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2015  Analytical Solutions for Contaminant Transport in Wetlands Incorporating Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions

2015  Application of Data-Driven and Optimization Methods in Identification of Location and Quantity of Pollutants

2014  Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Irradiation on Natural Organic Matter of Different Sources

2014  Direct Biofiltration for Manganese Removal from Surface Water

2014  Effects of Climate Change on the Surface-Water Management of the South Saskatchewan River Basin

2014  Hydrologically Sensitive Areas, Land Use Controls, and Protection of Healthy Watersheds

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Investigation of Uncertainties in Surface Water Resource Assessment of Georgia’s State Water Plan

2014  Mechanism for Fair Allocation of Surface Water under the Riparian Doctrine

2014  Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Applying Stepwise Regression and a Template-Based Fuzzy Logic System

2014  Senate Bill Aims to Prevent Chemical Contamination of Surface Water

2014  Techniques for In Situ Evaluation of Stormwater Infiltration Rate

2013  Assessing the Surface Water Quality Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development in Whiteday Creek Watershed, West Virginia

2013  Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Method for Surface Water Contaminant Source Apportionment

2013  Coupled GSI-SVAT Model with Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in the Riparian Zone of Tarim River

2013  Coupled Simulation of Xinanjiang Model with MODFLOW

2013  Direct Analytical Solution of Turbulent Surface Water Flow on a Slope

2013  Hydrologic Response of Solar Farms

2013  Implications of Hyporheic Flow on Temperature-Based Estimates of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

2013  Integrated Land and Water Resources Management Framework for Hirakud Canal Subcommand (India) Using Gray Systems Analysis

2013  Nutrient Speciation and Distribution between Surface Water and Sediment in the Middle Reach of the Huai River, China

2013  One-Dimensional Coupled Model of Surface Water Flow and Solute Transport for Basin Fertigation

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2013  Stormwater to Base Flow? Investigating Surface-Groundwater Interactions for Stormwater Management and Ecosystem Enhancement

2013  Two-Dimensional Coupled Model of Surface Water Flow and Solute Transport for Basin Fertigation

2012  Approximation of the Effects of Subgrid Variations in Geometry in a Regional Ocean Model

2012  Comparison of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafilters with Pleated Capsule Filters for Surface and Tap Water Samples Using U.S. EPA Method 1623

2012  Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Model to Analyze the Sustainability of the Atascadero Subbasin

2012  Evaluation of Bridge Deck Runoff and Its Effects on In-Stream Health

2012  GIS Water-Balance Approach to Support Surface Water Flood-Risk Management

2012  Interactions between the Surface Water and Groundwater of the Red River in Hanoi, Vietnam

2012  The Law Applicable to Surface Waters in 2050

2012  Modeling Interannual Variability in Snow-Cover Development and Melt for a Semiarid Mountain Catchment

2012  Modeling Metal and Sediment Transport in a Stream-Wetland System

2012  Modeling White River, Texas: A Case Study Using SToRM

2012  Pharmaceutical Residues in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Surface Waters in Bangkok

2012  Role of Climate Variability in Modulating the Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction over the Southeast United States

2012  Selenium Removal from Surface Waters: Exploratory Research with Iron Nanoparticles

2012  Semiquantitative Analysis of Water Appropriations and Allocations in the Upper Rio Grande Basin, Colorado

2012  Understanding Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in the Mesilla Basin

2011  The Adaptability and Sustainability of Surface Water Diversions along the Main Stem of the Snake River in Southern Idaho

2011  Adjoint Model to Quantify Stream Depletion Due to Pumping in Coupled Groundwater/Surface Water Systems

2011  Calibration and Verification of a 2D Hydrodynamic Model for Simulating Flow around Emergent Bendway Weir Structures

2011  A Change in System Supply and Operations

2011  Development of Water Quality Indexes to Identify Pollutants in Vietnam’s Surface Water

2011  Effect of Direct Droppings from Bridge Nesting Birds on Bacterial Concentration of Underneath Surface Water

2011  Flow Rate Sensitivity due to Parshall Flume Staff Gauge Location and Entrance Wing Wall Configuration

2011  Gated Spillways Operation Rules Considering Water Surface Elevation and Flood Peak: Application to Karkheh Dam

2011  Mass Balance and Water Quality Modeling for Load Allocation of Escherichia coli in an Urban Watershed

2011  Modeling the Transformation of Chromophoric Natural Organic Matter during UV/ H2 O2 Advanced Oxidation

2011  National Assessment of Pesticide Runoff Loads from Grass Surfaces

2011  The Present State of Environmental Flows in Texas

2011  Use of the Kiliszek Water Quality Indices (KWQI) to Assess the Impact of a Manure Collection System on Surface Water Quality within a Small Agricultural Watershed

2010  Application of the Multi-Dimensional Surface Water Modeling System at Bridge 339, Copper River Highway, Alaska

2010  Automation Innovations in Stormwater Modeling Case Study: City of Ramsey, Minnesota, Surface Water Management Plan

2010  Climate-Groundwater-Surface Water Interrelationships Over the South Eastern US

2010  Densimetric Monitoring Technique for Suspended-Sediment Concentrations

2010  Evaluating Urban Pollutant Buildup/Wash-Off Models Using a Madison, Wisconsin Catchment

2010  Evaluation of Surface Water Runoff from Fly Ash–Stabilized and Nonstabilized Soil Surfaces

2010  Impact of Preferential Flow Paths on Stream and Alluvial Groundwater Interaction

2010  Interannual-to-Daily Multiscale Stream Flow Models with Climatic Effects to Simulate Surface Water Supply Availability

2010  Management of Surface Water and Groundwater Withdrawals to Maintain Environmental Stream Flows in Michigan

2010  Optimum Management of Existing Surface Water Resources and Land of a Water Logged Area Using DP Model

2010  Predictive Modeling of Transient Storage and Nutrient Uptake: Implications for Stream Restoration

2010  Probabilistic Approach to Estimation of Urban Storm-Water TMDLs: Regulated Catchment

2010  Rapid Destruction of Perchlorate on Ion Exchange Resin Using Stabilized, Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (nZVI)

2010  River Bank Filtration for Protection of Jordanian Surface and Groundwater

2010  River Hydrograph Retransmission Functions of Irrigated Valley Surface Water–Groundwater Interactions

2010  A Smart Market for Ground and Surface Water with Hydropower Generation

2010  Snowmelt and Agricultural Runoff: Load Quantification and Event Timing

2010  Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions Affect New Jersey and New York Water Supply and Power Grids in 2002

2010  Visualisation Modules for Solute Transport in Ground Water

2009  Assessing the Impacts of Nutrient Load Uncertainties on Predicted Truckee River Water Quality

2009  Assessment of Impervious Surface Estimation Techniques

2009  Biphasic Decay Kinetics of Fecal Bacteria in Surface Water Not a Density Effect

2009  Change in Surface Hydrology Due to Land Use Change in a Midwestern Watershed

2009  Comparative Study of Coupling Approaches for Surface Water and Subsurface Interactions

2009  Effect of Passive Surface Water Flux Meter Design on Water and Solute Mass Flux Estimates

2009  Engineering Natural Filtration Systems to Remove Selenium, Nitrate, and Bacteria from Impaired Surface Waters — Foundational Studies

2009  Environmental Impacts on Surface Water and Groundwater for Expanding Urban Water Supply Capacity Using Stone Quarries

2009  Evaluating Temporal Variability in Bacterial Indicator Samples for an Urban Watershed

2009  Identifying Two-Dimensional Characteristics of Surface Water Hydraulics in an Irrigated Paddy Field

2009  Incorporating Both Physical and Kinetic Limitations in Quantifying Dissolved Oxygen Flux to Aquatic Sediments

2009  Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Modeling of Orange River Basin in Southwest Florida for Flood Mitigation/Ecosystem Restoration

2009  Irrigation System Modernization: Case Study of the Middle Rio Grande Valley

2009  LID-SWM Practices as a Means of Resilience to Climate Change and Its Effects on Groundwater Recharge

2009  Mechanisms of Neutralization of Bauxite Residue by Carbon Dioxide

2009  Modified Advection-Aridity Model of Evapotranspiration

2009  MOPSO in Multipurpose Operation of Single-Reservoir System

2009  Moving from Ground to Surface

2009  Multilinear Muskingum Method for Stage-Hydrograph Routing in Compound Channels

2009  Numerical Modeling of Ozonation of Organic Chemicals in Surface Water

2009  Optimal Water Quality Management Strategies for Urban Watersheds Using Macrolevel Simulation and Optimization Models

2009  Performance of a Bioretention Area and a Level Spreader-Grass Filter Strip at Two Highway Sites in North Carolina

2009  Removal of Selenium and Nitrate from Surface Waters Using a Subsurface Microbial Filter

2009  River Flood Forecasting Using Complementary Muskingum Rating Equations

2008  Artificial Intelligence-Based Inductive Models for Prediction and Classification of Fecal Coliform in Surface Waters

2008  Assimilating Surface Current Data into a Model of Estuarine and Coastal Ocean Circulation

2008  Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Surface Water Pollution in Developing Countries

2008  CCHE2D Water Quality and Chemical Model Capabilities and Applications