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2014  Computation of Suspended Sediment Discharge in Open Channels by Combining Tsallis Entropy-Based Methods and Empirical Formulas

2014  Continuous Long-Term Observation of Suspended Sediment Transport between Two Pumped-Storage Reservoirs

2014  Drift Velocity of Suspended Sediment in Turbulent Open Channel Flows

2014  Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration in Streams by Diffuse Light Attenuation

2014  New Near-Wall Treatment for Suspended Sediment Transport Simulations with High Reynolds Number Turbulence Models

2014  Semianalytical Solutions for One-Dimensional Unsteady Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment Transport in Channels with Arbitrary Eddy Viscosity Distributions and Realistic Boundary Conditions

2014  Suspended Sediment Concentration in Open Channels Using Tsallis Entropy

2014  Time Series Separation and Reconstruction Technique to Estimate Daily Suspended Sediment Concentrations

2013  Analytical Solutions for the Suspended Sediment Transport in Channel with Arbitrary Velocity and Eddy Viscosity Distributions

2013  Characterization of Storm Water-Suspended Sediments and Phosphorus in an Urban Catchment in Florida

2013  Dimensionless Light Attenuation Number for Modeling Suspended Sediment Concentration in Open Channels

2013  Turbulence and Suspended Sediment Measurements in an Urban Environment during the Brisbane River Flood of January 2011

2013  Uncertainty in Suspended Sediment Load Estimates for Mountain Rivers. Case of Study of Central Andes in Peru

2012  Effect of Flow Depth, Ions, and Salinity on Suspended Sediment Concentration

2012  Estimation of Daily Suspended Sediment Load by Using Wavelet Conjunction Models

2012  Hydraulic Analysis of Suspended Sediment Removal from Storm Water in a Standard Sump

2012  Impact of the Three Gorges Dam Overruled by an Extreme Climate Hazard

2012  Length and Time Scales of Response of Sediment Suspensions to Changing Flow Conditions

2012  Modeling of Suspended Sediment Concentration at Kasol in India Using ANN, Fuzzy Logic, and Decision Tree Algorithms

2012  Numerical Simulation of the Tidal Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport in the Qiantang Estuary

2012  Physical and Numerical Modeling of the Entrainment by a High-Concentration Mud Suspension

2012  Prediction of Sediment Concentration in Rivers by Recursive Least-Squares and Linear Minimum Variance Estimators

2012  Regression Modeling of Particle Size Distributions in Urban Storm Water: Advancements through Improved Sample Collection Methods

2012  Two Semidistributed ANN-Based Models for Estimation of Suspended Sediment Load

2011  Criteria for the Formation of Sediment Plugs in Alluvial Rivers

2011  The Effect of Sediment-Induced Stratification in Channel Bends

2011  Improvement the Trap Efficiency of Vortex Chamber for Exclusion of Suspended Sediment in Diverted Water

2011  In Situ Characterization of Resuspended-Sediment Oxygen Demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

2011  Influence of JONSWAP Wave Spectra Form on Frequency Spectrum of Suspended Sediment Transport Values

2011  Ratios of Total Suspended Solids to Suspended Sediment Concentrations by Particle Size

2011  River Suspended Sediment Load Prediction: Application of ANN and Wavelet Conjunction Model

2011  Sediment Monitoring Bias by Automatic Sampler in Comparison with Large Volume Sampling for Parking Lot Runoff

2011  Sediment Resuspension by Vessel-Generated Waves along the Savannah River, Georgia

2011  Total Sediment Load from SEMEP Using Depth-Integrated Concentration Measurements

2011  Transport Equation for Suspended Sediment Based on Two-Fluid Model of Solid/Liquid Two-Phase Flows

2010  Characteristics of Velocity and Excess Density Profiles of Saline Underflows and Turbidity Currents Flowing over a Mobile Bed

2010  Densimetric Monitoring Technique for Suspended-Sediment Concentrations

2010  The Development of a Rouse-Type Profile for Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment

2010  Effect of Adaptive Cluster Sampling Design on Accuracy of Sediment Rating Curve Estimation

2010  Monitoring Suspended Sediment Dynamics Using MBES

2010  Multivariate Models of Watershed Suspended Sediment Loads for the Eastern United States

2010  Relationship between Acoustic Backscatter Strength and Suspended Sediment Concentration using a 6 MHz Nortek Vector Velocimeter

2010  Significance of Using Different Particulate Matter Indices on Representing Particulate-Bound Metals Load and BMP Performance during Stormwater Events

2010  Suspended Sediment Transport in a Southeastern Plains Watershed

2009  Assessment of Hydrodynamic Separators for Stormwater Treatment

2009  CFD Modeling of a Storm-Water Hydrodynamic Separator

2009  Comparison of Long-Term Observed Sediment Trap Efficiency with Empirical Equations for Coralville Reservoir, Iowa

2009  Hydrodynamics and Cohesive Sediment Transport in the IJzer Estuary, Belgium: Case Study

2009  Predicting Suspended Sediment Loads and Missing Data for Gediz River, Turkey

2009  Solids Removal in Storm-Water Filters Modeled Using a Power Equation

2009  Suspended Sand Transport along Pier Depression

2009  Suspended Sediment Concentration Measurements of Muddy Sediments with an ADV

2008  Approximate Profile for Nonequilibrium Suspended Sediment

2008  Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration Using Turbidity in an Irrigation-Dominated Southeastern California Watershed

2008  Evaluating the Effectiveness of Best Management Practices Using Dynamic Modeling

2008  Fréchet Distribution and Transport of Suspended Sediments

2008  Gamma Distribution and Transport of Suspended Sediments

2008  One-Dimensional Moment Model for Flow Movement and Suspended Sediment Transport

2008  Sediment Discharge from a Storm-Water Retention Pond

2008  A Stochastic Diffusion Jump Model of Suspended Sediment Transport in Hydrologic Extreme Events

2008  Turbulent Effects on the Settling Velocity of Suspended Sediment

2008  Utility of Suspended Solid Measurements for Storm-Water Runoff Treatment

2008  Vertical Mixing in the Fully Developed Turbulent Layer of Sediment-Laden Open-Channel Flow

2007  Field Measurements and Modelling of Longshore Sediment Transport

2007  Large-Scale Laboratory Modeling of Suspended Sand Concentration Fluctuations under Irregular Waves

2007  Longshore Current and Sediment Transport on Beaches

2007  Prediction of Suspended Sediment in Imha Reservoir, Korea

2007  A Simplified Stochastic Jump Model for Suspended Sediment Movement during Floods

2007  Stochastic Partial Differential Equation-Based Model for Suspended Sediment Transport in Surface Water Flows

2007  Unified View of Sediment Transport by Currents and Waves. II: Suspended Transport

2006  Diagonal Cartesian Method for the Numerical Simulation of Flow and Suspended Sediment Transport over Complex Boundaries

2006  Lateral Variations in Suspended Sediment Concentration over Dunes

2006  Measured and Predicted Suspended Sand Transport on a Sandy Shoreface

2006  Observed Suspended Sediment Profiles under the Effect of Single and Double Peaked Wave Spectra

2006  Rate of Deposition of Fine Sediment from Suspension

2006  Sediment Resuspension and Cross-Shore Cycling in Nearshore Environments

2006  Suspended Sediment Dynamics Over Full-Scale Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2005  Dynamics of Sediment Release in a Hypereutrophic Lake

2005  Effects of Flood Flow on Flood Plain Soil and Riparian Vegetation in a Gravel River

2005  Post Cerro Grande Fire Channel Morphology in Lower Pueblo Canyon: And Storm Water Transport of Plutonium 239/240 in Suspended Sediments

2005  Suspended-Sediment Transport Rates and Recurrence Intervals at the Effective Discharge

2005  Velocity and Suspended-Sediment Measurements over Mobile Sand Dunes in a Laboratory Flume

2004  Analysis of Velocity Lag in Sediment-Laden Open Channel Flows

2004  Case Study: Modeling of Sediment Transport and Wind-Wave Impact in Lake Okeechobee

2004  Density Stratification Effects in Sand-Bed Rivers

2004  Influence of Coherent Flow Structures on the Dynamics of Suspended Sediment Transport in Open-Channel Flow

2004  Large Scale Clear-Water Local Pier Scour Experiments

2004  Modeling Suspended Sediment during Construction in Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area

2004  Random-Walk Suspended Sediment Transport and Settling Model

2004  Review of Effects of Resuspended Sediments: Implications for Dredging Water Quality Monitoring and Compliance

2003  Fluid-Particle Interactions and Resuspension in Simple Shear Flow

2003  Movement of Total Suspended Solids in Combined Sewers

2003  Progress in Acoustic Suspended-Sediment Measurement in Laboratory Flumes

2003  Spatial Variations in Suspended Sediment Transport Over Dunes

2003  Suspended Sediment Forecasting by Artificial Neural Networks Using Hydro Meteorological Data

2002  Acoustic Measurements of Suspended Sediments in Estuaries

2002  Characteristics of Suspended Particles in a Small Stormwater Pond

2002  Comparability and Accuracy of Fluvial-Sediment Data - A View from the U.S. Geological Survey

2002  Development of the Suspended-Sediment Concentration Measuring System with Differential Pressure Transmitter in Rivers and Reservoirs

2002  Fluctuations of Suspended Sediment Concentration and Turbulent Sediment Fluxes in an Open-Channel Flow