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Found 74 Records with the keyword term of "Suspension"

2009  The Application of Fuzzy Logical Control with Changing Domain to Semi-Active Suspension System

2009  Bridge Cable Sensors Evaluated on Mock-up Cable in Tension

2009  Critical Review of Aerosol Particle Transport Models for Building HVAC Ducts

2009  Dynamic Testing Analysis and Treatment of Suspended Pipelines through the Lower Yellow River

2009  Study on Stresses and Deformations of Suspended Pipeline in Collapsible Loess Areas Based on Elastic-Plastic Foundation Model

2008  Effects of Train Characteristics on the Rate of Deterioration of Track Roughness

2008  Numerical Modeling of Suspensions Using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

2005  Factors Affecting Structural Behavior of Suspension Cables Nets

2003  Interaction of Particles and Near-Wall Lift in Slurry Pipelines

2003  Rheological Behavior of Fine and Large Particle Suspensions

2003  Self-Cleansing Sewer Design Based on Sediment Transport Principles

2002  Predicted and Field-Measured Resuspension of Flooded Mine Tailings

2002  Properties and Performance of a Pulverized Fly Ash Grout

2002  Sand Suspension and Transport on Equilibrium Beach

2001  Bridges: Competition Generates Innovative Design for Pedestrian Crossing

2001  Cohesive Sediment Resuspension: Experimentation and Analysis

2001  Desktop Method for Estimating Vessel-Induced Sediment Suspension

2001  Effect of Sediment pH on Resuspension of Kaolinite Sediments

2001  Mudflow Rheology and Dynamics, by Philippe Coussot

2001  Sediment Suspension under Shoaling Waves over Nearly Flat Bed

2001  Sheet Flow and Suspension under Wave Groups in a Large Wave Flume (SISTEX99)

2001  Suspension by Regular and Groupy Waves over Bedforms in a Large Wave Flume (SISTEX99)

2000  Redecking May Solve Wind Effects on Suspension Bridge

2000  Small Strain Stiffness of Natural Granitic Saprolite in Hong Kong

1999  Methodology for Exact Solution of Catenary

1998  Assessment of Hindered Settling of Fluid Mudlike Suspensions

1998  Direct Determination of Rheological Characteristics of Debris Flow

1998  Formation and Properties of Bentonite Filter Cakes

1998  A Mechanism for the Formation of Lutoclines by Waves

1998  Member Suspended for Code Violation

1997  Measurements on Suspension Flow in Open Channels

1997  Particle Velocity Profiles in the Lower Part of the Sheet-Flow Layer

1996  Adhesion and Aerodynamic Resuspension of Fibrous Particles

1996  Diffusive Transport of Organic Colloids from Sediment Beds

1996  Experiments on Resuspension of Fluid Mud Using an Oscillating-Grid Tank

1996  Formulation for Viscoelastic Response of Pavements under Moving Dynamic Loads

1996  A Heuristic Model for Particle Entrainment into Suspension

1995  Effects of Vehicle Suspension Design on Dynamics of Highway Bridges

1995  Proposed Models of Colloid-Facilitated Transport for Total-System Performance Assessment

1993  Cable-in-Conduit Superconductors for MAGLEV Magnet Systems

1993  Suspension Clamp and ACSR Electrical Conductor Contact Conditions

1993  The Transrapid Maglev System

1992  Buckling of Suspended Cambered Girders

1990  Can’t Practice, Can Sign

1988  Suspension of Large Concentrations of Sands

1985  The Aerometro Suspended Rail System

1983  Truck Suspension Models

1980  Applicability of Kynch Theory to Flocculent Suspensions

1980  Sediments Suspended in Stream Flow

1979  Optimal Design of High Rate Sedimentation Devices

1978  Suspension and Transportation of Fluid Mud by Solitary-Like Waves

1978  Total Load of Bed Materials in Open Channels

1977  Free Vibrations of Taut and Slack Marine Cables

1975  Dynamic Response of Settling Basins

1975  Natural Vibrations of Suspension Cables

1973  Superconducting Levitation of High Speed Vehicles

1972  Filtrability Study on Secondary Effluent Filtration

1972  Pallet Systems for Integrating Urban Transportation

1971  Analysis of Inelastic Suspension Structures

1971  Physical Behavior of Flocculent Suspensions in Upflow

1970  Diffusion of Sediment in Developing Flow

1970  Nonequilibrium Transport of Suspended Sediment

1968  Behavior of Loaded Cable Systems

1968  Environmental Effects of Overboard Spoil Disposal

1968  Iron-59 as Solids Tracer Aqueous Suspensions

1966  Unsteady Flow of Solid-Liquid Suspensions

1965  Slow Viscous Flow of an Incompressible Suspension

1964  Flow Management with a Suspension Wire

1963  Flow of Clay-Water Suspensions

1961  Settling Properties of Suspensions

1960  Behavior of Suspensions

1959  The Settling Properties of Suspensions

1957  Setting Behavior of Waste Suspensions

1956  Coagulation and Sedimentation