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2014  Design-Build and Public-Private Partnerships: Risk Allocation of Subsurface Conditions

2014  Linking Site Investigation Efforts to Final Design Savings with Simplified Reliability-Based Design Methods

2014  Proper Risk Allocation during Construction: Differing Site Conditions

2013  Geochemistry as a Valuable Tool in Forensic Engineering

2012  Development of Geospatial Analysis Method to Detect Outlying Data Points

2012  Geotechnical Aspects of Three Storm Surge Barrier Sites to Protect New York City from Flooding

2012  Geotechnical Site Characterization in the Year 2012 and Beyond

2012  The Mojave Subsurface Bio-Geochemistry Explorer (MOSBE)

2012  Offshore Geotechnics - The Challenges of Deepwater Soft Sediments

2012  Subsurface Explorer Robot with Peristaltic Crawling Mechanism

2011  Fill Placement on Slopes Underlain by Franciscan Mélange

2011  Practical Visual Presentation Approach for CPT-Based Soil Characterization and Modeling

2011  Subsurface Characterization and Geotechnical Design for a Cut-and-Cover Tunnel in Soft Ground in San Francisco

2011  Venda Nova II Powerhouse Complex—Geomechanical Characterization, Numerical Modeling, and Back Analysis of Geomechanical Parameters

2010  Application of Electrical Resistivity for Subsurface Characterization of Hattian Bala Landslide Dam

2010  Application of Surface Geophysics for Providing a Detailed Geotechnical Assessment of a Large Resort Development Site in Anguilla, BWI

2010  Integrating Multiple Subsurface Exploration Technologies in Slope Hydrogeologic Investigation: A Case Study in Taiwan

2010  Site Characterization Model Using Artificial Neural Network and Kriging

2010  Subsurface Investigation of Uniform Wharf at Naval Base Guam

2009  Geotechnical Investigations for a Transmission Line Are More Than Drilled Borings

2008  New Applications to Determine Subsurface Characteristics and Contaminants

2007  Subsurface Exploration and Containment Dike Design Criteria for Coastal Louisiana Marsh Restoration

2007  Unit Weight Determination of Landfill Waste Using Sonic Drilling Methods

2006  Detection of Illegal Dump Deposit with GPR: Case Study

2006  Subsurface Investigation Using an Unique Hydraulically Operated Jackhammer and a Flow Through Sampler

2005  Effect of Toe Excavation on a Deep Bedrock Landslide

2004  Designing and Interpreting Geotechnical Investigations for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2004  Geologic Characterization, Colorado River Bridge Foundations, Hoover Dam Bypass

2004  Geotechnical use of GIS in Transportation Projects

2004  Integrated 3-D GeoInvestigation for the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Replacement

2004  Seismic Imaging to Characterize Subsurface Ground Conditions in Civil Construction

2003  Geotechnical Investigations for Trenchless Technology

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: DOE Recommends Yucca Mountain Repository despite Warnings

2002  Instrumented Borehole Drilling for Subsurface Investigation

2001  Contractor Not Responsible for Unknown Subsurface Conditions

2001  Don’t Ignore Available Subsurface Information

2001  Geotechnical Challenges and Solutions for Pier A Project at a Contaminated and Seismically Active Site at the Port of Long Beach

2001  Geotechnical Investigation for Oakland Harbor Navigation Improvement (-50-Foot) Project

2000  Bridge Decks Inspection Using Chain Drag and Ground Penetrating Radar

2000  A Critical Look at Use of “Rules of Thumb” for Selection of Grout Injection Pressures

2000  Detection of Coal Mines Using Apparent Conductivity

2000  Digging for Answers (Available in Geoenvironmental Engineering Special Issue only)

2000  Geotechnical Challenges in Weak Rock and Karst Conditions

2000  Geotechnical Investigations for Grouting in Soil

2000  Inclusion of the Performance Model to Direct and Control Site Characterization

2000  Interactive Analysis of Spatial Subsurface Data Using GIS-Based Tool

2000  It’s Time to Get It Right

2000  Karst Investigations: Folded or Flat, Young or Old

2000  Light Commercial Construction on Yazoo Clay

2000  National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites

2000  An Overview of Geophysical and Non-Destructive Methods for Characterization of Roads and Bridges

2000  Parametric Study and Subsurface Exploration Plan for Bluestone Dam

2000  Performance Confirmation of Constructed Geotechnical Facilities

2000  Predicting Performance of Rapid Ground Penetrators on the Moon and Mars

2000  Relocation of the Cape Hatteras Light Station: Move Route Design and Construction

2000  Responding to Owner’s Role in Providing Data

2000  Responding to Owner’s Role in Providing Data

2000  Soil Sampling

2000  Subsurface Soil-Geology Interpolation Using Fuzzy Neural Network

2000  Use of Geophysical Methods in Construction

2000  Y2K Ground Imaging Technology for Geotechnical Performance Evaluation

1999  Analytical Method for Designing and Analyzing 1D Search Programs

1999  Another Soil Solution

1999  Applications of Horizontal Sampling and Logging Technologies in Geotechnical Site Investigations

1999  The Art of the Possible

1999  Betting on the Baseline (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)

1999  Case Study: Site Characterization Methods in Karst

1999  Characterization of Track Substructure Performance

1999  Design and Performance of Large Tunnel Constructed in Saprolite

1999  Directing Exploration with 3D FEM Sensitivity and Data Uncertainty

1999  Electrical Explorations (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)

1999  Geotechnical Investigation of the Melange Foundation of Scott Dam

1999  Identifying and Baselining Boulders for Underground Construction

1999  Leaching Models for Subsurface Pollution Assessment in Agroecosystems

1999  Liquefaction and Soil Failure during 1994 Northridge Earthquake

1999  Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Porous Media

1999  Mine Shaft Stabilization Using Compaction Grouting

1999  Moving the Cape Hatteras Light Station: Geotechnical Considerations

1999  Owner Challenges When Selecting Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installations

1999  Planning and Design Considerations for Upgrading Urban Water Distribution System

1999  Removal of Subsurface Obstructions: An Alternative Contractual Approach

1999  Sinkhole Solution (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)

1999  Special Geotechnical Testing, Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts

1999  SPT?—A Better Approach to Site Characterization of Residual Soils Using Other In-Situ Tests

1999  Subsurface Biological Activity Zone Detection Using Genetic Search Algorithms

1999  Tunneled Sewers in Houston, Texas

1999  The Ultimate Challenge

1999  Use of Subsurface Utility Engineering Techniques to Assess Existing Buried Pipeline Condition

1998  Alaska’s Last Link

1998  Case Study of Slope Failures at Spilmans Island

1998  The Deep (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)

1998  Determination of Heat Production Zones at Open-Cast Mine Dump

1998  Digging for the Washington DC Metro System

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in this Issue

1998  Editor’s Note: Papers in This Issue

1998  Editor’s Note: Special Issue on Monitoring and Characterization Techniques for Contaminants in the Subsurfaces

1998  Foundation Evaluation for 8.5 m MSE Wall

1998  Geotechnical Engineering for Sustainable Development

1998  Geotechnical Instrumentation for a Megaproject

1998  Geotechnical Investigations for Tunneling & Pipe Jacking