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2015  Effects of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Thaumasite Formation in Cement Mortars

2014  Curing Temperature Effects on Soils Stabilized with Portland Cement Having Different Sulfate Contents

2014  Evaluation of Sulfate Resistance of Portland Cement Mortars Containing Low-Carbon Rice Husk Ash

2014  Flocculation-Sedimentation Performance Model for Laminar-Flow Hydraulic Flocculation with Polyaluminum Chloride and Aluminum Sulfate Coagulants

2014  Kinetics and Equilibrium of Barium and Strontium Sulfate Formation in Marcellus Shale Flowback Water

2013  Concrete Deterioration Mechanisms under Combined Sulfate Attack and Flexural Loading

2013  High-Calcium Bottom Ash Geopolymer: Sorptivity, Pore Size, and Resistance to Sodium Sulfate Attack

2013  New Unreacted-Core Model to Predict Pyrrhotite Oxidation in Concrete Dams

2013  Research of the Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Corrosion in Aviation Kerosene Pipeline

2012  Assessment of Sulfate-Induced Swell in Stabilized Dredged Material: Is Ettringite Always a Problem?

2012  A Comparative Study of Soluble Sulfate Measurement Techniques

2012  Dynamic Response of Sulfate-Reducing and Methanogenic Activities of Anaerobic Sewer Biofilms to Ferric Dosing

2012  Humic Acid Removal from Water with Polyaluminum Coagulants: Effect of Sulfate on Aluminum Polymerization

2012  Monitoring the Impact of Sulfate Attack on a Cement-Clay Mix

2012  Pavement Swelling and Heaving at State Highway 6

2012  Review of Thaumasite Sulfate Attack on Cement Mortar and Concrete

2012  Sensitivity Analysis of Damage in Cement Materials under Sulfate Attack and Calcium Leaching

2011  Coupled Thermochemical Effects on the Strength Development of Slag-Paste Backfill Materials

2011  Effect of Aeration on the Quality of Effluent from UASB Reactor Treating Sewage

2011  Preparation of TiO2/Hydroxyapatite Composite and Its Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange

2011  Recovery from Sulfate Attack in Concrete via Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Treatment

2011  Sulfate Attack on Concrete: Effect of Partial Immersion

2010  Addressing Sulfate-Induced Heave in Lime Treated Soils

2010  Calibration of Reactive Transport Models for Remediation of Mine Drainage in Solid-Substrate Biocolumns

2010  Contaminant Leaching from Stabilized/Solidified Acid Tars

2010  Effect of Water Addition Frequency on Oxygen Consumption in Acid Generating Waste Rock

2010  Filling of a Flooded Gypsum Mine with a Flowable Soil-Cement Mix

2010  Forensic Investigations to Evaluate Sulfate-Induced Heave Attack on a Tunnel Shotcrete Liner

2010  Improved Passive Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage in Mushroom Compost Amended with Crab-Shell Chitin

2010  Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Stabilized Sulfate Containing Soil with Lime and Class C Fly Ash

2010  Simulating the Effect of Sulfate Addition on Methylmercury Output from a Wetland

2010  Strength Deterioration of Plain and Metakaolin Concretes in Aggressive Sulfate Environments

2009  Case History: Sulfate-Induced Heave of Lime-Treated Soils beneath a Structure in Western Colorado

2009  Containment of Sulfate Pollution in Soil by Natural Geotextile from Jute

2009  Deterioration of High Performance Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Expansive Concrete Exposed to Magnesium Sulfate Solution

2009  Heave Distress Problems in Chemically-Treated Sulfate-Laden Materials

2009  Resistance of Scoria-Based Blended Cement Concrete against Deterioration and Corrosion in Mixed Sulfate Environment

2009  User-Friendly Mathematical Model for the Design of Sulfate Reducing H2/CO2 Fed Bioreactors

2008  Combined Lime and Cement Treatment of Expansive Soils with Low to Medium Soluble Sulfate Levels

2008  Corrosion Rate Evaluation and Prediction for Piles Based on Long-Term Field Performance

2008  Durability of Mortars Made with Recycled Fine Aggregates Exposed to Sulfate Solutions

2008  Sulfate Induced Heave in Oklahoma Soils Due to Lime Stabilization

2007  Field Studies on Rigid Pavement Sections Built on Stabilized Sulfate Soils

2007  Spatial Variation of Sediment Sulfate Reduction Rates in a Saline Lake

2006  Behavior of High Performance Concrete Exposed to Internal Sulfate Attack (Gypsum-Contaminated Aggregate)

2006  Biodegradability of Surfactants under Aerobic, Anoxic, and Anaerobic Conditions

2006  Microbiology of Two Sulfate-Reducing Field Bioreactors Used for the Remediation of Mining Influenced Water

2006  Natural Attenuation Assessment using Mineral Data

2006  Predicting Residual Strength in Unsaturated Concrete Exposed to Sulfate Attack

2006  Small-Strain Shear Moduli of Chemically Stabilized Sulfate-Bearing Cohesive Soils

2006  Volume Change Behavior of a Fissured Expansive Clay Containing Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate

2005  Anaerobic Degradation of Sulfate Laden Organics Employing Different Reactor System Configurations

2005  Enhanced Performance of Stabilized By-Product Gypsum

2005  Evaluation of Strength, Resilient Moduli, Swell, and Shrinkage Characteristics of Four Chemically Treated Sulfate Soils from North Texas

2005  Experimental Studies on Ettringite-Induced Heaving in Soils

2005  Forensic Investigation of a Sulfate-Heaved Project in Texas

2005  Processes Governing Flow and Chemical Characteristics of Discharges from Free-Draining, Underground Coal Mines

2004  Dynamic Properties of Chemically Stabilized Sulfate Rich Clay

2004  Mineralogy of Soil Susceptible to Sulfate Attack after Stabilization

2004  Modeling Hydrogen Sulfide Emission Rates in Gravity Sewage Collection Systems

2004  Studies on Sulfate-Resistant Cement Stabilization Methods to Address Sulfate-Induced Soil Heave

2003  Anaerobic Treatment of High Sulfate Wastewater with Oxygenation to Control Sulfide Toxicity

2003  Modeling of Damage in Cement-Based Materials Subjected to External Sulfate Attack. I: Formulation

2003  Modeling of Damage in Cement-Based Materials Subjected to External Sulfate Attack. II: Comparison with Experiments

2003  Volume Change Behavior of Arid Calcareous Soils

2002  Synthesis, Characterization, and Coagulation of Polymeric Ferric Sulfate

2001  Environmental Factors Affecting Selenite Reduction by a Mixed Culture

2001  Pyrite Oxidation Model for Assessing Ground-Water Management Strategies in Acid Sulfate Soils

2001  Verification of Anaerobic Biofilm Model for Phenol Degradation with Sulfate Reduction

2000  Assessment of Concrete in Sulfate Soils

2000  Expansion of Alite Paste Caused by Gypsum Formation during Sulfate Attack

2000  Influence of Gypsification on Engineering Behavior of Expansive Clay

1999  Estuarine Acidification Caused by Drainage of Pyritic Sediments in Coastal Lowlands

1999  Fouling of Nanofiltration Membranes due to Calcium Sulfate Precipitation in Treatment of Agricultural Drainage Water

1999  Removal of Heavy Metals and COD by SRB in UAFF Reactor

1999  Sewer and Tank Flushing for Corrosion and Pollution Control

1999  Sulfate Attack on Cement-Stabilized Sand

1999  Use of Surface Treatment Materials to Improve Concrete Durability

1998  Environmental Design Factors for Concrete Pressure Pipe

1998  Limited Aeration of Methanogenic Systems for Treatment of Sulfate-Containing Wastewater

1998  Performance Data from Model Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment

1997  Correlation of Plume Opacity with Particles and Sulfates from Boilers

1997  Effect of Sulfate on Anaerobic Degradation of Benzoate in UASB Reactors

1997  Effects of Molybdate on Sulfate Reduction and Benzoate Degradation

1997  Nitrogen Isotopes in Groundwater as Indicator of Land Use

1997  Sulfate Resistance of Concrete Pavers

1997  Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in Anaerobic Propionate Systems

1996  Anaerobic Treatment of High-Sulfate Wastewater and Substrate Interactions with Isopropanol

1996  Freeze-Thaw Durability of Concretes With and Without Class C Fly Ash

1996  Preliminary Studies of a Karst Warm Spring in Mt. Kräuterin, Austria

1995  California Aqueduct Modeling Package (CAMP)

1995  Comparison of Mass Size Distribution and Flux of Sulfate and Nitrate in Urban and Non-Urban Areas

1995  Damage to Concrete Flatwork from Sulfate Attack

1995  Effects of Hydraulic Gradients on Pore Fluid Chemistry

1995  Ground Water Bioremediation

1994  Biological Removal of Heavy Metals by Sulfate Reduction Using a Submerged Packed Tower

1994  Fluxes and Mineralizers in the Clinkering Process

1994  Long-Term Simulation of Decreased Acid Loading on Forested Watershed

1994  Magnesium-Sodium Sulfate Attack in Plain and Blended Cements

1994  Rebar Corrosion and Sulfate Resistance of Blast-Furnace Slag Cement