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2014  Estimated Lifetimes of Road Pavements in Sweden Using Time-to-Event Analysis

2014  Fat, Oil, and Grease Accumulation in Sewer Systems: Comprehensive Survey of Experiences of Scandinavian Municipalities

2014  Geochemical Behavior of a Gravel Road Upgraded with Wood Fly Ash

2014  Ship-Generated Waves and Induced Turbidity in the Göta Älv River in Sweden

2014  Unbonded Transverse Posttensioning of a Railway Bridge in Haparanda, Sweden

2013  Long-Term Hydraulic Performance of Porous Asphalt Pavements in Northern Sweden

2013  Moisture Safety in Cold Attics with Thick Thermal Insulation

2013  Road Drainage in Sweden: Current Practice and Suggestions for Adaptation to Climate Change

2013  Road Surface Wetness Variations: Measurements and Effects for Winter Road Maintenance

2012  Dry Soil Mixing and Vibro Replacement in Combination for a High Embankment

2012  Early Swedish Contributions to Geotechnical Engineering

2012  New Frontier in Post-Grouting of Tunnels in Hard Rock

2012  A Possibility to Use 2.0 m Column Spacing is Investigated by Using the FEM-analyses and the Measurement of the Vertical and Horizontal Movements and the Pore Pressure

2012  A team of architects has designed the only indoor ski resort...

2011  How Does Transport Policy Cope with Climate Challenges? Experiences from the UK and Other European Countries

2010  Swedish Hotel Features Mirrored-Glass Tree House

2009  Failure Load Test of a CFRP Strengthened Railway Bridge in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

2009  Financing Transit Usage with Podcars in 59 Swedish Cities

2009  Vectus PRT Concept and Test Track Experience

2008  Faculty Lead Study Abroad: Wood Engineering in Sweden

2008  Partnering the Construction of a Swedish Pharmaceutical Plant: Case Study

2007  Bridges: Swedish Road Bridge Features Airtight Steel Box Design

2007  Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Strengthening and Monitoring of the Grödals Bridge in Sweden

2006  GIS Visualization of Complex Geoscientific Data from the Björkö Structure

2006  Handling of Urban Snow with Regard to Snow Quality

2006  Modelling the Effects of a Pumping Program for Increasing Water Circulation in a Semi-Enclosed Bay in the Stockholm Archipelago

2006  Organic Hazardous Substances in Graywater from Swedish Households

2005  15 Years Experiences of Sustainable Urban Storm Drainage in the City of Malmo, Sweden

2005  Modeling a Hydrothermal System with Hydro- and Snow Reservoirs

2005  Offshore Engineering: Breakaway Harbor Beacons Guide Vessels

2005  PRT - A High-Quality, Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Public Transport System for Kungens Kurva

2005  Structural Design: New Embassy Rises On the Potomac

2005  Structures: Dehumidification System Implemented on Swedish Bridge

2004  Approach for Assessment and Review in a Large Construction Company: Case of Skanska Sweden

2004  Role of Error-Recovery Process in Projects

2003  Column Penetration Tests for Lime-Cement Columns in Deep Mixing—Experiences in Sweden

2003  Grouting of Micropiles in Scandinavia

2003  Itinerary in Spain, Sweden Filling Up

2003  Mark Your Calendars for the President’s Trip to Spain and Sweden, July 19–30

2003  Mass Stabilization of Organic Soils and Soft Clay

2003  Measured Permeabilities in Stabilized Swedish Soils

2003  Presidential Delegation Hosted in Spain and Sweden

2003  Reservations Available for Trip to Spain, Sweden

2003  Stability Calculation of Slope by a Tabu Search Method

2003  State of Practice in Dry Deep Mixing Methods

2002  BMPs in Urban Stormwater Management in Denmark and Sweden

2002  Creating a Planning Tool for Sustainable Urban Water Resources Management

2002  Extension of Storm Water System at Östra Torn, Lund

2002  Facilities for Treatment of Stormwater in Stockholm

2002  Illustrative Benchmarking Rework and Rework Costs in Swedish Construction Industry

2002  Integrated Planning of Sustainable Stormwater Management in the City of Malmo, Sweden

2002  Orthotropic Steel Deck Bridges Constructed in Cold Regions

2002  Recent Experiences in the Use of BMPs in Malmö, Sweden

2002  The Relation between Stormwater and Sediment Quality in Stormwater Ponds

2002  Substance Flow Analysis of the Stormwater System in Vasastaden, Göteborg

2001  Bridges: Competition Generates Innovative Design for Pedestrian Crossing

2001  Comparison of Transit Modes for King’s Curve, Huddinge, Sweden

2001  Neural Networks as Routine for Error Updating of Numerical Models

2001  Status of the Uppsala APM-Project

2000  Construction Firms Form On-line Tool

1999  A Case Study of the Stormwater Treatment Facilities in Flemingsbergsviken, South of Stockholm

1999  Final Section Placed to Complete Denmark-Sweden Link

1999  Integrated Stormwater Management in the City of Malmö, Sweden

1998  Image-Based Winter Road Condition Recognition

1998  In Scandinavia, ASCE Delegates Get the Whole Nine Yards

1998  On the Web

1998  People Mover System in Uppsala: Test and Demonstration Track

1998  Quasi-Optimum Redistribution of Empty PRT Vehicles

1998  Sweden’s Gota Canal Is International C.E. Landmark

1997  Natural Sludge Dewatering. I: Combination of Natural Freezing, Thawing, and Drying as Methods

1997  Natural Sludge Dewatering. II: Thawing-Drying Process in Full-Scale Sludge Freezing Ditches

1997  Scandinavia’s International Connection (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)

1997  Swedish Success

1996  Indirect Evidences for Quantification of Groundwater Flow: Assessment of the Consistency of Geohydrological Groundwater Flow Models and Hydrochemical Mixing/Reaction Models of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

1996  Intended Validation in the Swedish Program for Spent Nuclear Fuel

1996  Isotopic Systematics of Saline Waters at Äspö and Laxemar, Sweden

1996  Low Temperature Performance Rating Criteria for Lubrication Greases

1996  Studded Tire Research in Norway, Finland and Sweden

1995  Abstraction of Information in Repository Performance Assessments. Examples From the Ski Project Site-94

1995  Andersson, Kjell

1995  Artificial Recharge in Four Water Plants in Sweden

1995  Design Principles for Use When Shotcrete is the Method of Rock Support for the Stockholm Ring Road System

1995  DYNPRO—An Aid For Short-Term Operation of a Cascade of Hydropower Stations

1995  Floating Debris and Spillways

1995  Groundwater Predictions in the Swedish Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

1995  Nordic Neighbors to Sink Link

1995  Quality and Quality Variations of Wet and Dry Mix Shotcrete - Experiences From Grödinge Railway Track Project

1995  Recent Developments in Sweden on Spent Fuel Management

1995  Recent Scenario Development Methodologies Within SKB

1995  The Role of Cation Exchange in Controlling Groundwater Chemistry at Äspö, Sweden

1995  Role of Performance Assessments in the SKB Siting

1995  The Rôle of the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in the Swedish Deep Repository Programme

1995  SSI Toolbox to Evaluate Swedish High-Level Waste Disposal System Performance

1995  Stress Relaxation in Constantly Deflected PE Pipes

1995  Two-Phase Flow in Regionally Saturated Fractured Rock Near Excavations

1994  Increasing the Credibility of Scientific Analyses

1994  Isotope Systematics in Ground Water and Hydrogenic Deposits at ÄSPÖ, Sweden

1994  Tunnel Boring Machine for Nuclear Waste Repository Research Project

1993  Active Tunnel Design—A New Concept for Predesign, Contractual Lay-out and Construction Management

1993  APM Activities in Gothenburg