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2015  Determining Remaining Strength Capacity of Deteriorating RC Bridge Substructures

2015  Experimental Response of Beam-Slab Substructures Subject to Penultimate-External Column Removal

2015  Improving Substructure Identification Using Structural Control with Limited Sensor Measurements

2014  Quantification of Fuse Capacity for Elastomeric and Low-Profile Steel Fixed Bridge Bearings in Regions with High-Magnitude Earthquakes at Long Recurrence Intervals

2014  Substructure Shake Table Testing with Force Controlled Actuators

2013  Improving Substructure Identification Using Structural Control with Limited Sensor Measurements

2013  Load Rating of Pile-Supported Bridges Susceptible to Scour

2013  Performance of Three-Dimensional Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Substructures under Loss of a Corner Column Scenario

2013  Recommendations for Numerical Rail Substructure Modeling Considering Nonlinear Elastic Behavior

2013  Substructure Identification for Shear Structures with Nonstationary Structural Responses

2013  A Time-Domain Substructuring Method for Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Foundation Systems on Heterogeneous Media

2012  Improved Adaptive Inverse Compensation Technique for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2012  Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic Response of an Offshore Platform with a Pile-Soil Foundation System Subjected to Random Waves and Currents

2012  Performance and Application of Equivalent Force Control Method for Real-Time Substructure Testing

2012  Real-Time Dynamic Substructuring Testing of a Bridge Equipped with Friction-Based Seismic Isolators

2012  Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Studies of Complex Large-Scale Systems Using Multi-Grid Processing

2012  Real-Time Substructure Shake Table Tests Incorporating Interface Boundary Force by an Inertial Mass

2012  A Simplified Method of Analysis of Isolated Bridges with Yielding Substructures

2012  Substructural Time-Varying Parameter Identification Using Wavelet Multiresolution Approximation

2012  Substructure Hybrid Simulation with Multiple-Support Excitation

2011  Design of Substructure Bridge with Different Codes and Analysis Manually and by Using Plaxis Program 3D

2011  Driven Pile Control and QA/QC within First Order Reliability Framework

2011  Substructure Nonlinear Effects on Sleeper Design Pressure in Heavy Haul Railway Tracks

2010  Large-Bar Connection for Precast Bridge Bents in Seismic Regions

2010  Large-Scale Experimental Study of Precast Segmental Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Columns for Seismic Regions

2010  Linearly Implicit Time Integration Methods for Real-Time Dynamic Substructure Testing

2010  A New Decentralized Control Approach with Application to the ASCE Benchmark Control Problem under Earthquake Excitation

2010  A Substructure Approach for Damage Detection of Large Size Structures under Limited Input and Output Measurements

2010  Tracking Error-Based Servohydraulic Actuator Adaptive Compensation for Real-Time Hybrid Simulation

2010  Workload Distribution Framework for the Parallel Solution of Large Structural Models on Heterogeneous PC Clusters

2009  Dynamic Soil – Structure Interaction of Bridge Substructure Subject to Vessel Impact

2009  Finite-Strip Method for the Analysis of Cracked Plates with Application to Plate-Girder Bridges

2009  Working Behavior of Composite Ground under Flexible Foundations Based on Super-Substructure Interaction

2008  Seismic Performance of a Transfer Plate Structure

2008  Verification Test of a Hybrid Test System with Distributed Column Base Tests

2007  Adaptive Control Strategy for Dynamic Substructuring Tests

2007  Parallel Computing Techniques for Sensitivity Analysis in Optimum Structural Design

2007  Real Time Hybrid Dynamic Simulation with Substructure Techniques

2006  Acoustic Testing of Hollow Core Fairing Designs

2006  Does the Output Mean Anything? Developing and Checking Soil Structure Interaction Models

2006  Fast Hybrid Simulation with Geographically Distributed Substructures

2006  Parametric Study on the Resilient Response of Ballasted Railway Track Substructure Using Numerical Modeling

2006  Real Time Dynamic Hybrid Testing Using Shake Tables and Force-Based Substructuring

2006  Seismic Performance of Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Columns for Bridge Substructure

2006  Validation of a Fast Hybrid Test System with Substructure Tests

2005  Bridge Scour and Substructure Deterioration: Case Study

2005  Multi-Platform Earthquake Analysis of Geotechnical-Structural Systems

2005  New Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Nonlinear Substructures

2005  A Substructure Based Parallel Linear Solution Framework for Structural Systems Having Multiple Loading Cases

2005  Substructure Simulation of Inhomogeneous Track and Layered Ground Dynamic Interaction under Train Passage

2004  Multi-Directional Seismic Responses of Hybrid Tee Walls

2003  A Higher Profile

2003  Random Uncertainties Model in Dynamic Substructuring using a Nonparametric Probabilistic Model

2003  Substructural Identification Method without Interface Measurement

2002  Non-Linear Analysis of Full and Partial Shear Connection Composite Substructures

2002  Stability and Delay Compensation for Real-Time Substructure Testing

2001  Alternate Substructure Systems for Standard Highway Bridges

2001  Numerical Modeling of a Servohydraulic Testing System for Structures

2001  Static Finite-Element Analysis of Bridge Fenders for Barge Impact

2001  Wind-Tunnel Techniques to Address Structures with Multiple Coupled Interactions

2000  Analytical Solution for Plane Trusses with Equidistant Supports

2000  Deformations and Remedies for Soft Railroad Subgrades Subjected to Heavy Axle Loads

2000  Improving Standard Bridges with Attention to Cast-in-Place Substructure

2000  Resilient Modulus Backcalculation Techniques for Track

2000  Sum of the Parts

1999  Discretized Subregion Variational Principle for Dynamic Substructuring

1999  Real-Time Substructure Tests Using Hydraulic Actuator

1999  Substructures Stack Up (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)

1998  Effects of Substructure on Track Performance

1997  Advanced Computational Model for Sacrificial Cathodic Protection of Partially Submerged Reinforced Concrete Marine Footers

1997  Clam River Dam Unit 3 Powerhouse Rehabilitation

1997  Innovative Design and Construction for Foundations and Substructures Subject to Freezing and Frost

1997  Mix Use Entertainment/Office Tower with Multiple Substructures

1997  Practical Application of Cathodic Protection Systems for Reinforcing Steel Substructures in Marine Environment

1996  Damage Estimation Using Substructural Identification in Time Domain

1996  Dynamic Sub-Structure Method in Time Domain Using Analytical Representation of Dynamic Stiffness of Soil

1996  High Performance Highway Bridge Substructures

1996  Investigation of Nonlinear Fluid-Structure Interaction

1996  Parallel Structural Analysis with Computers and Engineers

1995  Application of Vortex Induced Vibration to Bridge Substructures

1995  Applications of OOP Based Substructuring Technique

1995  Calculation of Eigenvectors with Uniform Accuracy

1995  Sprayed-Zinc Anode System Offers Concrete Corrosion Protection for Marine Substructures

1995  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Flow Around Bridge Sub-Structures

1995  Vibration Control of Tall Buildings Using Mega Subconfiguration

1994  Analysis of Embedded Foundations by Substructure-Deletion Method

1994  Effect of Flexibility on Impedance Functions for Circular Foundation

1994  Element Identification of Member Properties of Framed Structures

1994  Object-Oriented Structural Analysis with Substructures

1993  Recycling on the Mississippi

1992  Sprayed-Zinc Galvanic Anodes for the Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete

1991  Building Beneath Boston

1991  The Development of a LRFD Code for Ontario Bridge Foundations

1991  Florida, Oregon Protect Bridge Substructures

1991  Time-Domain Analyses of Dam-Reservoir System. II: Substructure Method

1990  Existence of Uncoupled Modes in Subsystem Analysis

1989  Concrete Bridges — “State-of-the-Art”

1989  A Family of Concurrent Algorithms for Transient Finite Element Solutions

1989  A Parallel Implementation of Substructure-Oriented Subspace Iteration Method

1989  Subdomain Decomposition for the Concurrent Formation Phase of the Simulation of Multibody Systems