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Found 94 Records with the keyword term of "Submerged flow"

2014  Mean Flow in a Submerged Hydraulic Jump with Baffle Blocks

2014  Submerged Flows over Rectangular Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2013  New Stage-Discharge Relationships for Radial Gates

2013  Revisiting the Energy-Momentum Method for Rating Vertical Sluice Gates under Submerged Flow Conditions

2012  Montana Flume Flow Corrections under Submerged Flow

2012  Role of Turbulence and Particle Exposure on Entrainment of Large Spherical Particles in Flows with Low Relative Submergence

2012  WinGate Software for Discharge Calibration of Gated Check Structures

2011  Calibration Method of Current Meters

2011  Role of Energy Loss on Discharge Characteristics of Sluice Gates

2010  Characteristics of Monami Wave in Submerged Vegetated Flow

2010  Physical Modeling of Abutment Scour for Overtopping, Submerged Orifice, and Free Surface Flows

2010  Submerged-Flow Bridge Scour under Maximum Clear-Water Conditions (I): Experiment

2010  Submerged-Flow Bridge Scour under Maximum Clear-Water Conditions (II): Theory

2010  Time-Dependent Scour Depth under Bridge-Submerged Flow

2009  Benchmark of Discharge Calibration Methods for Submerged Sluice Gates

2009  Calculation of Contraction Coefficient under Sluice Gates and Application to Discharge Measurement

2008  Backwater Prediction due to the Blockage Caused by a Single, Submerged Spur Dike in an Open Channel

2008  Cutthroat Measurement Flume Calibration for Free and Submerged Flow Using a Single Equation

2008  Hydraulic Modeling of an Automatic Upstream Water Level Control Gate for Submerged Flow Conditions

2008  Performance of Submerged Ogee-Crest Weir Head-Discharge Relationships

2007  Double-Averaged Open-Channel Flows with Small Relative Submergence

2007  Scattering and Trapping of Wave Energy by a Submerged Truncated Paraboloidal Shoal

2006  Dimensionless Stage – Discharge Relationship in Radial Gates

2006  Flow Around Submerged Barbs in the Raccoon River Iowa

2006  Physical and Numerical Comparison of Flow over Ogee Spillway in the Presence of Tailwater

2005  Refined Energy Correction for Calibration of Submerged Radial Gates

2005  Velocity Profile characteristics in Open Channel Flow over Two-Dimensional Dunes with Small Relative Submergence

2004  Avoiding Submergence Transition Zone for Radial Gates in Parallel

2004  Submerged Radial Gate Calibration Using Historical Data to Improve Canal Automation Performance

2003  Flow through Side Sluice Gate

2002  Influence of Sluice Gate Contraction Coefficient on Distinguishing Condition

2001  Spatially Averaged Open-Channel Flow over Rough Bed

2001  Wave-Induced Vortices around a Submerged Breakwater by FLDV and PIV

2000  Axisymmetric Submerged Intrusion in Stratified Fluid

2000  Discharge Characteristics of Skew Sluice Gates

2000  Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures in the Ohio River Valley

1999  2DH Morphological Modelling of Submerged Breakwaters

1999  Modeling Underwater Oil/Gas Jets and Plumes

1999  Submerged Hydraulic Jumps below Abrupt Expansions

1999  Vertical Circulation Induced by a Submerged Breakwater

1999  Wave Transmission at Submerged Rubblemound Breakwaters

1998  Flow Characteristics of Chimney Weir under Submergence

1998  Hydraulics of Submerged Flow Constructed Wetlands with Plants

1998  Turbulence Characteristics of Flows Through Partially and Fully Submerged Vegetation

1998  Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

1997  2-D Models for Flows in the River with Submerged Groins

1997  Characteristics of Flow Over Submerged Breakwaters

1997  Flow Structures and Mixing Processes Around Porous and Submerged Spur Dikes

1997  The Intermediate Zone of a Submerged Turbulent Buoyant Jet in Shallow Ambient Flowing Water

1997  Mobile Prisms for Flow Measurement in Rectangular Channels

1997  Second-Order Interaction Between Random Wave and Surbmerged Obstacle

1996  Grade-Control Structures for Salt River Channelization

1996  Submerged Flow Regimes of Rectangular Sharp-Crested Weirs

1995  Comparison of the Stochastic Nature of Stress at a Pipe and an Impinging Jet Boundary

1995  Effect of Baffles on Submerged Flows

1995  Modelling the Effect of Verticl Flow-Developer on Ice Cover

1995  Scattering of Waves by Submerged Shell with Oscillator: Tail Wags Dog

1995  Submarine Flows Studied by Second-Moment Closure

1994  Correction for Settlement in Submerged Parshall Flumes

1994  Model-Prototype Conformance of a Submerged Vortex in the Intake of a Vertical Turbine Pump

1993  Equations to Predict Critical Submergence at Horizontal Hydraulic Intakes

1993  Hydraulic Jumps in Sediment-Driven Bottom Currents

1993  Marsh Submergence vs. Marsh Accretion: Interpreting Accretion Deficit Data in Coastal Louisiana

1993  Simulation of 3D Free Surface Flows in Hydraulic Structure with Submerged Flow Passages

1993  Submergence, Salt-Water Intrusion, and Managed Gulf Coast Marshes

1992  Sluice-Gate Discharge Equations

1988  Initiation of Density Currents in Diverging Channels: Comparison of Field and Laboratory Data

1988  Submerged Flow Characteristics of Throatless Flume

1988  Submerged Flow in Parshall Flumes

1985  Transport of Suspended Material in Open Submerged Streams

1985  Vortices at Vertical Intakes

1983  Comparison of Open Channel Constriction Ratings

1983  Surging in Combined Free Surface-Pressurized Systems

1982  Dilution Analysis for Undirectional Diffusers

1982  Erosion by Submerged Circular Jets

1980  Air Retained in Pool by Plunging Water Jet

1980  Localized Scour Below Submerged Vertical Gates

1980  Near Field Mixing of Staged Diffuser

1980  Submerged Radial Hydraulic Jump

1978  Horizontal Buoyant Jets in Quiescent Shallow Water

1978  Sluice Gates with High Discharge Coefficients

1973  Axisymmetric Shallow Submerged Turbulent Jets

1973  Comparison of Bridge Backwater Relations

1973  Computing Backwater at Open Channel Constrictions

1973  Plane Jet on Sloping Floors under Finite Submergence

1973  Vortex Containment of Submerged Jet Discharge

1972  Spillway Gate Vibration on Arkansas River Dams

1971  Energy Loss Analysis for Open Channel Expansions

1971  Hydraulic Jump Assisted by Cross-Jet

1969  Pressure Fluctuations on Submerged Sluice Gate

1968  Rating Side Contractions on Open Channels

1967  Analysis of Submergence in Flow Measuring Flumes

1967  Subcritical Flow Over Highway Embankments

1950  Diffusion of Submerged Jets