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2014  Vertical Variability of Undertow and Longshore Currents outside the Surf Zone

2013  Advective Diffusion of Contaminants in the Surf Zone

2011  Amphibian Tractors in the Surf

2011  Depth Inversion in the Surf Zone with Inclusion of Wave Nonlinearity Using Video-Derived Celerity

2011  Forces Induced by Breakers on Piles

2011  Nonhydrostatic Model for Surf Zone Simulation

2011  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves and Cross-Shore Currents on Barred Beaches

2011  Numerical Simulations of Wave Setup over Barred Beach Profiles: Implications for Predictability

2011  Southern Swell Observed at Oceanside, California

2011  Surfability: A Proposed Scale for Surfable Waves

2011  Wave Transformation in Shoaling Water

2010  Model of Nearshore Waves and Wave-Induced Currents around a Detached Breakwater

2010  Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Near-Bed Pressure Gradients on a Barred Beach

2010  Wave-Breaking Model for Boussinesq-Type Equations Including Roller Effects in the Mass Conservation Equation

2009  Berm and Dune Erosion during a Storm

2009  Review of Waves in Oceanic and Coastal Waters by Leo H. Holthuijsen

2009  Solute Mixing in the Surf Zone

2008  Field Verification of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking in the Surf Zone

2008  Spectral Density Composites for Aiding Oahu, Hawaii Northern Shore Surf Forecasts

2008  Surf Similarity and Solitary Wave Runup

2007  The Influence of Mud on the Inner Shelf, Shoreface, Beach, and Surf Zone Morphodynamics — Cassino, Southern Brazil

2007  Longshore Current and Sediment Transport on Beaches

2007  Pressure-Induced Subsurface Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone

2007  Sediment Transport off Northeast Florida Outside the Surf Zone during Hurricanes

2007  A Study of Intertidal Bar Dynamics Using the Argus Video System

2006  2DH-Quantification of Surf Zone Bathymetry from Video

2006  Computation of Setup and Longshore Currents by Directional Spectral Waves

2006  Distributions of Wave Steepness and Surf Parameter

2006  Field Observations of Instantaneous Cross-Shore Free Surface Profiles and Flow Depths in the Swash Zone

2006  Modeling Near-Shore Waves, Surface Rollers, and Undertow Velocity Profiles

2006  On the Difficulty of Correctly Determining the Characteristic Wave Period in the Surf Zone

2006  Sediment Transport Numerical Modelling in the Swash Zone

2005  Using Finite-Element Method to Simulate Wave Transformations in Surf Zone

2004  Numerical and Experimental Predictions of Overtopping Volumes for Violent Overtopping Events

2004  Velocity Profiles at the Swash Zone

2003  Laboratory Measurements of Void Fraction and Turbulence in the Bore Region of Surf Zone Waves

2002  Breaking in a Spectral Wave Model

2002  Combining Phase-Resolving Wave Models with Photogrammetric Measurement Techniques

2002  Evolution of Bubbly Flow in the Surf Zone

2002  Feasibility of Measuring Currents in the Nearshore from a Personal Water Craft

2002  Generation of Secondary Waves Due to Wave Propagation over a Bar: A Field Investigation

2002  Longshore Sediment Transport as a Function of Energy Dissipation

2002  Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves in Nearshore Environment

2002  Numerical Prediction of Rip Currents on Barred Beaches

2002  Relationship between Vertical Wave Asymmetry and the Fourth Velocity Moment in the Surf Zone: Implications for Sediment Transport

2002  Sand Suspension and Transport on Equilibrium Beach

2002  Surf and Swash Zone Morphology Evolution Induced by Nonlinear Waves

2002  Transformation of Wave Spectra from Deep to Shallow Water

2002  Wave and Turbulence Characteristics in Narrow-Band Irregular Breaking Waves

2002  Wave Breaking and Sediment Suspension in Surf Zones

2002  Wave Hydrodynamics over a Barred Beach

2002  Wavelength of Ocean Waves and Surf Beat at Duck from Array Measurements

2001  Abnormal High Tides Induced by Surf-Beats

2001  A Beach Profile and Sea-Bottom Interface Observation under Stormy Conditions

2001  Bottom Stress in the Inner Surf and Swash Zone

2001  Boussinesq Type Modelling Using Unstructured Finite Element Technique

2001  Breaking Shallow Water Wave Simulations in the Surf and Swash Zone

2001  Calculation of Wave-Induced Longshore Current in Surf Zone by using Boussinesq Equations

2001  Coasts: Walking Platform Reaches Surf Zone

2001  Cross-Shore Distributions of Longshore Sand Transport Rate in Surf and Swash Zones

2001  Cross-Shore Sand Transport on Beaches

2001  Experiments with Groups of Breaking Waves. Part I: Short Wave Motion

2001  Field Experiments on Temporal Change of Suspended Sediment Concentration and Grain Size Distribution in Surf Zone

2001  Field Observations of Irregular Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone

2001  Field Observations of Swash Zone Flow Patterns and 3D Morphodynamics

2001  Free Long Wave – Short Wave Interaction in a Surf Zone

2001  Free Surface Statistics and Probabilities in Surf Zones on Beaches

2001  Groundwater Waves and Water Exchange in Beaches

2001  Hydrodynamics and Morphodynamics in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Beach

2001  Hydrographic Surveying from Personal Watercraft

2001  Improved Performance in Boussinesq-Type Equations

2001  Modeling Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone

2001  Modelling Inner Surf Zone Hydrodynamics at Egmond (NL)

2001  Modelling of Digitally Imaged Water Levels and Flow Fields in the Surf Zone

2001  A Morphodynamic Mechanism for Transverse Bars in the Nearshore

2001  Nearshore Currents on a Macro-Tidal, Mixed (Sand and Shingle) Beach

2001  Nonlinear Wave Dynamics in Surf and Swash Zones

2001  Normal Mode Analysis of the Surf Zone Morphodynamics

2001  Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Air-Water Mixing Layer within Surf-Zone

2001  Observations of Surf Beat Propagation and Energetics

2001  Performance of Longshore Sediment Transport Formulas Evaluated with Field Data

2001  Pressure Fluctuations and a Mechanism of Sediment Suspension in Swash Zone

2001  Profiles of Void Fraction and Turbulent Dissipation under Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone

2001  Roller Momentum-Thickness and Residual Turbulence

2001  Sand Transport in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Beach

2001  Sediment Transport under Breaking Waves

2001  Self-Organization in Surf Zone Morphodynamics: Alongshore Uniform Instabilities

2001  A Simple Method for Evaluating Undertow Velocity Distributions over Arbitrary Beach Forms

2001  Simulation of Breaking Waves in the Surf Zone using a Navier-Stokes Solver

2001  STRAND—A Model for Longshore Sediment Transport in the Swash Zone

2001  A Study of Plunging Breaker Mechanics by PIV Measurements and a Navier-Stokes Solver

2001  Surf Beat Generation by a Time-Varying Breakpoint

2001  Surf Zone Imaging with a Moored Video System

2001  Transformation of Irregular Waves in the Inner Surf Zone

2001  A Unified Numerical Model for the Bottom Boundary Layer and the Upper Layer in the Surf Zone

2001  Video Observations of Wave Breaking and the Implication for Wave Decay Modelling

2001  Wave Kinematics and Wave Bottom Pressures in the Surf Zone

2001  Wave Reflection Analysis at a Barred Beach

2001  Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone: Comparison between a Boussinesq Model and Field Data

2000  Inverse Flow Modelling of Waves and Currents in the Surf Zone