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2015  Experimental Validation of the AASHTO Natural Wind Fatigue Design Specifications for Cantilevered Sign Support Structure Anchor Bolts

2015  Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Static Reanalysis with Modifications of Supports

2014  Reliability-Based Fatigue Assessment and Inspection Protocols for Sign Support Structures

2014  A Technical Overview of ASCE/AWEA RP2011: Recommended Practice for Compliance of Large Land-Based Wind Turbine Support Structures

2014  Two Near-Optimal Layouts for Trusslike Bridge Structures Bearing Uniform Weight between Supports

2012  Databank of Concentric Punching Shear Tests of Two-Way Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement at Interior Supports

2012  Effects of Temperature Variations on the In-Plane Stability of Steel Arch Bridges

2012  Simulation Calculation over Removing Process of Temporary Supports for Large-Span Cantilever Steel Structure

2012  Structural Design for Replacing Elevated Drums

2012  Testing and FEA Analysis of a Cable Supported Polycarbonate Shield System to Protect against Glazing Hazards

2011  Design of Sports Lighting Support Structures—Will Your Structures Perform to Expectation?

2011  Investigation and Repair of Structural Deficiencies in Projected Masonry Bay Construction

2011  Non-Destructive Examination Techniques of Tubular Steel Pole Sports Lighting Structures

2011  Optimization Design of Double-Row Piles Composite Gravity Arch Supporting System

2011  Ring Beam Stiffness Criterion for Column-Supported Metal Silos

2010  Capitol Connections

2010  Certifying That Existing Suspended Scaffold Structural Support Elements and Lifeline Anchorages Comply with Federal OSHA Requirements

2010  Designing Suspended Scaffold Structural Support Elements and Lifeline Anchorages in Conformance with Federal OSHA Requirements

2010  Interplanar and Intraplanar Differential Settlement Analyses of Boiler Supporting Structure: Comparative Study

2010  Jet Grout Dike for Temporary Excavation Support in Soft Clay

2010  Prevention of Upward Buckling of Horizontal Beam/Columns Using Member Self Weight—Applications for Curtain Wall Support Structures

2010  Recent Trends in Supported Excavation Practice

2010  Shallow NATM Tunnel with Advancing Face Support: Numerical Analysis with Hypoplastic Model

2010  Unique Complexities of the Shanghai Center Curtain Wall Support System

2009  Experimental Determination of Resistance Characteristics of Support Details Used in Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders

2009  Influence of Support Conditions on Roller-Integrated Machine Drive Power Measurements for Granular Base

2009  Investigation of the Dayton, Ohio, IR 75 Sign Truss Failure of September 11, 2006

2009  Study on Mechanical Properties of Support Structure of Deep Buried Tunnel Soft and Weak Surrounding Rock in High Situ Stress Area

2009  Temporary Support of Lattice Steel Transmission Towers

2008  Behavior of Cylindrical Steel Sheels Supported on Local Brackets

2008  End Connection Effects on Vortex Shedding Susceptibility of Welded Aluminum Truss Tubular Web Members

2008  Influence of Base Plate Flexibility on the Fatigue Performance of Welded Socket Connections

2008  Loading and Response of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures: Prediction with Comparison to Measured Data

2008  NewsBriefs: Museum Unearths Wooden Railroad Trestle

2008  Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel Support Design in Conjunction with Empirical Methods

2008  Simple Method for the Design of Jet Grouted Umbrellas in Tunneling

2007  Extracting Modes of Constrained Structure with Elastic Supports from Free Test Data

2007  Field-Testing and Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction for Highway Support Structures

2007  In-Plane Stability of Parabolic Arches with Horizontal Spring Supports. I: Theory

2007  In-Plane Stability of Parabolic Arches with Horizontal Spring Supports. II: Experiments

2007  Rehabilitation of Cracked Aluminum Connections with GFRP Composites for Fatigue Stresses

2006  Application of High Performance Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete for Tunnel Primary Support

2006  Development of a Reliability-Based Design Procedure for High-Mast Lighting Structural Supports

2006  An Innovated Support System for Super Cross-Section Highway Tunnel with Lower Flat-Ratio

2006  Lessons Learned for Ground Movements and Soil Stabilization from the Boston Central Artery

2006  Reliability of Deep Mixing Method Columns for Embankment Support

2006  Shotcrete for Underground Support X

2006  Shotcrete Support for the Seymour Shaft and Shaftbase TBM Launch Chamber Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels Project, Vancouver, BC

2006  Standards, Test Methods, and Guides for Shotcrete Ground Support

2006  Strong Diagonals

2006  Temporary Excavation Support System — A Case Study in Virginia

2005  Buckling of Circular Mindlin Plates with an Internal Ring Support and Elastically Restrained Edge

2005  Comparison of Finite Element and Continuous Beam Methods for Excavation Support Design

2005  Failure Mechanisms in Pipelines Bridging a Void

2005  Geosynthetic Support Systems over Pile Foundations

2005  Practical Advice for Foundation Design – Micropiles for Structural Support

2004  Case History: Micropile Use for Temporary Excavation Support

2004  Deep Soil Mixing for Foundation Support of a Parking Garage

2004  Deployment and Structural Support of Space Membrane Optics System Using Rigidizable Conical Booms

2004  Design and Evaluation of Ground Support for the Exchange Place Station Improvements Project

2004  Design, Construction, and Performance of an Anchored Tangent Pile Wall for Excavation Support

2004  Incorporating Set-Up and Support Cost Distributions into Driven Pile Design

2004  Jet-Grouting Performance in Tunnelling

2004  Performance-Based Approach for Selection of Overhead Cantilever Sign Support Structures

2004  Temporary Excavation Support System for a New Railway Bridge and Highway Underpass in Pittsburgh

2004  Timoshenko Beam-Column with Generalized End Conditions and Nonclassical Modes of Vibration of Shear Beams

2004  Wave Propagation and Mode Localization in Simply Supported Multispan Beams with Couplers on Supports

2003  Repair of Cracked Aluminum Overhead Sign Structures with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

2002  Performance of a Stiff Support System in Soft Clay

2002  Reliability Assessment of Highway Truss Sign Supports

2001  Behaviour of Early-Age Shotcrete

2001  How to Use Modern Wet Mix Shotcrete Technology for Single Shell Permanent Tunnel Linings

2001  Shotcrete for Underground Support VIII

2001  Single-Shell Permanent Lining: Reflections from the Structural Point of View

2001  Soil Mixing: A New Approach to Soft Soil Stabilization for Structural Support

2001  Support Parameters for Slabs on Ground on Expansive Clay with Vegetation Considerations

2000  An AI Integrated System for NATM in Tunnel Engineering

2000  Analytical Solution for Plane Trusses with Equidistant Supports

2000  Colorado Tunnels Case History

2000  Derivative of Buckling Load with Respect to Support Locations

2000  Exact Static Solution of Grillwork with Periodic Supports

2000  Impact Finite-Element Analysis of Slip-Base Sign Support Mechanism

2000  Smart Sign Support

2000  Some Consequences of Inelastic Rock-Mass Deformation on the Tunnel Support Loads Predicted by the Einstein and Schwartz Design Approach

2000  SPTC Wall with a Large Unbraced Length

2000  Unilateral Buckling Restrained by Initial Force Supports

1999  Analysis of Roof Truss for Underground Support

1999  Analysis of the Catastrophic Failure of the Support Structure of a Changeable Message Sign

1999  Double-Angle Connections with Slotted Holes in the Supported-Beam-Web-Legs

1999  Excavation Support Practices in the Pacific Northwest

1999  GRS Foundation Supports Test Bridge

1999  Mechanical Damping System for Mast Arm Traffic Signal Structures

1999  Practice and Performance of Excavation Support Systems in the Chicago Area

1999  Rationalizing the Practice of Strut Preloading for Braced Excavations

1999  Suspension Wall Shoring System

1999  Temporary Support of Buildings: Who Really Assumes the Responsibility?

1999  Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

1999  Tunnel Support Design with Finite Element Analysis

1998  Design and Simulation of Large Breakaway Signs

1998  Feds Join Forces on Base Support