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Found 56 Records with the keyword term of "Surface properties"

2013  Fractional Characteristics of Coal Fly Ash for Beneficial Use

2011  Surface Properties of Biofouled Membranes from a Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor after Cleaning

2009  Scattering of SH Waves by Truncated Semicircular Canyon

2009  A Stereoscopic Imaging Arithmetic for 3D Measurement of Road Surface Micro-Texture

2008  Improved Approach to Construct Constitutive Surfaces for Stable-Structured Soils Covering Both Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions

2008  Laboratory-Scale Simulation of Runoff Response from Pervious-Impervious Systems

2007  Impacts of Hydrophilic Membrane Additives on the Ultrafiltration of River Water

2007  Mean Profile Depth of Pavement Surface Macrotexture Using Photometric Stereo Techniques

2005  Influence of the Surface Tension on the Oil Slick Dynamics

2005  New Method to Assess Ride Safety on Uneven Element Pavements

2005  Numerical Modeling of Free Overfall

2004  Fractal Approach to Unsaturated Shear Strength

2004  Properties of Four Biological Flocs as Related to Settling

2001  Empirical Method of Error Analysis in Volume Estimation: Monte Carlo Simulation under Kriging and Triangulation

2001  Mudflow Rheology and Dynamics, by Philippe Coussot

2001  Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. I: Low Density (ρs < 1.0) Oxide Coated Buoyant Media

2001  Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm-Water Media. II: Higher Specific Gravity (ρs > 1.0) Oxide-Coated Fixed Media

2001  Surface Cleanliness Effect on Lunar Soil Shear Strength

2000  Correlation of Tire Wear and Friction to Texture of Concrete Pavements

1999  Evapotranspiration: Concepts and Future Trends

1999  Test Methods for Measuring Fluid Transport in Cover Concrete

1998  Fluids Management Challenges in Space-Based Systems

1998  Surface Cleanliness Based Dust Adhesion Model

1997  Analysis of Meandering Water Rivulets of Finite Amplitude

1996  Surface Modifications to Reduce Thaw Degradation of Permafrost

1996  Surface Profiling System for Measurement of Engineering Structures

1995  On Characterization of Self-Affine Fractal Profiles

1994  An Approach to the Calculation Method of Mean Sediment Size

1994  Impervious Cover Extraction Using Remote Sensing/GIS

1994  Optical Remote Sensing of Wave Surface Kinematics

1994  A Shape-Finding Finite Element Analysis for an Equally-Stressed Surface in Membrane Structures

1993  Meandering Water Rivulet

1993  On the Attenuation of Waves Propagating with a Current

1993  Recycled Road Surfaces in New Hampshire

1992  Nonlinear Behavior of Thin Slender Free Surface Non-Newtonian Elliptical Rings

1991  Dynamic Surface Tension Effects on Oxygen Transfer

1990  El Malpais Lava Tubes: Analog to Lunar Lava Tubes

1990  Hydrogen, Helium, and Other Solar-Wind Components in Lunar Soil: Abundances and Predictions

1990  Preparation of Simulants for Lunar Surface Materials

1990  Pyroclastic Deposits as Sites for Lunar Bases

1986  Influence of Surface Conditions on Surface Temperature

1981  Surface Tension Effect on Profile of a Free Vortex

1980  Surface Dispersion in Wave Flume

1979  Boundary Solutions to Two Problems in Porous Media

1979  Drug Effects on Leukocyte Response to Mechanical Trauma

1978  Curved Isoparametric Interface Surface Element

1978  Stress and Strain in the Lung

1977  Density Currents and Their Applications

1977  Membrane Model of Surface Effects

1977  Viscosity and Surface Tension Effects on Weir Flow

1977  Yield-Line Theory: A General Energy Formulation

1976  Nonlinear Flow of Wave Crests Past a Thin Pile

1972  Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Jet

1971  Depth to Ground-Water Table by Remote Sensing

1971  Surface Disturbance from Submerged Jet

1969  Surface Tension in Froude Models