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2015  Effect of Superstructure Temperature Changes on Intermediate Pier Foundation Stresses in Integral Abutment Bridges

2015  Finite-Element Modeling of Hybrid Composite Beam Bridges in Missouri

2015  Simulation and Estimation of Tsunami Loads on Bridge Superstructures

2014  Development of an Experimentally Validated Analytical Model for Modular Bridge Expansion Joint Behavior

2014  Effectiveness of Distributed Mass Damper Systems for Lightweight Superstructures

2014  Fore-Ever Innovative

2014  Superstructure Behavior of a Stub-Type Integral Abutment Bridge

2014  Three-Dimensional Loading Effects of Tsunamis on Bridge Superstructures

2013  Blast Loading Effects on an RC Slab-on-Girder Bridge Superstructure Using the Multi-Euler Domain Method

2013  Demonstration of Compatible Yielding between Soil-Foundation and Superstructure Components

2013  Equivalent Strip Width for FRP Superstructure Design Using Timoshenko Beam Approximation

2013  Evaluation of Liquefaction Screening Criterion Based on Standard Penetration Test Values

2013  Finite-Element and Simplified Models for Collision Simulation between Overheight Trucks and Bridge Superstructures

2013  Load Rating of Pile-Supported Bridges Susceptible to Scour

2013  Shake-Table Studies of a Four-Span Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2012  Instrumentation, Nondestructive Testing, and Finite-Element Model Updating for Bridge Evaluation Using Strain Measurements

2012  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Alternative Reinforcement Materials for Bridge Superstructures Considering Cost and Maintenance Uncertainties

2011  Driven Pile Control and QA/QC within First Order Reliability Framework

2011  Experimental Setup for a Large-Scale Bridge Superstructure Model Subjected to Waves

2011  Rapid Turnaround

2011  Seismic Response Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridge Considering the Interaction of the Soil-Pile-Superstructure

2011  A Shape Memory Polymer Based Self-Healing Syntactic Foam Sealant for Expansion Joint

2010  Coupled Foundation-Superstructure Analysis and Influence of Building Stiffness on Foundation Response

2010  Structuring Sustainable Thermal Breaks: Opportunities and Liabilities

2009  Amazing Space

2009  Analysis on Performance of the Existing Bridges Superstructure Based on Grillage Analytical Method

2009  Design and Field Evaluation of Hybrid FRP/Reinforced Concrete Superstructure System

2009  Experimental Characterization and Optimization of Hybrid FRP/RC Bridge Superstructure System

2009  Storm Surge and Wave Loading on Bridge Superstructures

2008  Design Recommendations for a FRP Bridge Deck Supported on Steel Superstructure

2008  Designing Timber Bridge Superstructures: A Comparison of US and Canadian Bridge Codes

2008  Evaluating Performance in Seismic Isolated Buildings Using Performance Indexes

2008  Normal but Not Ordinary

2007  Constructability Rankings of Construction Systems Based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process

2007  Designing Timber Highway Bridge Superstructures Using AASHTO-LRFD Specifications

2007  Effect on Superstructure Stress of Replacing a Composite RC Bridge Deck with a GFRP Deck

2007  Uplift Wave Load on the Superstructure of Coastal Bridges

2006  Constructability Analysis of the Bridge Superstructure Rotation Construction Method in China

2006  Distribution of Compressive Stresses in Transversely Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Decks

2006  Sensitivity of Live Load Distribution Factors to Vehicle Spacing

2005  Efficiency of Seismic Isolation for Seismic Retrofitting of Heavy Substructured Bridges

2005  Evaluating Pile Pinning Effects on Abutments Over Liquefied Ground

2005  Experimental Study of Sliding Base-Isolated Buildings with Magnetorheological Dampers in Near-Fault Earthquakes

2005  Field Investigation and Analysis Study of Damaged Pile Foundation during the 2003 Tokachi-Oki Earthquake

2005  Lifetime Performance Analysis of Existing Reinforced Concrete Bridges. II: Application

2005  The New Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge: Design of the Suspended Superstructure

2005  NIR-Monitoring of In-Service Wood Structures

2005  Quantifying Soil-Raft-Superstructure Interaction using Field Testing, Numerical Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks, ANNs

2005  Static Soil – Structure Interaction Effects in Seismic-Isolated Bridges

2005  Victory Once More

2004  Bridge Superstructure Lowering Operation—U.S. 60 Widening, Mesa, Arizona

2004  Condition Assessment of the Eastbound 6th Avenue Viaduct using Strain Gauges

2004  Contribution of Intermediate Diaphragms in Enhancing Precast Bridge Girder Performance

2004  Lifetime Performance Analysis of Existing Prestressed Concrete Bridge Superstructures

2004  Lifetime Performance Analysis of Existing Steel Girder Bridge Superstructures

2004  Seismic Behavior of Steel Girder Bridge Superstructures

2004  Static and Fatigue Testing of Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Concrete Bridge Superstructure

2004  Static Behavior of Hybrid FRP-Concrete Multi-Cell Bridge Superstructure

2003  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis for Highway Bridge Superstructures

2003  Rehabilitation of Bridge Superstructures via the Addition of Girder Lines. I: Theoretical Considerations

2003  Rehabilitation of Bridge Superstructures via the Addition of Girder Lines. II: Practical Considerations

2003  Worthy Successor

2001  Bridges: Long-Span Cable-Stayed Crossing Set to Open in China

2001  Effectiveness of Seismic Isolation of a Highly Skewed P/C I-Girder Bridge

2001  Ritz-Based Static Analysis Method for Fiber Reinforced Plastic Rib Core Skew Bridge Superstructure

2000  Dynamic Behavior and Damage Detection of a Fiber Reinforced Plastic Bridge Superstructure

2000  Segmental Concrete Meets JFK Airport Rail Requirements

2000  Sum of the Parts

1999  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Experimental Studies of Curved Steel Bridge Behavior during Construction

1999  Fiber-Reinforced Plastics for Bridge Construction and Rehabilitation in New York

1999  Survey of Steel Roof Systems

1998  Experimental Calibration of Bifurcation Superstructure of Nonlinear System

1997  Analysis of Bifurcated Superstructure of Nonlinear Ocean System

1997  Composite Structure Road Bridge over the Olt River in Romania

1997  Monitoring of Timber Bridge Superstructures in Alabama

1997  Putting Pressure on Florida Bridge Piers

1997  Seismic Design Considerations for Steel Bridges

1996  Development of Design Factors for Redundant Concrete Bridges

1995  Pour It On

1994  Comparative Analysis of Bridge Superstructure Deterioration

1994  Comparison of Bridge Deterioration Rates

1994  Pre-Engineered Short Span Steel Bridges

1994  The Tatara Bridge - World’s Longest Cable-Stayed Span

1993  Design Optimization of an All-FRP Short-Span Bridge

1993  Preliminary Analysis of the Stability of Rubblemound Breakwater Crown Walls

1993  Wave Forces on Crown Walls

1992  Probabilistic Analysis of Post-Tensioned Steel Girder Bridges

1991  The Adoption of Mechanized Excavation Techniques for the Superconducting Super Collider

1991  Building Beneath Boston

1991  Hurricane Retrofit

1991  Spray and Ice Measurement Instrumentation for Ships

1990  Super Collider Team in Place

1989  Concrete Bridges — “State-of-the-Art”

1989  Iterative Computing Method for Interaction of Superstructure with Soil and Foundation

1989  New Piers for an Old Bridge

1989  Orchestral Maneuvers

1989  Superskycraper

1988  Actual Versus Assumed Behaviour of Girder Bridges

1988  Structures on Sliding Base Subject to Horizontal and Vertical Motions

1987  Partial Loss of Support and Frame-Soil Interaction