEM Microstructure and Chemical Foamed-Soil Modification Tests for Swelling Red Strata in Subway Shield Tunneling Engineering

2009  Stabilizer Diffusion in Swelling Soils

2009  Swelling Behavior of Compacted Cohesive Soils — An Absorbed Energy Approach

2009  Swelling Behavior of Compacted Expansive Soils

2009  Swelling Characteristic of Bentonite on Pelletization and Properties of Fly Ash Aggregates

2009  Swelling Test of Expansive Soil in Xi’an-Ankang Railway

2008  Dense-Graded Asphalt Treated Base Design Method Investigation

2008  Estimation of the Residual Expansion of Concrete Affected by Alkali Silica Reaction

2008  Experimental Research on Lateral Restricted Swelling Strain of Expansive Soil

2008  Model Test on Inundation Swelling Deformation of Expansive Soil Foundation

2008  Schmertmann’s Swell Sensitivity — Revisited

2008  Slope Effect on House Shrink-Swell Movements

2008  Swell Potential of Near Surface Soils in Mississippi and Louisiana

2008  Theoretical Equations on Hydraulic Conductivities of Bentonite-Based Buffer and Backfill for Underground Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

2008  Use of Chemically Stabilized Soil as Cushion Material below Light Weight Structures Founded on Expansive Soils

2008  Vapor Adsorption Index for Expansive Soil Classification

2007  Amelioration of Expansive Clay Slopes Using Calcium Chloride

2007  Analytical Solution of a Pressure Transmission Experiment on Shale Using Electrochemomechanical Theory

2007  Aqueous Polymer Effects on Volumetric Swelling of Na-Montmorillonite

2007  Beneficial Use of Waste Tire Rubber for Swelling Potential Mitigation in Expansive Soils

2007  Comparisons between Measured and Predicted Swell Strains Using PVR and Suction Based Models

2007  Evaluation of Change in Structure of Expansive Soils upon Swelling Using Electrical Resistivity Measurements

2007  Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Exhumed from Landfill Final Covers

2007  Modeling the Evolution of Montmorillonite Clay Particulate Structure: A Discrete Element Modeling Study

2007  THMC Analysis of Unsaturated Swelling Clay Subjected to Heating and Hydration

2007  Triaxial Apparatus for Applying Liquid Infiltration with Controlled Boundary Conditions and Internal Suction Measurement

2007  Volume Change Behavior of Fly Ash-Stabilized Clays

2006  Application of Vertical Strain Control to Measure Swelling Pressure of Clayey Soils

2006  Behavior of Bentonite-Sand Mixtures Subjected to Cyclic Drying and Wetting Paths

2006  Comparison of Constant Volume Swell Pressure and Oedometer Load-Back Pressure

2006  Contrasting Influence of Caustic Alkali on the Behavior of Two Swelling Soils

2006  Determination of SWCC Using One Point Suction Measurement and Standard Curves

2006  The Effect of Vertical Pressure on the Deformation and Strength of Expansive Soil During Cyclic Wetting and Drying

2006  Equilibrium Moisture Profiles and Ground Heave in Swelling Soils

2006  Evaluation of Swell-Shrinkage Properties of Compacted Expansive Soils Using Electrical Resistivity Method

2006  Evaluation of Two Constitutive Models to Simulate Behavior during Constant Volume Infiltration on a Swelling Clay Soil

2006  Finite-Element Implementation of BExM Elastoplastic Model for Swelling Unsaturated Soils

2006  Hydraulic Properties of Swelling Clay-Sand Mixtures: Microscale Modeling and Measurements

2006  Influence of Swell on Shear Strength of Expansive Soils

2006  Influence of Water Chemistry on the Swelling Capacity of a High-Density Bentonite

2006  Influence of Water on Alkali-Silica Reaction: Experimental Study and Numerical Simulations

2006  Microanalytical Characterizations of Eroded and Slaked Mudstone Proposed as Landfill Liner Material

2006  A Microstructural Model for the Volume Changes of Unsaturated Clayey Soils Due to Wetting

2006  Numerical and Phenomenological Study of Desiccation of Soil

2006  Performance of Square Shaft Helical Pier Foundations in Swelling Soils

2006  The Responses of Casing Pipe of Oil-Well Induced by the Swelling of Rocks

2006  Results of Long-Term Infiltration Tests on Unsaturated Swelling Clay

2006  Soil-Water Characteristic Curves of Stabilized Expansive Soils

2006  Two-Dimensional Shrink-Swell Model for Pavement Surface Movement Prediction

2006  Water Retention Properties and Volume Change Behaviour of Natural Romainville Clay

2005  Correlating Index Properties and Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2005  Evaluation of Strength, Resilient Moduli, Swell, and Shrinkage Characteristics of Four Chemically Treated Sulfate Soils from North Texas

2005  Experimental Studies on Ettringite-Induced Heaving in Soils

2005  Laboratory Characterization of Steeply Dipping Expansive Bedrock in the Rocky Mountain Front Range

2004  Effect of Fly Ash on Engineering Properties of Expansive Soils

2004  Geotechnical Characterization of the Steeply Dipping Pierre Shale