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2015  Feasibility of Remote Sensing for Multihazard Analysis of Landslides in Padang Pariaman during the 2009 Padang Earthquake

2015  Improving Civil Engineering Education: Transportation Geotechnics Taught through Project-Based Learning Methodologies

2015  Port-City Relationship and the Environment: Literature Survey and Methodological Approach for Project Appraisal in Presence of Environmental Externalities

2014  Analysis of the TXDOT RTN and OPUS-RS from the Geoid Slope Validation Survey of 2011: Case Study for Texas

2014  Ancient Stone Bridge Surveying by Ground-Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling Methods

2014  BIM Education and Recruiting: Survey-Based Comparative Analysis of Issues, Perceptions, and Collaboration Opportunities

2014  Common Defects of Lavatory Space in Institutions of Higher Learning: Analysis of Building Condition Survey

2014  Design and Implementation of an Internet-Based Household Activity Scheduling Survey in Cairo, Egypt

2014  Detection of High-Speed Railway Subsidence and Geometry Irregularity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Evaluating Information Loss of SRTM DEM Data with Different Grid Sizes

2014  Insights into Building Damage and Vulnerability from the Recent Severe Thunderstorm Outbreaks: Analyses of Post-Damage Surveys and Insurance Claims Data

2014  Investigating the Error Sources in Reflectorless EDM

2014  Limitations in Extraction of Survey Data from Real-Time Kinematic GPS ADCP Systems

2014  Mathematical Formulation of the Project Quarterback Rating: New Framework to Assess Construction Project Performance

2014  New Models for Scattering Bias Compensation in Time-of-Flight Range Camera Self-Calibration

2014  Orthometric Height Improvement in Tainan City using RTK GPS and Local Geoid Corrector Surface Models

2014  Recommendations for the Design of Spread Footings on Soils to Support Highway Bridges

2014  Remote Survey: Alternative Method for Capturing Data

2014  State Drought Programs and Plans: Survey of the Western United States

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Electrical Construction Industry

2014  Surveying Colocated GNSS, VLBI, and SLR Stations in China

2014  Time-Variant Adjustment for a Level Network

2014  Using Tornado Damage Surveys to Improve Laboratory Tornado Simulations

2013  Alternative Algorithm for Determining the Attitude Parameters of a Moving Platform Using Multi-Antenna GNSS Sensors

2013  Alternative Solutions for Horizontal Circular Curves by Noniterative Methods

2013  Dual-Light Inspection Method for Automatic Pavement Surveys

2013  Effects of Variable Message Sign Guidance Information on Drivers Behavior with RP Survey

2013  The Execution of a Comprehensive Dock Condition Survey

2013  Feature Conjugation for Intensity-Coded LIDAR Point Clouds

2013  Least-Squares Variance Component Estimation Applied to GPS Geometry-Based Observation Model

2013  Simple Solution to the Three Point Resection Problem

2013  Survey Assessments for Waterfront Facility Engineering

2013  Surveying with the Stars: The Mason-Dixon Line

2013  System for Evaluating Groups When Applying Project-Based Learning to Surveying Engineering Education