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Found 58 Records with the keyword term of "Substrates"

2015  Effect of the Drip Flow Rate with Multiple Manifolds on the Homogeneity of the Delivered Volume

2015  Introduction of a Stress State Criterion to Predict Bond Strength between FRP and Concrete Substrate

2014  Application of Emulsified Substrate Biobarrier to Remediate TCE-Contaminated Groundwater: Pilot-Scale Study

2014  Behavior of CFRP Laminates Bonded to a Steel Substrate Using a Ductile Adhesive

2014  Biomechanical Cell Model by Liquid-Crystal Elastomers

2014  Irrigation Systems Evaluation for Living Walls

2014  Piezoelectric Effect on the Buckling of Piezoelectric Thin Film with Viscoelastic Substrate

2014  Predicting Soil CO2 Dynamics in Arable Land of Andisol Using the SOILCO2 Model

2013  Bond Behavior between Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheet and Concrete Substrate under the Coupled Effects of Freeze-Thaw Cycling and Sustained Load

2013  CFRP Anchor for Preventing Premature Debonding of Externally Bonded FRP Laminates from Concrete

2013  Two-Dimensional Stress Analysis of Low-Temperature Cracking in Asphalt Overlay/Substrate Systems

2012  Indirect Identification Method of Bilinear Interface Laws for FRP Bonded on a Concrete Substrate

2012  Interfacial Bond Strength Characteristics of FRP and RC Substrate

2012  Moisture Measurements as Performance Criteria for Extensive Living Roof Substrates

2011  Biodegradation of Substrates with and without Aeration

2011  Inspection and Defect Diagnosis System for Natural Stone Cladding

2010  Bridging Process Threshold for Sediment Infiltrating into a Coarse Substrate

2010  Cation Exchange Capacity of Inorganic Green Roof Substrates Prevents the Negative Effect of Available Zinc on Sedum Species

2010  Effects of Crumb Rubber Amendments on the Porosity, Water Holding Capacity, and Bulk Density of Three Green Roof Substrates

2010  Effects of Primary Substrate Concentration on NDMA Transport during Simulated Aquifer Recharge

2010  Evaluation of the Fracture Properties of the Bond Interfaces between UHTCC Overlays and Concrete Substrates

2010  Microstructure Evolution of Atomic Layer Deposited Zinc-Oxide Films

2010  Soil Density from Ripping Force Measurement during Site Preparation

2009  Spherical Indentation on an Elastic Coating/Substrate System: Determining Substrate Modulus

2006  Three-Parameter Model for Debonding of FRP Plate from Concrete Substrate

2000  Changes in the Substrate of Rivers in Historic Mining Districts

2000  Comparison of Mixed Cultures Based on Activity

2000  VFA Production in Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion of Municipal Sludges

1999  Competitive Substrate Biodegradation during Surfactant-Enhanced Remediation

1999  Fuzzy-Supported Estimator for HPO-AS Process

1999  Methanogenic Characteristics of Formate-Utilizing Sludge

1999  Modeling of Energy Spilling in Substrate-Sufficient Cultures

1999  Value of Monod’s Affinity Constant in Activated Sludge

1998  Systematic Approach for Modeling Tetrachloroethene Biodegradation

1997  Anaerobic Biogranulation as Microbial Response to Substrate Adequacy

1997  Modeling Biofiltration of Gas Streams Containing TEX Components

1996  Anaerobic Treatment of High-Sulfate Wastewater and Substrate Interactions with Isopropanol

1996  How Input Active Biomass Affects Sludge Age and Process Stability

1996  Substrate Consumption Kinetics in Anaerobic Biofilm Fluidized Bed Reactor

1995  2-Chlorophenol Biodegradation in Sequencing Batch Reactors at Different Temperatures

1993  Batch Biological Treatment of Inhibitory Substrates

1993  Modeling Substrate Transport into Biofilms: Role of Multiple Ions and pH Effects

1992  Effluent Nitrite Accumulation in the Heterotrophic Denitrification of High-Strength Industrial Wastewaters

1991  Enhanced In-Situ Biodegradation and Aquifer Permeability Reduction

1991  Vegetated Submerged Beds with Artificial Substrates. 1: BOD Removal

1990  Modeling of Nitrification Under Substrate-Inhibiting Conditions

1990  Simple Solutions for Steady-State Biofilm Reactors

1990  Steady-State Analysis for Biological Treatment of Inhibitory Substrates

1989  Contact Stabilization Process Analysis and Formulation

1989  Inhibitory Substrate Utilization by Steady-State Biofilms

1989  Simplified Equations for Effectiveness Factors in Anaerobic Biofilms

1987  Unsteady-State Biofilm Kinetics

1984  A Mathematical Model for the RBC Based on Heterogeneous Kinetics

1984  Substrate Inhibition and Control for High Rate Biogas Production

1981  Frictional Slip Between Layer and Substrate

1981  Substrate Flux into Biofilms of Any Thickness

1979  Artificial Substrate System for Biofouling Studies

1971  Kinetic Analysis of Data from Biological Systems